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  1. I hope so. He said his jaw hurts when he touches it. But it's more like right next to his jaw? IDK There are no lumps or bumps or anything. I'm going to leave it for today and not ask or poke and prod him and just see what happens. Molars come out through the jaw. That's the only way they grow in :).
  2. I'm totally freaking out. My son started complaining last night that it hurts under his jaw when he touches it. I felt around and I don't feel anything, no swollen lymph nodes or anything. He was running around around last night and then said ow my jaw hurts. Then he said it only hurts when he touches it. I'm freakiing out. My mother has cancer so everything just sets my off right now and I'm not sure if I should call the Dr and have him be seen or give advil and wait it out. Covid is very high in my area right now so that is also setting my off. He's also getting his molars.
  3. Last night my husband and I had sex and this morning after using the restroom I noticed some brown discharge. My period ended on the 23rd. I just had my annual visit but I didn't have a pap since they are done every 3 years so I'll get it next year. Is this normal? I'm freaking out.
  4. Yesterday I had what I'm thinking was heartburn. My stomach was upset and I could feel the bile in my throat. I also felt a little nauseous. I took pepto and felt better. I did have some wine as we had my parents over for christmas eve. I was also up late wrapping and putting a desk together and I had 2 cups of coffee. I got up at 2:30 to use the bathroom and felt very nauseous. I went down on the couch to lay down and had some water. eventually I started to feel better and had some gas. I did take more pepto and used the bathroom (sorry TMI). But now I'm worried that I have a stomach bug and we had family over and I thought it was heartburn but now I'm nervous it's not. We have been social distancing except for immediate family and we don't go anywhere. I'm so scared that I'm sick. I started prozac a few weeks ago. I'm really in a tailspin here.
  5. I finally got a decent nights sleep last night and feel better. Now I'm starting to panic again. I spoke with my Dr last night and touched base with him and he wants to see me in a month. I'm just so terrified of getting COVID. I just don't know how to handle this.
  6. So the day before my anxiety go the best of me and I got tested for covid which turned out negative. Oddly enough I don't feel better about it. YEsterday I had to take my daughter for an x-ray and there was a young women there at the window. The receptionist asked her if she had been tested recently. She said she was tested a week ago and was fine but was tested Sunday and her results were not back yet. I don't know why she was tested a second time. And while I was well over 6 ft away I did go to the same window. The receptionist did disinfect. Now I'm thinking I was exposed again. I'm trying not to think about it. God I can't take this anymore.
  7. So while I feel better today I feel really tired. I woke up this am and took my Clonopin, claritan and I started my prozac and while I don't feel congested anymore now I just feel tired. I don't know what to do. I don't have a fever. But I'm really starting to panic.
  8. I'm not feeling very well today. I will say I have allergies. I also was up kinda late last night and then got up in the middle of the night (my husband and I tossing and turning) and it was stuffy in my bedroom and I'm a mouth breather. Today my throat feels scratchy and my nose is stuffy and my eyes feel dry. I'm also tired. We haven't been socializing that much This past weekend was halloween and we did not go trick or treating. My sister came over and we had our own little party with my kids. Then the weekend before that we went to my parents house to carve pumpkins and my kids played with the neighbor kids. No one is sick. And I mean no one. We had a close call a few months ago with a neighbor and there was an immediate text chain letting all of us know. This has happened to me a few times this year where I feel sick with my allergies. I just hate having this doubt. Like nothing is a cold anymore. I came home and took my claritan and my anti anxiety meds. Also with the heat on my room becomes stuffy and dry.
  9. I will admit that my anxiety is pretty high lately. For the past few weeks I feel like I'm having trouble talking. Almost like my tongue is hard to move and I feel like I know what I want to say but I can't get my words out. I also have tingling in my feet and I sometimes feel like I'm off balance. I know that all of these things are anxiety symptoms. The tingling in my feet I believe is my sciatica. I'm almost positive it is. Its still unsettling though. As for my mouth I can't quite figure that out. It's frustrating. My husband says I'm fine but sometimes I don't think he's listening to me and he just goes on autopilot and defaults to it being "just anxiety"
  10. So I've noticed that my right ankle has been slightly more swollen than my left. I've noticed it since like July/Aug. Now it seems like the shoes on my right foot feel tighter as well. Now I mean it's very very slight. I wouldnt say it's getting worse. It's not red, or hot or painful at all. So before I run off to the Dr, what could some reasons be. I'm trying to remain calm and not go running to it's a blood clot. I think that would have been evident by now. So thoughts?
  11. I think that because you both had masks on you should be ok. Like someone said before, it's if both have no masks and are together for over 15 minutes
  12. I've debated posting today but I've been having a bad few days. Starting Sunday I woke up with pain behind my thighs and a tingling sensation in my feet. I've been feeling off balance and my arms and legs have been feeling almost like jelly. I'm also having terrible Covid anxiety. Like really bad. I've been letting my kids play with some kids in the neighborhood ( certain families that I feel comfortable with) but then I have guilt because what if they get sick. But then I think about the isolation we've had and that's not healthy for them either. Then my son said he woke up with a headache today. He said it was behind his eye. He has allergies and right now the weather here has been foggy and humid and the fall in general is his worst allergy season. Now he says he feels better. And it's not screens, he's on his tablet all the time. IDK, I haven't been right since july/August. My daughter was in the hospital for 2 weeks for pneumonia then and I'm just on high alert. I'm taking my meds, Ive started walking again. I just don't know what to do.
  13. I've done that too! It was negative thank goodness. My biggest feeling is that I feel feverish. Like I feel achy with chills then I break out in a sweat. I don't have a fever though. I do have Claritan but I'm wondering if I should be taking something different. I have a bad grass allergy.
  14. So I know I have allergies. I'm allergic to grass the most. But can they actually make you feel sick? I feel so tired and almost like I am coming down with something. I get body aches and feel cold but I don't have a fever. Also rainy weather makes me feel the worst. Does this happen to anyone else?
  15. First we will be going to the Dr tomorrow since today is Sunday. Last night my son told my husband that he felt a lump under one of his nipples. I felt it myself and it feels like fatty tissue. It's soft, movable and right under his nipple. I went to Dr Google ( I know, I know) and it doesn't appear to be anything bad. I read that it can happen during puberty and it's normal? So I guess my questions is has anyone experienced this with their kids or themselves? I'm really trying not to freak out (I did last night) since there is nothing I can do today anyway. Just looking for any insight? Thanks.