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  1. Sorry my post has such short sentences, I'm in a high state of anxiety right now.
  2. He says it's his left side behind his bone. I felt nothing but his hip bone. He says he feels the pain behind his hip bone. Of course I think it's ewings sarcoma.
  3. Honestly, After the Dr felt it I haven't paid any attention to it. I can't see it anymore so I'm assuming it has gone down.
  4. I had my Mammo and US yesterday. Now I'm just waiting.
  5. I'm supposed to have it checked tomorrow but I'm terrified. I also have an appt at the end of Nov for my annual visit. I might just make it then. the appointment tomorrow was made out of panic
  6. Also I'm pretty sure what I'm feeling in my breast has been there but its setting me off because my mother has cancer
  7. I just have so much going on right now and I'm so tired of trying to put on a happy face for everyone. My mother has breast cancer and suffers from depression. My sister is also suffering from a severe bout of depression. My husband is so miserable at his job that all he does is complain to me about it and I feel like a punching bag. I think I may have found a lump in my breast but I'm not sure. Then my 13 year old son was a jerk to one of his good friends the other day and now I think the parents hate me. Sorry this is a jumbled mess but I needed to get that out. I wish I could change who I am
  8. I have an appointment next week to have it checked out. Thats all.
  9. So I've had bad cases of heartburn before where I've had to change my diet and it's gone away. However I've had a few times now where in the middle of the night I've either woken up with bile in my mouth and or gotten sick, but it's only bile. I know alcohol can be a trigger so I'm cutting that out but the one night I only had 2 drinks over a long period and woken up and felt sick. So can heartburn cause vomiting? I'm afraid it's cancer.
  10. I just checked it again and it does in fact feel like a lymph node. It's small and moveable.
  11. Now I'm not so sure it's a lymph node. It feels different. It's still small but it feels like it's deep in his neck. It feels like it's in the muscle that runs up the back of your neck.
  12. So my son told me on Friday night that he had a lump on the back of his neck. I felt it and it feels like a lymph node. It . has gotten smaller since then but it's still there. But I'm freaking out. Are there lymph nodes in he back of your neck? Like next to your spine? I figured I would give it some time before having it looked at. It's tiny like smaller than a pea. Someone please talk to me.
  13. We had a heart scare with my son a few weeks ago. Then he had to quarentine because he was considered a close contact at school. My sister is going through a depressive episode and my husband is miserable at work and the job he thought he was going to get fell through. But I keep getting this fluttering in my chest and it's freaking me out.