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  1. So I've noticed that my right ankle has been slightly more swollen than my left. I've noticed it since like July/Aug. Now it seems like the shoes on my right foot feel tighter as well. Now I mean it's very very slight. I wouldnt say it's getting worse. It's not red, or hot or painful at all. So before I run off to the Dr, what could some reasons be. I'm trying to remain calm and not go running to it's a blood clot. I think that would have been evident by now. So thoughts?
  2. I think that because you both had masks on you should be ok. Like someone said before, it's if both have no masks and are together for over 15 minutes
  3. I've debated posting today but I've been having a bad few days. Starting Sunday I woke up with pain behind my thighs and a tingling sensation in my feet. I've been feeling off balance and my arms and legs have been feeling almost like jelly. I'm also having terrible Covid anxiety. Like really bad. I've been letting my kids play with some kids in the neighborhood ( certain families that I feel comfortable with) but then I have guilt because what if they get sick. But then I think about the isolation we've had and that's not healthy for them either. Then my son said he woke up with a headache today. He said it was behind his eye. He has allergies and right now the weather here has been foggy and humid and the fall in general is his worst allergy season. Now he says he feels better. And it's not screens, he's on his tablet all the time. IDK, I haven't been right since july/August. My daughter was in the hospital for 2 weeks for pneumonia then and I'm just on high alert. I'm taking my meds, Ive started walking again. I just don't know what to do.
  4. I've done that too! It was negative thank goodness. My biggest feeling is that I feel feverish. Like I feel achy with chills then I break out in a sweat. I don't have a fever though. I do have Claritan but I'm wondering if I should be taking something different. I have a bad grass allergy.
  5. So I know I have allergies. I'm allergic to grass the most. But can they actually make you feel sick? I feel so tired and almost like I am coming down with something. I get body aches and feel cold but I don't have a fever. Also rainy weather makes me feel the worst. Does this happen to anyone else?
  6. First we will be going to the Dr tomorrow since today is Sunday. Last night my son told my husband that he felt a lump under one of his nipples. I felt it myself and it feels like fatty tissue. It's soft, movable and right under his nipple. I went to Dr Google ( I know, I know) and it doesn't appear to be anything bad. I read that it can happen during puberty and it's normal? So I guess my questions is has anyone experienced this with their kids or themselves? I'm really trying not to freak out (I did last night) since there is nothing I can do today anyway. Just looking for any insight? Thanks.
  7. So I went to the Dr yesterday and my BP was really low, like 90/64. WTF!
  8. Not dizzy, but last night when I was walking around I literally felt off balance, like I was being pulled in on direction. Now today I have what appears to be a UTI so I'll be going to the Dr for that. Could they be connected. A while back I was dealing with some vestibular issues. Can Anxiety cause this too? I'm worried there is something wrong with my brain.
  9. I'm afraid I have ovarian cancer. I have constant pain in my lower abdomen, lower back and on my right side. I have pain during sex and it's a deep pain in my lower abdomen. I had an internal ultrasound maybe 2 years ago that showed nothing and the Dr said it's just nerves in my hip. I made an appointment online for my OBGYN and I'm waiting for them to get back to me with a day and time. I'm really scared something is wrong. My stomach is always upset and/or hurts. I'm at a loss as to what to do.
  10. The night before as I was putting my daughter to bed I felt a small bump on my scalp and pulled off a tick. It came off easily but it was definately attached. I'm not sure how long it was there or if it had fed or not. I do believe it may have. I'm totally freaking out. I know that Lyme is treatable but I'm terrified that I'm going to get really sick and have major complications. And no, you can't send the ticks out for testing.
  11. Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment and when the nurse was checking my vitals my pulse was 88 but my blood pressure was 90 over something. I can't remember the bottom number. Thats really low right? I'm scared something is wrong
  12. I'm also feeling so off balance
  13. I swear I have one. My nose will just run all the time. Like I will just be standing there and it will just leak out. And it tastes salty.
  14. So a few minutes ago I was standing in the kitchen and I don't know if I felt faint or what, but then all of a sudden I felt like something washed over me, then my heart started beating really fast. Now I feel cold and my chest hurts. I've been worrying about my heart for a little bit now. My ankles are swelling and I don't know why. I did get my period this morning. I made myself a sandwich and I'm having herbal tea now. Also last year around this time my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I took my meds this morning and I'm not sure if I should take another klonipin or wait a little while. I don't know what to do.
  15. So my daughter last week was diagnosed with a double ear infection. She's been on antibiotics for almost 10 days. She is still says sometimes her ear hurts and I feel like she can't always hear me. I'm repeating myself to her constantly. I'm afraid she has a brain tumor. I'm totally freaking out.