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  1. I was anxious looked into the numerology again I saw all this stuff that number of when your were born together that they could predict health probs here This is a very psychic and nervous number that is often made ill by the environment and even people. The 7 suffers from a lot of mental and psychological tension. They need to live somewhere very clean. They are prone to many ailments including bronchitis, colds, nasal congestion, bad eye sight, tonsillitis, lung problems and skin afflictions. They should avoid intoxicants and fumes from cleaners. Sleep and fresh air keeps this number stress free and healthy i worry cause I have very bad allergies that means this is true also it says headaches anxiety and other family members who have diabetes there numbers said that too also this Health The luck that these people are experiencing right now can change without any warning. One moment they are feeling healthy; other times, they are suffering from health conditions. Some of the universal health illnesses that they may encounter include incurable diseases and stomach problems. They should also take better care of their lungs and eyes. It is also possible for them to suffer from head trauma. I have stomachaches all the time worry this saying gonna get a disease hope not
  2. I’m sorry for all that I’m going to write but I need to get my feelings out. I really don’t know what to do anymore I’ve been suffering with ocd hocd health anxiety sadness since I was 17 I turned 35 two weeks ago. I feel old and I just am not able to handle it all anymore. I’ve tried help no one is able to help I had all these years stolen from me watching everyone else around me love the life I want I never felt more sad I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed anything I really don’t. My ocd tortures me with terrifying thoughts that I would never say or do. I have feelings for a guy he’s a celebrity which I never really do but this guy I thought was special but besides the hocd making me constantly doubt I really like him and tries to ruin it not even enjoy that. I obsess over him know I shouldn’t but that’s way that i am. I cried today watching a movie he’s in worrying he likes the girl in it I know but my feelings for him are real it hurts like real life rejection. Having feelings for him have me a tiny bit of excitement though hocd ruined that and worrying about him liking the girl now I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do anymore I have nothing to look forward to anymore I know wanting to be loved has been something I wanted as far as I remember but it’s obvious it’s never gonna happen I don’t go a day without hearing how the world thinks I’m old and guys won’t want me for my age Im told I feel sorry for myself from those that I know but it’s not that I’ve been dealing with this for long time and I don’t even remember what not feeling this way torture by thoughts use to be. I just sleep all day nothing else to do. Anyone have advice
  3. I hate that hocd tries to ruin everything. Since I barely go out and am afraid to have a real relationship I have a celebrity crush and the ocd tries really hard to make me question it. I know I’m attracted to him but I saw picture of his body shirtless and didn’t feel aroused which makes no sense since I’m very attracted to him . I’ve never been the type to be turned on from looking at a picture and I worry this means hocd is right. I need advice it’s really bothering me I know if I were in a relationship with a guy in real life and he touches me I would feel aroused I hate ocd
  4. It’s just cause there’s woods there right and I’m sure others where I live also heard them
  5. I remember someone say that hearing an owl hooting is bad and tonight I heard first time ever owl hooting for a long time. I live in a condo community and we have woods behind us. It do it for a long time and I looked it up and all thing say it means negative things bad omens death negative energies and I’m freaking out. I told myself it just cause woods are there never heard owl before also other people in this condo place must of heard it right I just need advice I’m really scared
  6. Since the start of my period for years my period has always been same I know when it’s coming it’s always a week it’s heavy In the beginning. This time I got my period a week early and its weird it’s lighter than I ever had it and worse it’s the fifth day today and there’s nothing coming out. I’m not on pills or pregnant I don’t know what could cause this. I have been stressed but nothing new. I’m worried there’s something wrong with me and my fertility since I’m gonna be 35 soon I’m jus wreck anyone have advice
  7. I think it could def he sinus I do have allergies all time and also my neck I don’t sleep in a good position. I just am afraid since it’s been long time. I’ve been to dr for other worries she didn’t seem to think anything wrong with me
  8. I’ve been to dr since I don’t think I mentioned of more than once she wasn’t concerned
  9. Almost everyday since 2018 maybe before I get headaches when I wake up they go away sometimes with Motrin. They are all over head I’m worried it’s a brain tumor. I read you could have a brown tumor years and not know it. I have no symptoms but that what do you think
  10. I truly don’t feel old and when I don’t think of age I feel young but as soon as I think about I’m gonna be 35 it sounds old. The thing is I’ve stopped living when all my ocd and anxiety started at 17 though o know way more now I still feel and think the way I did then expect smarter now and don’t trust like I used to. I just hate when I read all these assumptions about age and people trying to act like it’s that different from early 30s it just don’t work that way. If others want to act like their 80 at 35 then that’s there prob. Your right I do have hope still there is a good guy the right guy out there. The thing is I have to accept I might not find a guy I want to enjoy life regardless. I just don’t know how to accept giving up the thought of a relationship I always wanted if that is way it goes. It just bothers me that many people act like this specific age 35 is elderly it’s older than 10 years ago but that don’t have to mean old. It bothers me. I searched on YouTube for videos of finding love for women who are 35 and what a mistake none of advice was positive everything was that it ain’t easy guys ar gonna have a choice of any age and the comments were all ageist guys who are part of that online women hating reddit mgtow. I just feel if I finally get rid of all my anxiety the world tells me I can’t enjoy anything or feel attractive since I’m 35. Thank you for your helpful reply I appreciate it
  11. I’m gonna be 35 in the fall and as a woman I feel such sadness as I’ve read how the world thinks your old at this age. Not gonna even talk about all the hate online guys seem to have for women over 35 seems no guys find this age attractive. I think I actually look better now but since my age I should feel less than younger women. Guys seem obsessed with fertility and determining which women to do date based on it. What bothers me the most is that all this articles are about how 35 is suddenly different than first half of 30s making me feel I’m gonna all of sudden lose my fertility start to look older have saggy skin and every other negative aging crap. Am I supposed to believe this if this is true then I don’t know what to do since I didn’t get to live my teens 20s because of my anxiety this is an insult to think even if I fix my life it’s too late since I’m too old. I feel that 35 is too young to have all those things these articles say and it’s scaring the hell out me and I just don’t see anything good to look forward to. Any advice women my age older is this stuff true
  12. Thanks for replies i usually don’t drink thst much but yesterday couldn’t stop. I’m trying to not drink as much add other thinks to drink like sugar free drink or something
  13. I’m worried I drink a lot of diet soda usually full 2 liter a day but tonight I was stressed and had two 2 liters and feel horrible have gas pains. I’m worried drinking that much tonight gonna cause a disease
  14. I noticed that spider veins on breast got bigger and more appears is it still normal worrying it’s not