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  1. I know I feel like why would lines on your hand predict you health that sounds nuts to me yet I still worry it makes no sense
  2. I would never go to an actual palm reader ever I just saw articles about lines on you palm and looked to see. I really try to not read any kind of stuff like that I know how scary it it fuels magical thinking ocd which is worst part of anxiety for me. Thank you for reply
  3. Thank you I want to not think it’s true but at same time it perfect for anxiety to make me anxious. The thing about the bracelet lines is insane it’s says that if you have less than three lines you live in till the 40s yet plenty have only two and live long lived till 80s. It also says if line isn’t a straight line It means you’ll have health problems with Th the genital area and I feel Ike I know they cannot be true but I worry cause stuff like ovarian and other cancers scare me 😟 I just hate this.
  4. I feel like it’s not true but the anxiety part of me worries it is true
  5. I was just going through a page I saw article about palm reading and I read it and now I’m worrying. It was talking about the lines inside of wrist called bracelet lines and they indicate the years you live. Having 3 or 4 lines means a long life. I’m worried cause it’s says if you have only two that you only have late 40s early 50s and I’m freaking out. I really hope it’s not true anyone have proof this isn’t true that’s older than those ages and only has two of these lines I’m scared
  6. None of it even the good parts it was based off chart of my birth
  7. I’ve been into numerology and I had a free reading and it was goos news especially with my love life. As a worrier I started looking more into it and saw things I didn’t want to line karmic debt number. I have the number 16 in that and according to everything o read I’m meant to love a life of suffering and bad things. It scared me to really then I read this https://www.merkaba.org/karma-and-stress-cause-99-of-health-problems/ this was nerve wracking. I just want to be happy with the goodness I read but now I’m petrified I’m going to get a disease and die and there nothing I could. I need your opinions
  8. Thanks I’m trying to not worry about it but it’s hard I seem to get more everyday I just don’t understand did he say it means nothing if you get them everyday
  9. Hi I went to my dr today she said they were harmless and I forgot to ask her why I keep getting them but she wasn’t worried at all she said that I don’t show signs of high estrogen and not to worry. I just worry still since keep getting more
  10. Marc I need help again I’m freaking out cause since I last posted I got more tiny cherry angiomas on chest and breasts I don’t understand why I’m so scared it means my estrogen is high and gonna cause cancer. I have appointment next week to see what my estrogen level is just to make sure it’s not I’m just really scared and sad.
  11. Thank you very much for helping I’m worrying still cause of anxiety but able to deal with it 😃
  12. Sorry to ask again I’m worried cause that dr also online said that having moons only on your thumbs not any other finger means you get cold feet and hands and anemia. I do have anemia and get cold hands feet I’m worried now it means he’s right about the other thing what do you think?
  13. Thank you I’m trying really hard to not worry but I’m still anxious