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  1. Hi Ellebel, I hope all is good with you and baby. Not long to go now? How is your pain now? I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy and looking forward to meeting your precious bundle soon x
  2. Hi ellebel i know how you feel. I had breast pain left side only since January this year. I could only describe the pain as burning, throbbing and more in one spot than another. I also noticed a change in nipple so went to doc ASAP and was referred to one stop clinic for assessment. i had full examination, mammogram and they reassured me all was clear and no probs but no answer for the nipple change other than could be anything! Needless to say since then I haven’t slept, eaten properly and worried sick that they have missed something. Went back to doc this month who examined me thoroughly and said he had no concerns and that mammogram was clear so I should be reassured. like you I still worry but keep trying to reassure myself now....thing is though the pain is different now and sometimes in other spots now too so wonder if my HA is contributing but I am pushing for another referral to clinic for my own peace of mind now. You have a lovely time ahead with a new baby on the way so you don’t want to spoil that with unnecessary worry so go and get checked again if only for your own mental health....that’s exactly what I’m doing now despite the fear it will bring. let me know how it goes for you and take care.
  3. Thanks Marc for your reply. ive just ordered some self help books and going to organise some much needed counselling. i know what works for me to manage better but just finding it difficult to get into gear and get moving on....😪 I am sure as you say if there was anything concerning further tests would have been arranged. It’s my response to this that is the real issue.
  4. HA overwhelming right now and can’t seem to get myself going at all. so recently had breast pain and noticed some changes to one area. GP referred me to hospital where I had thorough examination after which specialist said she saw no red flags. I then had diagnostic mammogram because of my age to double check. thankfully the mammo was clear but now I am doubting results. Could they have got it wrong? Why do I still see my breast differently? my stress levels for the last year have been huge so I’m putting this down to my HA which I’ve had for over 35 years, but I feel so miserable and can’t seem to shake the clouds away at all. any advice would be welcome. I feel stupid but helpless right now.
  5. Paulsey


    Hi I’ve suffered from anxiety since my teenage years and have managed to cope over the years. Sadly I’m struggling to do so now and really welcome support from this group. The ongoing pandemic is really pushing me over the edge. thank you for allowing me to join