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  1. How high your heart has gone when you are having a panic attack ?
  2. Hi, is been a long time since I came here... I'm a shame of myself for having my intrusive thoughts back along side with my panic attacks and GI issues.. i dont know what to do with myself i feel such a failure while i feel like im in danger and something is wrong. I feel hopeless.
  3. I can't stop thinking that something is wrong, today i woke with my arms and legs numb then like tingle sensation my fingers and toes hurt, cant stay long in the same position because i feel the numbing and the tingles and is consuming me the more i worried the more crazy i feel... the chest pain the palpitation sore muscles... i told this to my cardio doctor but he didn't seem worried i cant stop thinking that something is wrong.
  4. Mococele yes It can be the mouth imple like you use say , but if not extract with the saw it can grow back again they actually very comun we saw this in school and in the clinic by the way i went to dental school.
  5. I can tell you is not cancer, i do believe is a inflamed taste buds. Is normal if you touch it will hurt because of the inflammation, it will go away in couple days
  6. This makes sense for me, because i do feel the same thing, just thought was GI problems but never occur tome this could be my anxiety too.
  7. You are right and i want to remember that every time i feel like im sick ... or something bad is happening... I want to make it all stop.
  8. Mine start with shortness of breath even if im still breathing i feel like the air going in isn't enough... then i feel weakness and pain in my left arm then tightness in my chest sometimes pain .... after i reach that i feel like im going numb or going to pass out but while all of this is going on the fear just consumes me and i feel worse and worse like really about to die. It wont matter what i do or how much breathing i do it doesn't help is just horrible and it takes everything in me, i feel like a bomb that is going to explode and the outcome wont be good.... once it passes the guilt comes in and the tears and the muscle pain...
  9. My fear and panic attacks and anxiety normally is all chest related symptoms. Shortness of breath, heart racing chest pains, pain on back pain in everything related with heart issues. But yesterday i notice one breast was leaking... only one breast not so much only if i make pressure will like like this white transparent thing and is sore and little swollen mostly the nipple area, im worried not about the C word but about a brain tumor .. my mom had one a couple of years ago... and now im thinking that maybe all my symptoms are related to brain tumor and the whole idea is driving me crazy and making go to this dark places. the saddest part is when i first saw my breast leaking i felt good because maybe that is the real reason why im feeling like this and im not crazy..... how saw is that.... I will have my breast check just make sure or is what i tell myself that everything is ok and is just my anxiety playing games with me.
  10. Hello, my name is Daniela and im 32 year old with anxiety and panic attacks accepting those therms having been easy even writing this is not easy because in my mind if i do it makes it more real and maybe i will jinx myself and something will happen to me. My therapist told me to do a journal of how i feel and what i feel during my panic attacks but in my mind if i write them i feel like something will happen to me and my parents will find it and a whole story goes in my head so writing here and in other language maybe will help even thought i can feel the anxiety creeping out. 2 months ago I was shopping with my sister when i start feeling shortness of breath, I push myself to keep going but in the back of my mind i was scared as the time pass i could feel tingle in my left arm and face and in the back of my head and i felt if i walk my knees would just give up and i felt my chest tight, we went to one doctor and told me i was having a panic attack but i didnt believe her because my blood pressure was little bit high so as my heart rate, I endup in the ER after few test lack of answer and apparently all normal they let me go ... the couple of weeks after the incident i felt numb like it wasn't me like, i didn't belong like in any moment something will happen to me i will die. I went to the heart doctor change my blood pressure medicine and gave me Xanax told me that i need to relax that i wasn't the first with panic attacks... i wanted to believe him i really did but i felt horrible... shortness of breath and felt like my heart was racing even if in monitor it say it was normal, i start feeling crazy and no one believe me that i was sick because is what i felt .... weeks pass then i start feeling other things and dr google made much worse... i fear leaving my house... i dont want to tell my friends i feel like a burden to parents i feel ashame, crazy and not worth it.... I had another big one... couple of days ago endup calling hotline so i could calm down after that one is been awful i cant sleep i feel constant pain in my arm and chest went to the doctor again and everything is ok.... next day after the doctor appointment a panic attack woke me up.... the fear the guilt for having one trying to calm myself down and not being successful I call another hotline for help because i felt ashamed to call the same i didn't wanted to be judge and this one was totally different and gave me tools to try calm down... and told me that my problem was chronic and i need it therapy and psychiatric help too the last part made me feel more guilty and more crazy. How is possible that my mind is so against me that is making me feel all this symptoms and nothing is wrong.... I feel in this constant black cloud and no way out I made my appointment with my therapist and going to get my apportionment with the psychiatrist, I found this place because I was having a panic attack and i didnt wanted to bother anyone but i knew i couldnt calm myself i was hopping for a live chat or something but reading everyone struggles made me feel less alone and that im not the only one thinking like this... im just sick of feeling like this... i want to feel normal.... I cry all the time... i cant remember the last time i really laugh.... I'm sorry this post is such a downer but when i feel like things might get better everything gets worse.
  11. You are not alone, I feel the same way I been battling my own panic attack’s, fighting my own fears trying to stay grounded even if I feel like everything feels wrong. I don’t want to tell anyone because I feel like a burden or call to those line helps because I have before they help but I don’t want to call every time I’m having one. Just don’t give up