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  1. Thankyou 😊 i must have trapped it somewhere and not realised how much. give it a few days and if colour starts fading will be happier . If not , go for an appointment 😬
  2. Would a 2mm wide nodule modular on my top of flesh part of thumb turn up over night ??? Feels very slightly raised and rough but I have tougher skin there as it’s the side of my thumb pad if that makes sense . I know it wasn’t there before as had my nails done for holiday and I would have noticed? Racking my brains as to whether I caught it in the sun umbrella and it’s a blood blister but there’s no liquid it’s definitely just round and looks black or very dark red. It also has a tiny vertical vessel next to it so possibly injury ? it’s much more likely to be some injury but the demon in me just can’t stop worrying and yes, stupidly googling 😥
  3. Thanks Ironman Its lovely to have a reply, gives me a boost. I’ve been for another walk today and it definitely helps, just have to keep going and try and work my way through it 😊 Trying to switch off the constant voice in the head is definitely a challenge. xxx
  4. Hi All i do have anxiety and have had bouts of healthy anxiety in the past. I’ve managed to control it but the last few weeks it’s creeped back up A close relative passed away , all the family spent the final weekend with him and it was so sad and scary. Add on full on work pressures , a week of extreme worry about my daughter and my anxiety has hit the roof. Funeral was this week . Started off with a couple of stabbing pains in my left breast , heard about 3 people who’d had heart attacks and my health anxiety spiralled. Had a heavy chest at times, sore left arm , burning both hands , and a couple of episodes where I felt like I couldn’t cope and was going to panic, feeling a bit out of it at times , not dizzy just abit woozy and not there. I’ve been for a few good walks , no symptoms on them, sure I wouldn’t be able to do that if it was my heart. I did go to the doctor about a heavy chest years ago and he said you wouldn’t be able to go walking / running with a bad heart . I know what I need to do , started meditation and breathing exercises again, trying not to google , I’m not wearing my Fitbit as I started checking my heart rate all the time. But it’s just so hard 😢 One day I was having symptoms, had a couple of glasses of wine and pizza and they went away , can’t be a co incidence re relaxing . I will have to try the doctor to get checked over and maybe discuss how to get over this if it dosent resolve soon. I did phone the doctor a couple of times yesterday but wow, it’s difficult to even get through never mind het an appointment. Any help or tips would be great 😊
  5. Really get the feeling of leaving children behind to cope at a young age. It is a fear many of us have. Agree with the comments of making the most of the time you have. Sometimes I think if I live to the ripe old age of 90 plus how much will I kick myself for worrying so much Wish I could remember that when having issues!!!!
  6. Thanks so much for replies Camginge, you hit the nail on the head when you described the pain under the arms to the back. Makes me feel better. I have done some research into peri-menopause and breast pain that dosen`t follow the monthly cycle like your previous months is quite common. But at the moment I am in quite a rational mood Gilly-in an ideal world I would see a doctor tmw who would confirm that nothing is there but the reality of getting an appointment tmw is slim. I tried today and was told to ring tmw from 8.30am for a few appts that they keep free for the day. Plus, if to be on the safe side if they referred me to breast clinic I would worry that they had felt something. Maybe it is best to enjoy hol and see how things are when I get back . At the moment pain has subsided a little so feeling more confident, who knows what the morning will bring? This morn I was in bits as I thought I had signs of dimpling on my breast, I now think it was more where the towel had been tied round me. Sometimes I despair at myself. But thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to reply, so much appreciated. xxxx
  7. Thanks for the replies. Rainbow, the doctor said she couldn't feel any lumps so I suppose cysts would be out of the question. She did say my age (43 just) may play a part in pain. Part of me thinks that they probably was pain initially due to my period but my mind has provided pain their now just as health anxiety has a habit of doing. I have read stress can make breast pain stronger and boy have I been stressed with work and other stuff. Any other replies, especially from some ladies who have experienced this would be great
  8. Hi All I could kick myself. Since I was poorly last summer I have suffered health anxiety and general, massive anxiety. 3 weeks ago I had a small lump under my arm, I didn't panic, put hot compresses and witch hazel on it and it went. but then I noticed my breasts were really sore and one felt more painful and lumpier than the other.(I had a mammogram 7 years ago after my daughter and they said I had twisted tissue down one side so it has always been more painful and bigger than the other esp at pms time) As I am going on hol soon I thought I will check with the doctor.(2 weeks ago) She said one was more dense than the other which I knew, which would account for more pain as I was due my period. as I am just turned 43!! she said it would get more painful anyway and to take primrose oil but she couldn't feel any lumps. To go back if it didn't ease and I could go to the breast clinic. Period has been and gone but the pain hasn't gone, in fact today, it has burned and hurt including round under my arm and around my back. Now part of me thinks it is my head creating pain aswell. Plus, pain generally isn't a sign of breast c****r. it def hurts more on the right side but I do think I have pain in the left also, or am I imagining that too. We are off for a sunny family hol on Monday, we haven't been away for a couple of year and I am worrying that the pain is going to carry on and I will worry all holiday and not be 100 percent present for my kids. My husband and kids are so looking forward to it and I am turning into a nervous wreck. I was toying with going for another docs apt on Friday but what can she say? If she found a lump I would be devastated and if she again found nothing I would maybe enjoy my hol more. But I feel like such a plonker, running to the doctor every sign of the least symptom. I am getting myself into a right state and ashmed to say I have solidly googled for the last few days, I know, stupid. Any words of wisdom to calm me and help me relax to give my family the holiday they deserve? thanks xxx
  9. Thanks Sunnybunny Last year my husband and I were talking about making a life changing decision which would be rewarding for us all, children included. Part of my anxiety was that it is stressful path to get there, now we are at the finish line and i worry after what has happened that I am not up to it. But if we dont go ahead i might regret it forever. We only have one life. My episode with stress and anxiety has really has sucked my energy and confidence.
  10. Hi Torontogirl Intially when I had burning across all my back and pins and needles in my arms etc I had an MRI scan on my neck which was fine. I have also had loads of blood tests, my doctor said the only test left is the "Rhuarb " Test which is of course made up. I know my doctor personally and he knows my personality and life and has said i have always been a stresshead which is why he thinks counselling / cbt etc will help me. He is adamant that everything is stress related. When I was younger i had alot of IBS which was stress related, I know the stress has just come out in a different manner as I dont have IBS any more I do feel better but am not over it at all. I am drifting back to problems sleeping which has happened before and I managed to nip it in the bud so need to concentrate on that again. I think that any sensations in my body I worry about, whereas a normal person would pass it off. This part is only since July when it all kicked off. I know what I have to do but it is hard trying to rewire your brain patterns to be positive and to tell negative thoughts to basically get lost!! How are you doing? Take Care
  11. How you get over your first bruch with anxiety/meltdown? I had my first last july, ended up a right mess with insomnia, health anxiety, fatigue etc etc Now I just feel vulnerable. I still get anxiety physical symptoms which I am dealing with but its the general worry that I was so knocked down by it, practically a blubbering mess for weeks and still 7 months later not feeling right. How do you get rid of that general feeling of something is wrong, the general worry that you are worried but not 100 percent sure what you are worried about. I have a young family and so want to get back to my enthusiastic, joyful self. I sometimes feel like I am just putting on a front. I have counselling lined up mid march (first free apt) and pinning my hopes on that. Any advice would be welcome
  12. okmom I have had stinging and itching in my hands def. I had more burning in my legs and aching in my feet. Just shows how things vary within a person and from person to person. I really think you need to get calm within yourself for your symptoms to follow suit and calm down. Remember, symptoms wont disappear as soon as you feel calm, they will take a while to get the message from your brain to get lost Have you tried deep relaxation cds, deep breathing etc That's one thing that helps me. Take Care
  13. Hi Torontogirl When it started I was going through some heavy family stuff but I thought I was coping fine. I had warning signs looking back but at the time it felt like it just turned up out of the blue, that I wasn't so anxious to cause all the physical symptoms. Last summer was a nightmare but I can see how my worrying about the symptoms, going on Dr Google etc just led me into a cycle of insomnia, worry and further physical symptoms. I was convinced I had ms or a back tumour amongst other things. I am not over it yet but feeling somewhat better most of the time and have just made my first appointment to try counselling, not till mid march though. I don't think I will get back to who I was but I am hoping to have learnt some lessons to cope better. Maybe life will be better once I get over this final hurdle. I do still have the achy. sore hands and sometimes I am on constant look out for more symptoms but I am trying to kick it all into the kerb. Hope that helps.
  14. OKmom Mine started across my shoulders and down my arms. I have also had them in my feet and shins. Only now they are confined in my hands/wrists so it has travelled around and hopefully is on way out. . Plus they have been different feelings. Every one is different. Hope that helps.