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  1. Way to go Elizabeth! So true Jonathan, i think its worse these days with social media ect as what you see online you assume is the norm, i read once that people tend to feel bad about themselves when they see others posts on say facebook, but you need to remember people post what they want others to see, you know what i mean? as im only 20, a high school drop out (slowly stopped attending due to anxiety) all i see is everyone accomplishing things and i feel embarrassed, what do i do ? i cant even go to the shops, sometimes i cant even move! anyway..yeah, accepting it will take time! x
  2. This made me smile, thanks so much :). its so true. been having so many off days recently, burst into tears when my cat ate my toast... yeah i dont know, feeling good tonight though! Thanks for replying xx
  3. Thanks for the replies And lol thank you Jon it is me. Just to say I'm not a fan of being judged on one post lol. The last thing I do is feel sorry for myself I feel guilty more than anything. I certainly don't believe I'm the only one that's felt this way! Hence why I come on here to share. And that's so true Joy, I just usually LOVE Christmas I go mad lol. What I was getting at is the social events, I thought I was doing well and suddenly I can't do anything through anxiety. Anyway it's done with! Apart from dreading new years... Had a panic attack today :(.
  4. Hey all thanks for the replies. I have just been so incredibly low, I am usually but recently its been so much worse and yes Jon it probably is the contrast of everyone else enjoying themselves ! I don't normally drink its just been the past week or so to go through with nights out ext, makes it easier I guess! Today been chilling at home with my partner he promised me it will all be better this year lol, so feeling hopeful! As for being disgusted it's not just the way I am but how I look, ever have so much anxiety about how you look? What even is that! I'm sure noone really cares lol it's just so overwhelming at times I guess. I have cried non stop recently its just draining. Thanks for all the support it means so much! Xx
  5. Hey all ! Haven't posted in a while. Just when I think I am doing well I realise how much worse I am. My anxiety has brought me great deppression more so than ever, I have caused harm to myself in the past few weeks, I have constantly been crying and avoiding social situations even to the point I wanted to stay home on Christmas. I have been using alcohol to cover up my anxiousness, after drinking a bottle of win, beers, and bottle of vodka to myself I can't remember majority of Christmas. So with it being boxing day it was time to. Visit my mums house (more booze!) , which I dread as she is full of criticism toward me. I'm just so terribly low and stuck. with noone to talk to. I hate myself so much I am disgusted and can't even look in the mirror anymore. feeling like giving up. Any advice or anyone feeling the same ? Apologies if any of this doesn't make sense I couldn't wait To reach out x
  6. Clever way to put it! again with the money makers they have the chance to create issues so you come back with more money! i guess itll be a pass lol.
  7. Just something i was curious about i mean if you can get a deal or whatever then why not have a go! ofcourse id always say some therapy is best option but then again different things work for different people yknow? i have recently moved to what to me is the middle of nowhere lol, due to partner being from the area so i have no idea where to get therapy ect here, so just pondering different things x and so true, with everthing there is someone making money out of it, im sure there is real people helping but always those just trying to make a buck!, if you get it Leo let us know how it goes! xx
  8. Hey Mdelgado sorry to hear that, what is it the spray helps with ? yes i am fearful, it has drove me to stay indoors for the most part, the only time i can leave is when i have someone i trust with me, id like that a lot i have struggled to find someone to share this with yes we can!
  9. So i seen an article on a man who didnt leave his house for 20 years or so and after a few sessions of hypnotherapy he was cured, i only skimmed this article however its actually something ive thought about doing before, anyone had any experience with hypnotherapy? what does it involve, did it have any effect ect. if not what are your opinions on it ? Thanks! x
  10. Thanks very much for the replies, really made a lot of sense! i guess its just who you surround yourself with depends on how easy it is to just be selfish (not in the bad way) i dont have the most understanding people in my life, i dont want to appear as though i want sympathy or an easy ride, its not the case at all id just like someone to understand. i live with my partner, not very close to my family, and i know it must drive him mad sometimes and im sure i can be a pain, i just feel as though if i cant do something, or if im upset about it he gets annoyed, i dont really have any emotional support at all, the guilt is putting me into a rut. thanks again for replies!
  11. so i kinda wanted to vent a little, this could just be my experience and i hate to be negative although i think typing this out may help me ! .. so after feeling guilty from family to be getting an education and well doing something with my life, which obviously failed since my anxiety and agoraphobia, so recently i decided i will take my time no more feeling guilty, i need to concentrate on myself for the first time, and make sure i am fit to enjoy life and everything that comes with it. its as if i need to prove im unwell, i know its hard to imagine when you have not suffered from anxiety, i just wish mental health was more known about and accepted, im tired of feeling shame for the way i am and hating myself for it,.the guilt i feel for not being able to just pop to the shop myself is unreal and its too much to hold on to recently, its a vicious circle which ends in feeling like people would be better off without the inconvenience. noone should feel like they are not good enough.. is it just me ?
  12. Sara95x


    Hey thanks for the reply! makes a lot of sense, already found this website amazing that others feel exactly the same i as i do!. i am now trying to take the time i need to get better, which i have always struggled with due to pressure ect to get to work and things. at the moment im searching for therapy thats right for me and in my area, in the mean time i am on sertraline x thanks very much x
  13. Sara95x


    Hey! My name is sara, i have suffered with anxiety, agoraphobia which ultimately led to depression for some years now, i feel as if i am completely stuck more than ever and have joined looking for some support and maybe some ideas on how to overcome this, thanks for reading x