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  1. Hey there peeps ...i'd like to hear what can i do to feel better...i started with a huge HA meltdown when i was certain i was going to die cuz of some sort of cancer...then i started twitching like everywhere....10 months passed im still twitching like crazy everywhere and have had nerve pain that come and go in my arms mostly...i've gotten way past ha i think as i cannot think of anything but death and i feel so hopeless ...i haven't enjoyed a day in months it's like i cant wait to go to sleep ...thats my only relief from this shit that i'm feeling.
  2. Gog13

    Scared of ALS

    Hey there m8...27 y/o male here and let me tell you my issues started a lot like yours...i'm 8 months into the twitching zone now with no change in strenght or w/e...most of the pain and other stuff are gone but when it first started it was a lot of stiffness and pain and tingling and burning...what somone with A S told me is that Als starts subtle and it's not that acute if you know what i mean...it wont start as body wide havoc....it will start subtle and usually in the little muscles...and by the time you notice any other symptoms you already know smth is not working right....mb this will help you...for what is worth after 8 months i still have bad days when im thinking .."what if i'm that unfortunate dude to have that really rare and slow kind of progression" ...it comes with this ha stuff or bfs or whatever this is ....in time it does get easier to shake it off and live the moment tho😁
  3. Hello friend:)i'm in the same rabbithole as you...it's deep ...idk some days are good some are bad...i'm also having twitches after a verry stressful period and migrating pain everywhere...it started 5 months ago and to this day i've had pains and periods of numbness in every limb...they all came one by one and went away the same way...idk man i'm always trying to think about stuff like ..."it's more likely to be struck by lightning than this"....i also posted about this a few weeks ago...try to focus on the improvements u see daily...im thinking that if a pain improves during one day or if one day im feeling a little better thats good cuz from the shitloads of stuff i red about als there is no improvement just a downhill
  4. Hey man:) maybe this will ease your mind 🙂 i had alot of symptoms and i really had the same tought at one point that my abdomen was more swollen in one place than the other....and i had alot of symptoms like migrating stomach pain alot of gas constipation and stuff. I somehow convinced myself that i am 100% going to die from colon/liver/stomach or some sort of cancer ...the anxiety that was brought to the table to this point ruined my fking life...to this day i'm suffering from neuropathies induced by stress and anxiety...as for my cancer fears ...i went to the doctor and he dismissed me in 10 minutes with nothing but some liver fat witch will go away with some diet...i couldn't believe what i'm hearing. My point is dont ruin your life like i did cuz anxiety can couse much more trouble than a visit to the doc...what you find on the internet is always black or white...once you'll get to the doctor you'll see that there are alot of shades of gray in medicine is not always this or that and thats it. I wish you all the best dude...as for colon cancer my doc told me by the point you'd see your abdomen swollen you'll definetly poop blood and have lots of pain...imagine your intestine being pressed against the abdomen with no symptoms at all...it's not possible man 🙂 it could be anything
  5. So i'm back with something even stranger...after those days of working in the garden let me tell you i am so beat i can barely bend down to a 20 degree angle without having to bend my knees...i mean i worked some and expected mb some soreness but not this kind...could rhis be normal ? Cuz i have read of "exercise intolerance "and that might be a symptom of whats worse🥺
  6. im coming up with some follow-up...i've been working in the garden lately and i noticed smth strange..my strenght is fine just my muscles hurt really easy like after i use the shovel a couple of times i have to stop for like 10 seconds because my hands ache hard...it goes away when i stop...then i can start again...i mean i worked for like 3 hours but with endless 30 seconds pauses...sorry if im bugging you but im new to all this and idk whrre to go for info ...sorry for the triple post quote option got the best of me😂...i wanna tell you that im not a verry sporty guy and i have no term of comparision since i havent done any workout in a while but feels pretty strange
  7. Ok so im coming up with some follow-up...i've been working in the garden lately and i noticed smth strange..my strenght is fine just my muscles hurt really easy like after i use the shovel a couple of times i have to stop for like 10 seconds because my hands ache hard...it goes away when i stop...then i can start again...i mean i worked for like 3 hours but with endless 30 seconds pauses...sorry if im bugging you but im new to all this and idk whrre to go for info
  8. Yea but what worries me is that my twitches even tho they are widespread and i kinda feel them popping randomly in my calves the ones that fire randomly in a muscle (like super random anywhere in my body)will go for like 10 seconds in the exact same place like pop pop pop ...and also i've noticed that while my feet are going crazy twiching theres also a little spot that goes on and on like a pulse....from what i saw those are the worrisome kind...im telling you man i feel like im losing my minds over here...i'm so obsessed with this shit ...im all over the place..(quick edit) i think that might just be my pulse given thats exactly on the artery and my skin is verry thin there and it's exactly on the pulse checking place in the inner ankle..and can be seen exactly in the same rhytm in both feet and in the exact same spot and only whilst paying verry much attention to it😂...i swear i know every inch on my body its crazy
  9. Hi there...i'm sorry if i posted in the wrong place im kinda new to all of this...so im gonna try to be as detailed as i can mb somone that knows what im going through could give me some reassuring...so it all started about four months ago with after a verry and i mean horrible stressful month i've experienced some depression/anxiety ...but well i've always been anxious so i coped with it no problem ....now after n years eve i've had some sort of throat pain ...the kind you get while getting cold...now as i said before i've had episodes of huge health related anxiety before in my life with panic attacks and all that stuff but i went over it. Now i made the stupid decision to check the internet for different diseases and let me tell you guys it all went south pretty fast. In the past four months in my mind if had from liver to pancreas cancer to ms and als....now im pretty stuck on als and let me tell you why ...after that throat pain that went away pretty fast i've developed some kind of irritable bowel or smth due to stress...like nausea while esting everything and stuff and it just made me even more scared...for like 2 weeks i was convinced i was going to die because of liver cancer because my stomach was making non stop sounds and alot of gas and stuff...i was a ruin ...couldn't eat for like a week.. couldn't sleep ...everything seemed to be over for me i was already dead from what i taught. Now after going to the doctor he got a doppler abd everything he said im fine some fat on the liver bmnothing too tragic...well now that went away...and now starts the real deal. Like 2 months ago after a 6 km walk i came home and i noticed that my feet are pretty tight...you know the usual muscular fever...but something else was happening ...it was like little balloons popping in my calves, witch went away in like 1 week...from that point on i've noticed that my muscles are twitching especially in my feet now ,i've had a spot near the knee before but thosd stopped...but i twitch throughout my whole body...like i stay in bed and suddenly a muscle in my forearm fires for like 10 seconds than gone....its verry random and bodywide except the feet witch go on like once a minute...my feet are not weak or sore i can pretty much run and do genos and everything it's just sometine i have pain in my muscles and joints...i wanna tell you that during the time i taught i was gonna die i also had alot of myoclonus ...like everytime i tried to fall asleep i would go awake instantly...now as some of the anxiety went away those kinda went away but the twitching is still going on ....im sorry for the long and maybe wrong spelled topic but im not native 😁. I'm 26 male and i've been pretty healthy like all my life except my anxiety disorder witch has been going on for like 7 years...let me tell you guys i kept picturing that day i wouldn't be able to walk anymore in my head non stop...it's killing me...i'm testing my strenght and stuff 10 times a day....checking for any sign of atrophy....my folks are going crazy with me already ...i've been seing a psychologist and she keep telling me i have to stop but i can't...this ideea is like pummeling my brain 24/7