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  1. hi. Thank you for you reply. I will definitely seek professional help as I have tried many things and they don't seem to work. Its been going on far too long and its affecting my ability to function as I cant get to sleep, therefore sleep deprived, then have nightmares when I do get to sleep due to the sleep deprivation. Its no good.
  2. Hi. Yes this happens to me all the time. Even if I have no reason to be up early, I just can't get to sleep as all I think about is how much I need to go to sleep. It's very annoying. It frustrates me which doesn't help me with getting to sleep. Hope you get it sorted and find a way to get some sleep!
  3. Thank you very much Jonathan. Everything you have said has made me feel a lot better. I guess it's about believing i have been forgiven and moving on. Again, thank you very much, things are a lot clearer now. I now see it as, as long as i know i did wrong, i will be forgiven and that I'll not be punished and that if i love and care for others, there's no reason why I'd be punished. many thanks.
  4. hi Jonathan. I agree that its me punishing me but I also believe God is going to punish me sometime in the future, that's what i see as karma. So im just waiting for it to happen anytime soon. Then I'll make a mistake in the meantime and think that im going to be extra punished. I agree its a bad way to think but how can i not think that when that's what i believe happens? thanks Jonathan.
  5. hi joy. Thank you for your reply. Obviously i don't go out and injure people or anything but it still makes me nervous even when I've made a little mistake. Also, i try to tell myself that im thinking illogical but another part of me still thinks there's a chance these "bad" things could still possibly happen. Im hoping the thoughts are irrational but im struggling to make the decision whether they are or not. i guess i will just have to learn to live with the fact i will make mistakes and just keep telling myself that its ok to make mistakes and that nothing serious is going to happen as the mistakes are quite trivial.
  6. hi. im not sure if this is the right place to post but im hoping someone can help. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety lately and i feel like it's due to karma. For example, if i do something "bad" or "wrong" i feel like im constantly waiting to be punished somehow which is causing me anxiety and making me have irrational thoughts of whats going to happen. Most thoughs are about me being punished. The thing is, i don't know if the thoughts are irrational or not. it's making me paranoid also. Has anyone else been through this after making mistakes?
  7. hi. yes i prefer the night. i agree its more relaxing, im very nocturnal. do you have the same problem?
  8. Hello After doing some research, I have come to find that I am more than likely suffering from behavioural induced insufficient sleep disorder (choosing not to go to sleep which I thought was insomnia but it isn't) I was just wondering if anyone has this disorder? And any reasons why I'm doing this?
  9. thank you rainbow...yes one step at a time and hopefully spring brings some good days with it. All the best to you too
  10. aww sorry to hear that madtowncard.. hope you get better.. if you ever want to talk just send me a private message
  11. Hello. I know how you feel. It drains you and makes everything worse. Im officially working on it too.
  12. Hi Joycicle. I know its a vicious cycle. I am trying my best to sleep more. I think when I am tired, I find it harder to control the thoughts lol Thanks for your reply.
  13. Sorry to hear of your anxiety. Yes I will have to practice and practice and not give up. I know they are just thoughts and most of the time they are irrational. I will just have to try and not let the thoughts progress. Let them pass. All the best to you Amber.