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  1. I had one swell years ago - They did chest/neck xray MRI etc. Never really found out what caused it to swell, but the doc (Who was super nice) said on more than one occasion 1) Dont irritae it (keeps it swollen) 2) It would take awhile for it to go down, if it even does go down. It did eventully, took a few Months.
  2. Hello forum people - I noticed I had dejavu a couple times this past week. SOLELY out of curiosity I googled Dejavu cause I always thought it was a cool feeling. VERY bad idea.... So, here I am...Frontal lobe focus seizures or brain tumor or epilepsy etc etc etc I did read anxiety can bring them on and I have been somewhat stressed this past week...Who knows. Anybody else get this consistently?
  3. I find that I have a hard time concentrating or trying to remember sometimes even what I had for dinner last night.? Anybody else like this? I mean I don't get lost, I remember a lot of things. But it seems like lately I can only focus/think on one thing at a time. Lexapro, Doc gave it to me a while ago - Haven't started it yet, broke my word to him and looked it up. Found serotonin syndrome, reduced libido, etc. Are these common? Do they go away?
  4. So yea, it would seem no matter how careful I was, I caught Covid. To make matters worse….I googled a crap ton of BA5 stuff and came away with blood clots, long Covid, pneumonia, etc. I tested pos on 10/17, first day was gross feeling and fever - Second day on and off fever. Today so far no fever and feel a little better. No real cough etc. Buuuuuuut, I see a lot of medical papers saying day 5-10 things can turn south quickly. Blood clot risk elevated for 6 Months. Long Covid making up to 17% of cases. No heart issues I know of, I’m not diabetic or obese. Tell me about your experience if you have had it. P.S. - While typing and eating a banana, it dawned on me I can’t taste it….That’s new…Go me…
  5. I have found over the years I carry it in two places: 1) Left shoulder and upper left back. When I am stressed I find I am unconsciously flexing those muscles and lifting my shoulder. 2) Clenched right side of teeth mouth. Odd as it sounds I find myself doing this as well sometimes. This causes pain in the muscles in the right side of my throat.
  6. Let me guess, one of those wrist type BP wraps. My dentist did this, came out extremely high, sent me in a spiral. Saw my GP, he took it and it was fine. 1) Those tend to over inflate BP 2) There is a specific way to hold your arm which the dentist assistant never tells you or cares. I just deny them doing it now.
  7. I can PM you, but if you did pen it, it would be a great standalone post and help others. A lot of people with HA use statistics, but they have nothing to compare them to or just don’t understand what they are reading. i.e. - Some people interpret 5 yr survival rate to be at the 5yr mark you are a goner.
  8. Trigger warning: Heart attack, Death 2 weeks ago I saw my neighbor laying on his back in the front yard. I immediately ran over and started CPR. They (ER) finally got a sinus rhythm 1/2 hour later, uncertain of outcome. 2 days later he was off the respirator and somewhat conscious. 2 days after that he passed away. I gave him a fighting chance and the opportunity for his family to say goodbye. For that, I am grateful. But, this has put me into a tailspin I haven’t been like in a long LONG time. All I can think of now is could I be next? 2 yrs ago I had high cholesterol (200 Total count) and completely changed my lifestyle, and diet (lost 45lbs). Cholesterol now is good, but what damage has it done? Am I a walking time bomb? I can’t live my life minute by minute wondering if I’m gonna drop, but it’s hard now not to. Yes he was older (76), yes he had COPD, no he didn't exercise. Help me try and rational this out in my 52yr old brain.
  9. Thanks Cuchculan, not it 😞 The post itself listed out something like statistically u have X amount of chance being struck by lightning. Than went on to use examples of let’s say having cancer, split by age bracket, split by number of people in that age bracket in the U.S. and comparing it to the lightning statistic or shark attack etc. Was a VERY well put together post.
  10. Once upon a time there used to be a forum Anxiety Zone. It is no longer active for whatever reason. However, there was a stickied post fantastically written about statistics. How to read them, how to apply them, how to look at them, how to be rational with them. Shot in the dark, but I know a lot of you on here came from there. Anybody have a copy to post or know if it is out there in the internet nether?
  11. Curious as to what yours feel like? Mine seem to vary: - hard thump - like a breath is sucked out - feel them in my lower abdomen -sometimes all of the above if I get a run How do you get rid of them? - I usually cough - change position
  12. So last week I wound up in the ER. Couldn't stand/sit/close my eyes and shake being really dizzy. So, ER runs cat scan, chest x-ray, and makes me read a bunch of sentences from their script. At my age (49), she was concerned about stroke. When all was said and done she said CT scan and xray were fine. Gave me some meds and said if I feel better its inner ear, if not she was keeping me. So I go home with a script for pills to counter dizziness, a referral to a neurologist, and an ER diagnosis of BPPV. That was almost a week ago and the earliest neurologist appt I can get is 2 Months away. So having HA, I am not to worried about a brain tumor as I would think that would show on the CT scan. No lung cancer fear as the chest xray was fine. But, I do have these headaches and if I move my head or look at something and then move my eyes I get that weird dizzy unbalace feeling. My only concern so far is that everything I read about vertigo is a spinning feeling. I don't have that, I am unbalanced and dizzy. Does anybody else have/had BPPV? If so, what did it feel like? How did you get rid if it? How long did you have it for?
  13. So question. I go along day by day with my usual worries and such. Than as soon as I get stressed at work, my left arm hurts in ine specific spot but nothing else. So eventully I make the mistake and go to google. Unfortunetly when I google something to the affect of “what does heart attack arm pain really feel like” all I get are the 2.5 million returns of heart attack symptoms. Can someone truly answer what type of pain it really is? Sharp? Dull? Lasting? Intense? Specific area?
  14. Hi Holls, My Mother had schizophrenia. I was able to see it for a few years before she passed (Sepearte issue). Trust me, she would have full on conversations with people not there. She would truly hear voices in her head and act upon them. She would be so convinced that is was truly her reality. This was constant and not .1 or .2 seconds occasionaly. I agree with the above and would talk to your therapist and be honest about it with him/her.
  15. So I have read these boards a lot, but have never pisted until now. I am a 49/M and have had anxiety (GAD/Health) for the past 28 years. I tried the anxiety meds years and years ago and didnt like how they made me feel or the issues with ED, so I dont take anything for it. I usually can just make myself understand the red dots on my hand are not from Lymphoma, the occasional palpations are normal, Im just more aware of them etc. But lately, there is one I cannot shake. I noticed a year or so ago (off and on) that while I was talking, its like I ran out of breathe. Almost like I forgot to breathe in between words or after sentances. This has been off and on and lately I find myself thinking about breathing which automaticly makes it feel like I cant breathe. I have never been sitting somewhere and all of a sudden, I cannot breathe or feel short of breath, its sometimes as I said when Im talking or thinking about it. It’s also odd when it hits me I find I am holding my breath. The funny thing is, my wife and me have a very active sex life. I have never been out of breath while with her and trust me I should I’m just curious if anybody else has encountered this? My thoughts are stress/anxiety related due to job and just plain old worrying about this. Would love to hear your thoughts.