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  1. Feeling significantly better today. I felt a little anxious this morning. I'm guessing I probably had a funky dream due to the anxiety, which caused me to wake up feeling that way. Now I feel fine, enjoying the nice weather.
  2. Eww, that's the worst, IMO. Unfortunately I've never found any home remedies that actually work. All the things I've found are just myths, or "old wives tales" that don't actually work and aren't grounded in science / medicine. Haha. Sorry you're not feeling well. It is that time of year. I hope you feel well soon.
  3. Yes, the rush of doom. Haha. That sucks about quitting the rescue job, if you really enjoyed it. That's when you know anxiety is bad, when it interferes with life like that. -_- I have longer periods of feeling great as opposed to having anxiety symptoms, but I know exactly what you mean. It used to feel like at least once a month I would panic. No fun.
  4. Happens to me often. Nothing to be concerned abiut. It feels odd, but that's all.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm suddenly feeling anxious tonight. I've been feeling a bit on edge this week, so I'm not really surprised. I just figured I'd jot all my thoughts down here, as that tends to help. So here it goes. I don't know how to describe exactly how I feel, to be completely honest. I can just say "I feel anxious / panicky." I thought earlier that my chest felt tight, but then I realized it's classic tension - I can feel the outer muscles burning. This is quite common when I'm stressed or panicking. I keep feeling a burning sensation in my left shoulder, presumably from mild injury or overuse. Again, not unusual. My heart rate and rhythm feel normal, and my blood pressure is normal as well. I know I probably shouldn't check these things, but I occasionally check them when I feel panicky. It seems to make me feel a little better that at least my heart doesn't seem to be having a real problem. I guess it helps me accept that it's only panic, but I also know that I should ultimately remind myself in other ways that don't involve self testing. That's something I'm working on. I haven't had a panic attack in a long while. Maybe a mild one here and there, short lived, but nothing severe. Even this is not severe, but it felt like it was working toward that point. Many of you have learned through therapy (I did as well) or through others here that we should learn to welcome the anxiousness or the panic attack in order to cope with it. I felt that way about it earlier. I sort of felt like "bring it on, I'm ready for the energy boost!" Haha. But now that I'm sort of in the middle of an attack, it's really difficult to maintain that attitude, but I'm trying. I'm also experiencing other symptoms I tend to get with anxiety: a bit of reflux, a runny nose, a tickle in my throat. I've not found any solid answers as to why anxiety can cause the allergy like symptoms, but some things on Google suggest that it's just another physiological change the body experiences with anxiety, and that makes sense to me. I don't like this feeling, but I'm doing my best to push through it. This is no different than any other panic attack I've had in the past. If anything it's much less severe. That's not something to complain about, right? LoL! I'll be okay. I do feel a little better just typing this out. I'm going to continue practicing the breathing techniques and other techniques I've learned on my own and through therapy. Thank you for reading this far, if you made it. 😛 I hope you all have a good evening. Take care!
  6. Talk to your doc about it. They'll probably recommend the usual: rest as much as you can, drink plenty of fluids (e.g. water and Pedialyte), take an OTC pain reliever / fever reducer if necessary. We all get sick, it happens. Hope you feel well soon.
  7. Anxiety isn't the only cause of palpitations. Palpitations are generally very normal for everyone regardless of your health and physical shape; even the world's most elite athletes can and do get them. The issue isn't that you experience normal palpitations, it's that anxiety increases awareness to bodily sensations which means you notice the same things that others wouldn't even know existed. For example, I get palpitations regularly. Although I don't react to them anymore, I have anxiety and that means I'm overall more aware of them. Yes, holding your breath can trigger some palpitations; it does for me at least.
  8. It's another case (like the somewhat recent blood pressure medication recall) where they suspect there may be some amount of impurity which can cause cancer. The medication has not been recalled, but is being voluntarily removed from some store shelves until they figure it out. Doctors also aren't advising patients to stop taking it. I personally doubt there's any risk in the interim, if you currently take it on occasion, but I'm no doc.
  9. Yep, the globus sensation is definitely very common with anxiety. Any time something triggers sudden anxious or nervousness, I feel a "lump suddenly grow in my throat." It is also a common symptom of reflux / GERD. I took a PPI for a couple of years, recently stopped per my doctor's recommendation. So far, so good - I no longer have reflux regularly, only once in a while. I take Tums as needed, but otherwise try to watch what I eat. And I don't have that lump in throat feeling nearly as often.
  10. I was pointing out the fact that he had numerous factors for cancer and that the severe symptoms weren't present until later stages. In the later stages, and lacking prior diagnosis, you wouldn't be questioning it. Losing a tremendous amount of weight in 6mos without any reason / conscious effort, suddenly unable to properly eat because of the cancerous mass, etc. Had he not been diagnosed ~1yr before the awful symptoms began, he probably would've diagnosed himself; that sh*t is no joke. Anxiety makes it difficult to deal with uncertainty, but the truth is nothing in life is certain. I could have a terminal illness right now and not know it. Chances are much greater that I don't, but it's possible. I've learned to accept that uncertainty, and I think that's extremely important to get over these irrational fears.
  11. My dad passed away in 2014 after having esophageal cancer for a year and a half or so. It was caught very early, but surgery and chemo were not options. Location as well as general physical condition didn't allow it. He did radiation for 6wks early on. He was a long time smoker (pipe and cigarettes), had a history of heavy / hard drinking, pill and other drug addictions. He quit all of that no later than 1992, but it caught up with him. He also had uncontrolled / undercontrolled GERD for many years. All of that combined is a recipe for disaster. He didn't have any damning symptoms until the later stages of the esophageal cancer. He did have the lump in the throat sensation, among other things, caused by GERD. But those same symptoms in the context of the cancer were very different. Much more severe and persistent. He had also lost a lot of weight in the first 6mos alone, and he never did chemo.
  12. Typical anxiety symptoms. This forum alone contains numerous posts about shortness of breath, dizziness, numbness / tingling, etc. I've experienced this stuff numerous times over the years myself. It's not fun, and I know it can feel scary, but it's not so bad once you accept that it's anxiety and you're not in any real danger.
  13. Sounds like anxiety or a panic attack. Did you mention it, since you were at the urgent care facility? Do some deep breathing exercises.
  14. It takes practice. It took me a bit to really understand how to apply much of what I learned. I understand the worry, this is the kind of stuff I used to be absolutely terrified of, and I'd be lying if I said I don't think about it anymore. It's scary stuff to think about, but you have to regain control of your thoughts, because anxiety is making you believe all this is way worse.
  15. Have you addressed them with your therapist? What did she say? Since you're in therapy, I think it'd be best to address these concerns with her and ask her to help you deal with it. In the meantime, practice whatever techniques she may have already taught you.