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  1. I get this when my allergies are acting up. Do you have allergies?
  2. I think I have a hemorrhoid it's a bit of skin that is just poking out a bit I have had it for ages. I have my annual at the obgyn nobody has said anything to me about it. How were you diagnosed I am going to my GP next Wednesday and I don't know what to expect.
  3. Sorry you guys. My period ended two days ago why is my perineum hurting. I have what appears to be an external hemorrhoid. I've been like this for years obgyn visits out the wazoo for the uterine fibroids that came back last year. I was doing so well. I am so scared because I thought hey the swelling and pain was due to the Cottonelle wipes and the swelling and pain around my anus has not returned since I stopped using them now this. I don't have a STI I'm a regular blood donor they check for that. I woke up before the sun with this anxiety screaming at me. I have an appointment with my doctor for next Wednesday and I am terrified.
  4. Thank you to everyone that have been kind enough to reach out to me. I am feeding a little better today because I found out the cause one of the issues I have been having. I had been having a great deal of pain, itching and swelling around my anus. I of course with my anxious brain ran straight to colorectal cancer. Everyone I am allergic to flushable wipes. I realized after using the bathroom and wiping with them I had pain and swelling I stopped using them and all of my issues cleared up. I went looking around on the internet and found other people had similar issues. I am still going to my G.P. for my annual checkup but I am feeling a great deal better right now. I am sure that I am going to panic about something between now and my visit next Wednesday but I am going to try to get a therapist and into therapy to start working on myself so I won’t be flying off in a mental panic every time I have an issue. Right now I am reading a book about anxiety and listening to Pat Longo and Anxiety Guy while trying to be kinder to myself.
  5. Did you touch something might it be some sort of allergic reaction.
  6. I've had symptoms like this but it was a sinus infection. Do you have allergies? It might be sinus related.
  7. I have been working through my anxiety issues and my coping skills have been working and not working over the past few years and I think I just need to get my coping skills to work. I have been trying supplements, acupuncture, walking, sewing, cooking I think I want to try therapy now. I want it to work and I am going into this knowing that it won’t be a miracle cure but I need to talk to someone and I don’t want my anxieties to be a burden to my family. I have been recognized patterns in my anxiety and I just want to cope better during certain times.
  8. Birth control can also contribute to your emotional issues as well unfortunately.
  9. A huge thank you to everyone that followed up with me about my colon cancer fears. I am not completely well mentally but I am improving since my visit to my acupuncturist and discovering that some of my intestinal discomfort came from the seltzer that I have been drinking I seem to have issues with carbonated drinks right now. I am not all the way we’ll since I scared myself into a bout of the runs this morning but I am trying to be kinder to myself.
  10. In order for you to get peace of mind go see your dermatologist. I have dark lines on my toenails I of course diagnosed myself with skin cancer. When I saw my podiatrist it’s nothing. You need to see your derm and settle your mind.
  11. Ms.Moon

    Chest Pains

    I got those about two weeks ago. I was in the middle of a terrific anxiety attack and I could not figure out why I was in that sort of pain. I got myself calmed down I went for a walk, then did some yoga to get myself together, then I had a nap it really did help because the pain went away.
  12. Thank you. I think I want to make an appointment to see a gastroenterologist since many of my symptoms suggest IBS. I do have hemorrhoids and I did have a good CT scan of my bowel area last year during a stone hunt that turned out to be the return of my uterine fibroids. I should make that appointment anyway because I want to check on my gallbladder since gallstones were seen during the stone hunt.
  13. I have this happen to me all the time. I had a panic attack on Sunday and I was in the bathroom about three of four times in an hour.
  14. I bought a FIT test to help calm my fears. I have been trying to get an appointment to see my GP but I am still scared about this so I bought two FIT tests and I hope that they make this easier on me. I know I have had a drop or two of blood when I wiped on other occasions when I have had diarrhea but I keep going back and forth about my health now I have a bit of constipation which has been a longtime problem but that’s why I upped my fiber and water that has also been making me anxious. Thank you again I am trying to get through this.
  15. Thank you to everyone that responded to me. I have been going through a difficult time with I think this is my body responding to stress. The last time I had brightness red drops of blood when wiping my dad was in the hospital. My great uncle just died and my anxiety has been off the charts. I had a CT scan of my pelvis last year a stone hunt when I was getting my uterine fibroids diagnosed and when I looked up the 3D colonoscopies it was pretty much what I had. My bowels were gassy they put gas into the bowels and they scan the bowels which I had done and they saw nothing.