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  1. Hello everyone just reaching out to say stay safe out there if you have to go out. I cannot go to work since I live in NY and we are currently under quarantine. I have been strangely okay but I have been putting on my walking shoes and just walking for at least an hour every day. It seems to help. If you can see if it helps. I can’t go to therapy so I am just letting my body work instead. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Tell the doctor that you are a little stressed about the testing I'm sure that she'll try to reassure you and make you feel better. She will probably try to get you distracted by talking about something else. I don't have heart issues but last week I had to go in for testing for my thyroid and gallbladder and I was all over the place mentally and I kept trying to talk myself out of going for the testing. I went in and everything is fine but I wouldn't know that if I had not gone in to get tested in the first place. Tell the doctor I'm sure they deal with nervous patients all the time.
  3. Just got home from the ultrasound and my gallbladder is good but I have the beginning of fatty liver so I need to work on my weight loss. I don’t have the results from the thyroid yet but it is currently under review. I am so hungry right now because I could not eat before the ultrasound so food is definitely my next step.
  4. It’s late so I’m stressing a little about the ultrasound but thus far I have been okay with the thyroid. I am also a little concerned about the ultrasound for the gallbladder but it’s more about the fact that I can’t eat or drink water until I get the scan.
  5. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that has responded every time I fly off the handle. Had my first therapy appointment yesterday and my therapist is nice and he is going to try to see me once a week. He complimented me on my coping skills (I have started walking to clear my head and it really helps). I went to my doctor today and I didn’t see her instead I got an internist but she was kind enough to listen to me about my concerns and turns out I do have a hemorrhoid and I got a cream to help heal up the blisters from the wipes. I have an appointment tomorrow to check on my thyroid because I have goiter like my mom and my gallbladder because they saw a stone or two when I had the stone hunt last year and they are following up on it. I am a little concerned about my gallbladder since one of my aunts and a cousin had to have theirs removed but that’s a bridge I am going to cross when I get to it.
  6. I get this when my allergies are acting up. Do you have allergies?
  7. I think I have a hemorrhoid it's a bit of skin that is just poking out a bit I have had it for ages. I have my annual at the obgyn nobody has said anything to me about it. How were you diagnosed I am going to my GP next Wednesday and I don't know what to expect.
  8. Sorry you guys. My period ended two days ago why is my perineum hurting. I have what appears to be an external hemorrhoid. I've been like this for years obgyn visits out the wazoo for the uterine fibroids that came back last year. I was doing so well. I am so scared because I thought hey the swelling and pain was due to the Cottonelle wipes and the swelling and pain around my anus has not returned since I stopped using them now this. I don't have a STI I'm a regular blood donor they check for that. I woke up before the sun with this anxiety screaming at me. I have an appointment with my doctor for next Wednesday and I am terrified.
  9. Thank you to everyone that have been kind enough to reach out to me. I am feeding a little better today because I found out the cause one of the issues I have been having. I had been having a great deal of pain, itching and swelling around my anus. I of course with my anxious brain ran straight to colorectal cancer. Everyone I am allergic to flushable wipes. I realized after using the bathroom and wiping with them I had pain and swelling I stopped using them and all of my issues cleared up. I went looking around on the internet and found other people had similar issues. I am still going to my G.P. for my annual checkup but I am feeling a great deal better right now. I am sure that I am going to panic about something between now and my visit next Wednesday but I am going to try to get a therapist and into therapy to start working on myself so I won’t be flying off in a mental panic every time I have an issue. Right now I am reading a book about anxiety and listening to Pat Longo and Anxiety Guy while trying to be kinder to myself.
  10. Did you touch something might it be some sort of allergic reaction.
  11. I've had symptoms like this but it was a sinus infection. Do you have allergies? It might be sinus related.
  12. I have been working through my anxiety issues and my coping skills have been working and not working over the past few years and I think I just need to get my coping skills to work. I have been trying supplements, acupuncture, walking, sewing, cooking I think I want to try therapy now. I want it to work and I am going into this knowing that it won’t be a miracle cure but I need to talk to someone and I don’t want my anxieties to be a burden to my family. I have been recognized patterns in my anxiety and I just want to cope better during certain times.
  13. Birth control can also contribute to your emotional issues as well unfortunately.
  14. A huge thank you to everyone that followed up with me about my colon cancer fears. I am not completely well mentally but I am improving since my visit to my acupuncturist and discovering that some of my intestinal discomfort came from the seltzer that I have been drinking I seem to have issues with carbonated drinks right now. I am not all the way we’ll since I scared myself into a bout of the runs this morning but I am trying to be kinder to myself.
  15. In order for you to get peace of mind go see your dermatologist. I have dark lines on my toenails I of course diagnosed myself with skin cancer. When I saw my podiatrist it’s nothing. You need to see your derm and settle your mind.