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  1. I was a sickly kid. I had asthma as a child and went to the hospital several times because of it back then. My actual health anxiety issues began eight years ago after a friend of my sister’s died after falling asleep at the wheel of his car and she fell into a terrible depression that took her a long time to recover from. I tried to be a good sister and be there for her but she went very deep inside herself. Then when spring came around I was very sick with my allergies I kept getting sinus infections and my doctor put me on Singulair. I had a terrible reaction to that medication one of the very last side effects of Singulair is anxiety. I had to shut myself away in a train bathroom to keep from having a screaming fit of panic on the Long Island Railroad because my anxiety was so bad. I am scared of heights and I was on the train that was on an elevated line more than ground level and I was freaking out on the train. I struggled with health anxiety since then. I started acupuncture and it helped for a bit but since then my health anxiety has been going and coming.
  2. Any time I hurt my mouth I swish around a little salt water in my mouth it usually helps clear up problems.
  3. I think we all go through this with health anxiety. If it’s not one thing it’s another. We all come here for community and to find people who are going through similar issues. I too tried therapy but right now I can’t get to my therapist but I am thinking I might need to see if he is doing phone therapy because I really need to get stuff off my chest. I tried acupuncture, I use the Pat Longo visualizations and Anxiety Guy to try to get myself together and last year when I was going through a particularly bad spot of anxiety last year I went for Polarity Therapy. We are all going through a very difficult time now I hope being here can help you through this as well.
  4. Thank you for this. I am struggling a bit and it feels like I am alone in this sometimes but I am not the only person struggling with health anxiety and many of the struggles are caused by my mental state not my physical state.
  5. I asked my mom since she breastfed all us kids. She said sometimes one breast produces more milk than the other that may be what is the issue here you may be producing more milk in that breast and the firmness you’re feeding is the breast duct filling with more milk than the other.
  6. You might want to go to an urgent care if this is looking infected. My aunt got a splinter in her finger and nearly had sepsis because it got infected.
  7. I have been walking regularly it really helps with my anxiety. It helps, but since my uncle passed it has been a challenge with my anxiety. I just have to try to keep it together. I think I didn’t eat enough fiber on the previous day because I had a good bm today. My anxiety has come roaring back after my uncle passed I had been doing so well. I am going to keep walking and trying to keep it together I can’t do anything else.
  8. I am having a bad anxiety day. I had been having muscle cramps on my right side. The pain would be at my hip then move down to my leg or pelvis. According to Dr. Google it’s probably sciatica. I noticed that the feeling went away when I would go walking and I would basically relax. As I said in my previous post my uncle died from COVID and my troubles started about then so I am trying to talk myself down. Then this morning I had a difficult time pooping, the poop was soft but even though I felt like going I had to push a lot. I went a little bit after and had no straining but of course I have colon cancer floating around my subconscious and I am trying to not let this ruin my life. I am going to go for a walk even though it is overcast and looks like rain and I am going to try to stay out of my own way.
  9. I had been doing well since this COVID started. I have been doing my walking, I started Noom and I have been losing weight and since I live in NY we have been on lockdown for about a month. My uncle died from COVID last Friday. My entire family is in shock still. I started having issues after that of course. I had a bit of a backache that moved to my hip to my pelvis on my right side. I stopped sitting on the high barstools in the kitchen, rubbed lineament on that side of my body and was okay it was more like a stiffness and cramp it went away. I rolled over and slept on that side last night and my right hip was a bit sore in the morning but the feeling went away after my hot shower. I have been walking nearly every day and since I am doing Noom I have been losing weight I lost seventeen pounds so far. I have actually met a goal that was set for me on the app (I don’t know why that was a goal but I am going to take it). I am feeling like I have cancer somewhere now because of my weight loss and the stiffness on the right side of my body. I know that I don’t but I cannot stop this negative thinking. I am going to get through this. I am going to continue to follow the plan I am doing, I am going to continue to loose this weight and I am going to just take one step at a time with the grief that is coloring my life right now. Please be kind to each other and stay safe everyone.
  10. It could be uterine fibroids. I have a few and they cause breakthrough bleeding or it might be your birth control. I had a obgyn visit scheduled for this past month and with the ‘rona rampaging through I cannot get checked so I am guessing it’s the same for you. If you have any suspicions looking issues there would have been something on the ct scan. I had one done last year when they were checking on the fibroids and if there was anything else seriously it saw the poop moving through my colon they would have caught something.
  11. Hello everyone just reaching out to say stay safe out there if you have to go out. I cannot go to work since I live in NY and we are currently under quarantine. I have been strangely okay but I have been putting on my walking shoes and just walking for at least an hour every day. It seems to help. If you can see if it helps. I can’t go to therapy so I am just letting my body work instead. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Tell the doctor that you are a little stressed about the testing I'm sure that she'll try to reassure you and make you feel better. She will probably try to get you distracted by talking about something else. I don't have heart issues but last week I had to go in for testing for my thyroid and gallbladder and I was all over the place mentally and I kept trying to talk myself out of going for the testing. I went in and everything is fine but I wouldn't know that if I had not gone in to get tested in the first place. Tell the doctor I'm sure they deal with nervous patients all the time.
  13. Just got home from the ultrasound and my gallbladder is good but I have the beginning of fatty liver so I need to work on my weight loss. I don’t have the results from the thyroid yet but it is currently under review. I am so hungry right now because I could not eat before the ultrasound so food is definitely my next step.
  14. It’s late so I’m stressing a little about the ultrasound but thus far I have been okay with the thyroid. I am also a little concerned about the ultrasound for the gallbladder but it’s more about the fact that I can’t eat or drink water until I get the scan.
  15. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that has responded every time I fly off the handle. Had my first therapy appointment yesterday and my therapist is nice and he is going to try to see me once a week. He complimented me on my coping skills (I have started walking to clear my head and it really helps). I went to my doctor today and I didn’t see her instead I got an internist but she was kind enough to listen to me about my concerns and turns out I do have a hemorrhoid and I got a cream to help heal up the blisters from the wipes. I have an appointment tomorrow to check on my thyroid because I have goiter like my mom and my gallbladder because they saw a stone or two when I had the stone hunt last year and they are following up on it. I am a little concerned about my gallbladder since one of my aunts and a cousin had to have theirs removed but that’s a bridge I am going to cross when I get to it.