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  1. I don't know what's going on. A little background about a month and a half ago I had been infected with COVID and didn't know since I had no symptoms and I got my booster shot. I had every reaction known because I was already infected with COVID and my body was fighting with the booster as well. Found out a few days later that I had COVID and after a week at home recovering I went back to work and living my life. I had swollen lymph nodes under my armpit after the booster because COVID and booster. The following weeks when my period showed up my breasts itched and ached because why not I thought nothing of it because it's winter and my skin is dry everywhere. I put lotions on my breasts, my period went away and I went on. I have had aching breasts before they sent me to my first mammogram nothing it's hormones. I now have a kind of sore feeling under the armpit of the arm where I got the booster. I am not sure if it's because I sleep on that arm because I do sleep on that arm, I sleep on my hands I bought bracers for them so I don't end up with swollen hands but now I am terrified I might have some sort of cancer because of the pain under my arm. I have had a breast reduction so I have fat underarms but I don't feel a lump or anything in the breast that it's on the side of so I am scared it might be lymphoma I gave blood two weeks ago I don't know if they contact you if there's something wrong with your donation because they do test your blood. I have to schedule my annual mammogram and I am terrified.
  2. Have you tried acupuncture? I went through a terrible spiral of anxiety and it really helped me at that time. The last time when I was just spiraling I would go out and walk for and hour, an hour and a half (we were on lock down). I couldn't do anything else and that helped.
  3. Thank you. I hate these spirals of anxiety. I was doing so well then I run right into it again.
  4. My health anxiety is not willing to give me a break. I have a fluid filled lump that comes and goes on the inside of my lower lip. I pack the spot with salt and it usually goes away, I have had it come and go occasionally but now I notice it happening more now. What set me off now with the oral cancer fear is there are two tiny spots they are flat, one is a little yellow the other is fading already but whitish on the gums on either side of the tooth almost opposite that spot. I did pack on the salt in that area last night then flossed in that area and might have bruised the gums but I hate that anxiety does this whispers of cancer arose in my mind. My colon cancer fears have receded and now this is trying to take its place. I don’t know if my allergies cause the lump on my lower lip I couldn’t eat cherries they made my throat itch but now I can and I have been eating a lot of them. The last time I had this happen (the fluid filled lump) I had been eating cherries as well. I do need to go get my teeth cleaned so I can make an appointment at my dentist but with my health anxiety I actually am scared to go to the doctor. I am going to keep an eye on things, pack the lump up with salt and try to go see my dentist. I didn’t listen to sense and stayed away from Dr. Google and I did Google images of oral cancer and while what’s going on in my mouth isn’t what I am seeing oral cancer looks like it doesn’t mean that I am still not worried about it.
  5. I never had kids so I don’t know what that feels like but I do sometimes get pains where my breast reduction scars are.
  6. I have had this. I went to get my first mammogram because of it. I am very fortunate to have fatty breasts and got my results right away nothing was wrong thankfully. It’s hormones. It might not be your period, it might be ovulation. I have been struggling with my health right now as well and as someone who will be turning 40 this year I am quite similar straits.
  7. Please don’t do anything. A friend recently lost her daughter to suicide and it was devastating. I know it can be hard we are living in such stressful times but you are a blessing and you will be a blessing to someone else I promise you. Put one foot in front of the other it’s not much but it is enough, you are enough.
  8. Thank you to everyone that responded. I did the epsom salt soak last night I really needed it my whole body was a mess of knots and I have shrinking going on already. I will buy the witch hazel and Cortisone 10 since I don’t have any. I thankfully have been prioritizing having good bowel movements (I have had constipation issues my entire life) and I noticed that when I go for a walk first thing in the morning between the water and the exercise I will poop as soon as I get home and then I shower after that and it’s been great for me because I am so allergic to Cottonelle wipes. I switched to hemorrhoid wipes but I prefer to shower right after wiping anyway because of my issues I would prefer to not have any more problems with my butt.
  9. We had a party for my grandmother yesterday and I have been on my feet and missing sleep for the past few days with work and the party. I woke up this morning with swelling around my anus. I had been to the doctor earlier this year and the internist that saw me (not my doctor) told me it was hemorrhoids because I have a bit of skin that kinds of protrudes in that area. I am quite swollen in that area at the moment and my anxiety is through the roof. This will not help with the hemorrhoid situation but I cannot quiet the screams of THIS IS CANCER! That lives in my anxiety prone brain. I am going to try to sitz bath it and I have creams but I just need to calm down and get some sleep. I am still worried though.
  10. Thank you for replying. I scared myself a lot because I weighed myself after exercise and I lost a great deal of fluid. I have been weighing myself after exercise and it wasn’t much of a difference when it was colder but now I am sweating more and it’s affecting my weigh ins.
  11. I have been doing well. I went to the doctor a couple months ago and she told me she didn’t like my cholesterol and I had the beginning of fatty liver and she gave me pills for that but that freaked me out and I joined Noom to loose weight instead. It has been a journey to say the least. I have been working from home for eleven weeks due to COVID and I really used the time to my advantage I have been walking for at least an hour a day six days a week. It has been paying off I have officially lost over twenty pounds but now I am having anxiety over it. I had plateaued for a few weeks then I started loosing again. I have noticed that after my period I will drop like three pounds I am guessing I retain water during my period I usually go down like a half pound a day but this past week I have lost a pound a day and it’s freaking me out a bit because I started out with this sort of weight loss but I didn’t maintain it. I did walk a little bit more this week than usual because the weather has been nicer. I am trying to not sabotage myself by not sticking to my diet. I am on a diet I am supposed to loose weight.
  12. I was a sickly kid. I had asthma as a child and went to the hospital several times because of it back then. My actual health anxiety issues began eight years ago after a friend of my sister’s died after falling asleep at the wheel of his car and she fell into a terrible depression that took her a long time to recover from. I tried to be a good sister and be there for her but she went very deep inside herself. Then when spring came around I was very sick with my allergies I kept getting sinus infections and my doctor put me on Singulair. I had a terrible reaction to that medication one of the very last side effects of Singulair is anxiety. I had to shut myself away in a train bathroom to keep from having a screaming fit of panic on the Long Island Railroad because my anxiety was so bad. I am scared of heights and I was on the train that was on an elevated line more than ground level and I was freaking out on the train. I struggled with health anxiety since then. I started acupuncture and it helped for a bit but since then my health anxiety has been going and coming.
  13. Any time I hurt my mouth I swish around a little salt water in my mouth it usually helps clear up problems.
  14. I think we all go through this with health anxiety. If it’s not one thing it’s another. We all come here for community and to find people who are going through similar issues. I too tried therapy but right now I can’t get to my therapist but I am thinking I might need to see if he is doing phone therapy because I really need to get stuff off my chest. I tried acupuncture, I use the Pat Longo visualizations and Anxiety Guy to try to get myself together and last year when I was going through a particularly bad spot of anxiety last year I went for Polarity Therapy. We are all going through a very difficult time now I hope being here can help you through this as well.
  15. Thank you for this. I am struggling a bit and it feels like I am alone in this sometimes but I am not the only person struggling with health anxiety and many of the struggles are caused by my mental state not my physical state.