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  1. If you both had clothes on, and he didn't cum inside you, then no, there is absolutely no chance you could be pregnant. If it's a big fear, maybe speak to your doctor about contraception - sex is healthy and fun, and a great way to calm your anxiety, haha. So make sure you're protected when you do have it and you'll be fine!
  2. Hey wingo, as said in the other forum, it's definitely not considered long term exposure, you'll be fine, try not to panic, keep yourself distracted and you'll be a-okay ❤️
  3. I have horrid acid reflux, had to take omeprazole / lansoprazole for years, and I've woken up a few times being a bit sick in my mouth (rank, but true 😅) - it's just stomach acid, drink deffo exasperates it for me, if you're concerned speak to your dr, but I have the exact same symptoms and have for years, had scans etc and I'm all good, just really bad acid reflux x
  4. Worried about my twitches as they've been going on for over a year, but apparently my strength & reflexes are fine, as are my bloods, so my Dr won't refer me for any further tests. Scared they're missing something since they've been going on for so long 💔
  5. Where I live has sooooo many bats, I see them all the time when I go out walks - you wouldn't miss one biting you. They're big enough to 100% notice, and they also try to avoid humans, so it's incredibly unlikely to have been a bat. Don't be angry about going out!! You'll never feel better if you hide inside from everything, the world is too amazing to hide from it all the time ❤️
  6. If the Dr has ran tests, and they've come back okay, what did they say it could be, did they say it's all okay? It can happen if you've recently been on antibiotics 🙂
  7. I've been quite a few times, but they always say my reflexes and strength are okay, so it's nothing to worry about 🤷 but there doesn't seem to be a cause. I had loads of blood tests too, but nothing major came up
  8. Still having the facial twitching, and my left leg has really ramped it up too. I'm so so terrified again, I hate this.
  9. Hey all, me, again, for the millionth time. I'm actually feeling good recently, which is the annoying part, but my twitches are manifesting in my lip/eye area now, it's like they've worked their way up my body?? I still get them occasionally in my legs/upper arms too, not as much as I used to, but still multiple times a day. I know lip/eye twitching is super normal when tired/stressed, but I genuinely feel the least stressed I have in ages, and I'm just concerned that maybe the twitches aren't actually stopping, I'm just used to them so have stopped noticing as much, and they're actually spreading. Idk, silly, but every so often that big scary voice comes into my head and tells me it's the worst case scenario (that disease I'm scared of 🙃). Not sure what I'm looking for here really, more just needing to vent, I keep putting off getting a therapist again but I think I really really need to, but then I always worry that I'm putting off getting a Dr to diagnose something. Honestly, just fed up.
  10. Hey Shanowl, amazing!!! Like any vax, you can have some symptoms of the disease after, my boyfriend had to take a couple days off work as he was achy and had a bit of a temperature, migraine too, but it passed quickly and was nowhere near as bad as covid!!! Try to not worry too much, it's a fab thing to do and you're protected against the worst of it now ❤️ more serious side effects are insaaaanely rare, I'm imagining the things you're worried about are blood clots etc, but they're so so rare, it's more common to get them from other daily things than the vax 🙃 so if you're okay now, you still will be! If anything happens that does really worry you though, no doctor is going to be mad about checking you over just incase, so check in if necessary, but you're gonna be a-okay, I could put money on it 😁 x
  11. Hey, if it's covid then it'll stick around for a week or 2. He'll be a-okay, just has to ride the wave unfortunately, cold wet flannels on my head helped me feel a bit better when I had it 🙂
  12. I had it back before the lockdowns in the UK, so February 2020. Had bad fever, banging headache, was out the game for a day or 2, but other than that I was fine! Fully recovered, a-okay. You will be coming to the end of it now, so don't worry ❤️
  13. Hey Ellebel I have the exact same fears, been twitching for over a year now, and it's taken me so long to accept that I'd have lost the ability to do things by now if it was serious. I still have my moments, I've had to stop drinking alcohol as I get anxious and start worrying about it again 🙃 but we both know the facts. We've both read so much about it that we know deep down it's not the worst case scenario. You've got this, you're just going through an anxious spell, don't let it take over like it has before. Mind over matter ❤️
  14. Hi Jonathan No I totally get a lot of people struggle, but OP was saying they were on them and weren't sure if they'd help, so thought I'd throw my 2 pence worth in 🙂 I've had counselling too, which helped me get to the route of my issues, but unfortunately didn't solve anything, just makes me more aware of why I think the way I do, which is helpful! Do whatever is right by you, that's what matters.