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  1. AriaRen

    Foot pain

    Hey, this isn't so much my HA, as something that's happened as a result of it. When I was really scared about having ALS, I would do dumb self test kind of things constantly. I'd walk on my tiptoes, on my heels, bend my toes etc, amongst other things. I specifically done this on my leg foot a lot throughout the day (don't know why, just my preferred one apparently, haha). My left toes were twitching for a bit, I'm guessing from the strain I put the muscles under from all of that, but it's now mostly died down (it still sometimes happens after I walk a lot, but I'm assuming that's because it's still healing, it's no where near as constant), but the sole of my foot now feel a lot firmer that the right one, and I have a pain in my heel sometimes if I over stretch. I also have this weird tingling feeling in the ball of my foot ALL. THE. TIME. Yet again, I think it's potentially my foot healing from monthsssss worth of me overworking it, but I'm just wondering how long I should stick with that before I do see a doctor? I don't want to annoy them with something silly, but the back of my mind is obviously doing the whole HA thing where it's like "what if?". Hope you're all well ❤️ sorry for the ramble.
  2. Bit TMI, sorry in advance 😅 I've been taking some antibiotics recently, and I thought you could drink on them, but I learnt last night you can't...had a few drinks and ended up incredibly ill, vomiting a lot. Today I've felt okay, bit hungover but nothing major, but I just went to the toilet, and my stool was incredibly dark. Not quite black, but definitely dark dark brown. I looked it up, and a lot of things say it could indicate internal bleeding, so I'm scared I've really damaged my stomach with how violently sick I was. I've not eaten/drank anything black, taken any iron supplements, or anything for heartburn which can apparently cause it, so I'm just a little scared. I'm not in any pain. Any opinions?
  3. Hey, I'm so sorry you're going through this, I fell down the exact same rabbithole, have a little look at my past posts. B12 and D deficiencies can 100% cause twitching, anywhere on the internet can confirm it, and doctors have told me it too, so not sure why your doctor said that. It's a super common reason, so don't pay attention to that. But even if it isn't them, the fact the twitching is now body wide is highly irregular for ALS, it usually progresses slower, and in a very clear outwards way, so for talking sake your foot, then your leg, upwards etc. It also doesn't get better, like yours did after physio. You're super young to have such a thing, and it's mega uncommon, so I'm sure you'll be just fine ❤️ Heightened stress has frequently been shown in conjuction with BFS, which is benign twitches bodywide. Annoying, but not deadly. Or, it could just be all the stress you're under, like mine was! I had body wide twitches constantly, I was so so scared, but when I stopped googling, got some therapy, and started my anti anxiety meds, I'm now so much better. I had some toe twitching, but I sit about 85% of my day, so I've had some physio to help and it's done wonders, so I know it was just the stress and anxiety in my body translating in a super odd way. Always a message away if you need anything, but please don't stress too much, keep your mind busy and time will fly 💕
  4. Hi Jerry What Jonathan is saying is so true - due to my anxiety, I was super tense all the time, I had excruciating pain in my back that just linked into everything I thought was wrong. After getting my anxiety to a manageable level, I thought it'd go away instantly, but it takes time for your body to undo the effects of anxiety. I went for a few deep tissue massages (I thought massages were supposed to be relaxing 😅 they done the job though!) and had a few sessions with a physiotherapist (she used to be the physio for a football team down my way, she was fab), and honestly, the difference it made was amazing, the lasting effects of the tension melted away. Work on your anxiety, and the rest will follow. Coming to this forum means you suspect anxiety is the cause, lean into that and work on that first, and you'll be amazed the changes that come from it. Hope you're feeling well 🙂 x
  5. I'm only 25, so I don't get anything from the GP, but I do frequently check myself. I actually went to the GO yesterday and she's not concerned, she's given me some antibiotics for the lump under my arm, and some moisturiser for the skin issue, so hopefully should be okay soon! Had a twitchy foot today right enough, but think it's just from sitting around for work, or the antibiotics I'm on (lymecycline? Seen cyclines can exasperate twitching, so idk). Hope you all had a wonderful new year if this is when you celebrate it 💖
  6. Hi CCC 😄 Hope you had a good festive period! What is it that's brought you here, what is your anxiety affecting exactly? Your GP is your best port of call, anxiety is such a common thing these days, there's nothing taboo about it! You don't need to take medication if you don't want to, there's loads of avenues! I'd start there 🙂 Personally, therapy and citalopram are what have helped me. Mindfulness has been a great help too, check out the Headspace app! I love their sleepcasts (she says at 3am...we'll ignore that 😅). If you ever need a chat, always here!
  7. Hi Jerry, I hope you managed to enjoy the festive period, I'm sorry you've been feeling this way! I have quite bad reflux, and I frequently find that it can give me a small cough, or I burp loads after eating/drinking something which triggers it. Anxiety and reflux can both give the illusion of something stuff in your throat too, it's amazing what the brain can trick you into thinking! If a Dr has said in the past month that there's nothing wrong, I'd start trusting them and looking down other avenues. Maybe invest in a comfier pillow, I sleep with a pregnancy pillow as it stops me from sleeping on my stomach, and gives me better neck/head support than a regular one, and it's also great for your back posture! Maybe contact a physio for some neck exercises? I work in an office job too at a computer all day, so I know firsthand that a good physio and massage can do wonders! Please don't worry about writing your will, or dying, and please speak to your Dr regarding your anxiety surrounding this situation, they should hopefully be able to help get your mind at rest, and help you move forward. Always here if you need a chat!
  8. Getting them a lot in my knee area these past few days, so annoying.
  9. Hey guys This is a bit of a weird one, sorry for the tmi, but here goes. I have a history of being a lumpy person, haha, I frequently find lumps in my armpit/breast etc, and doctors have never been too worried, as I have quite large boobs, and the lumps move around etc, so not been a big deal. The past month or so, one of my nipples has been really itchy, and it now has eczema-like symptoms, i.e flaking (sorry, I know, rank), and a bit red. I also have a lump in my armpit that I'd usually just ignore, but this one hasn't went down like they usually do, they're usually only temporary, so I'm pretty scared. Obviously first thing I've seen is pagets disease, which is a breast cancer, and I'm incredibly scared. I won't be able to get a hold of my GP now until tomorrow, and I'm pretty scared. Has anyone had anything like this and it's been okay in the end? Thanks.
  10. Physical symptoms of anxiety can take a while to disappear, think of it like a drug - Anxiety raises all sorts of chemical levels in your body, just because you haven't taken a drug for a day doesn't mean it's out your system completely, you need to wait for it to totally be gone, and it's the exact same with anxiety. You'll get there, you need to accept it for what it is, and slowly it'll start to disappear. It's worth maybe contacting your doctor to have a talk about your anxiety surrounding it, and see what they suggest. I hope you're feeling better soon Drazz 💙
  11. Hey Holls, thank you so much ❤️ it's mostly my calves it's happening in, the occasional one in my arms etc, but mostly legs. It's been going on for so long now that I know it can't be anything serious, if it was I'd definitely have known 7/8 months deep, there'd be other signs, but you know how it is 😅 our brains are fickle things. I had some therapy to help me previously, and it definitely did, but I think I maybe need to get some more consistently as a kind of maintenance, I made the mistake of thinking I was "fixed" way too soon. I so appreciate your reply, I'm definitely coming back to read this in future too ❤️ hope you're well x
  12. I can sometimes still get a little bit of spotting a few days after my period ends, usually not enough to have to wear a pantyliner or anything, but does happen. It's also really common after sex if it's been a little rough! I'd say give it a couple of days and if it continues, speak to a doctor, but until then I don't think you have anything to worry about ❤️
  13. Tonight I'm super fed up of the twitching. Not even scared, just fed up. At this point I'm 98% sure it's just either an anxiety or irritated nerve issue, as there's times I don't have one for a while, or atleast don't notice, but then I notice them a lot in bed (where I do most of my anxious thinking, haha), so it's either that, or when I'm lying down or sitting, I'm further irritating the nerve, hence why I notice it. I don't know if that makes sense, haha, it does in my head 😅 I just can't wait until I've worked on myself a little more, to accept it, or until whatever is wrong in my body has healed, so I can move on with my life. I'm just fed up. Sorry to bring you all down x
  14. Hey Drazz, if it's any consolation, I have pretty bad acid reflux and I get the exact same feelings after eating, and sometimes at night in bed. Acid reflux can irritate your throat, making you cough, so maybe just double check with your GP about that if you're worried, or take a few Rennies/some gaviscon and see if it calms down itself 😁 anxiety definitely makes my acid reflux worse, I don't know if it's because it makes my stomach gurgle and the acid just doesn't appreciate it, haha, but it's one of the few things now healthwise that doesn't bother me at all, so accustom to it. Have a quick chat with the GP, and with regards to your wife, I had the same issues with my boyfriend, it's understandable that it's stressful for our partners. When you get worried, do all that you can not to Google your symptoms, it'll make them 100% times worse. Distract yourself, go and ask your wife about her day, watch some funny videos on YouTube, call a friend and distract yourself. I found when I actively tried to keep myself busy, even if I was still worried, my boyfriend appreciated the effort I was putting in, and our relationship improved tenfold. Sorry for the long reply, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  15. Merry Christmas Jonathan, have a great day, you deserve it 🎅🏻🎄 same to everyone here 💕