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  1. Hi all. So the appointment went well. My total eye health is just fine but I’m nearsighted with astigmatisms in my left eye and have light sensitivity. 2 of my sisters have about the same issues And that means glasses. Which yay!, but I’m just super relieved that there was no other more serious things wrong.
  2. Tomorrow I’m having my first adult eye exam. Nothing is really bad just having some hard time reading small print especially far away. I was feeling great. I’ve always wanted glasses and I was looking forward to going. And now I freaked my self out. I googled (I know I know I know) about what an eye doctor can tell from your eyes and now I have that sinking feeling in my stomach. And the “What if they find something that’s actually seriously wrong?!?”
  3. For me knowing that it’s got the red “ring” around it and hurts means it’s just a canker sore/trauma. So I don’t go to the dark places of it being something else @Holls maybe you’re right about the whole routine being shaken up. I don’t have kids but we have dogs and when I get home I feel so guilty that they’ve been alone all day/ haven’t been able to go outside to do their business. We have a pretty set schedule the 3 of us.
  4. And of course I woke up kinda sweaty this morning because I can’t just have one issue to deal with.
  5. April was a decent month. Though I kept biting my cheek it got better and I’ve since stopped. And my only other thing was some sweating at night but once I got the anxiety under control it stopped. I got a job as a temp and I’ve been working a few days a week, it’s been nice to get out of the house but the minute I get home I’m flooded with anxiety. Recently it’s been making sure my tongue looks normal. Then I caught the center part of the inside of my top lip in between the small gap of my froth teeth. It got stuck and scratched so it was sore for a week. Then last week end I managed to bite not only my bottom lip inside but the same spot on my top lip inside as well and now there’s 2 canker sore there. I know I did it I remember doing it. Then some time Tuesday I scratched the inside of my cheek so there’s another sore spot there. When it rains it pours! Freaked out I showed them all to a Dr who said it’s nothing but trauma induced. They’re red on the outside and hurts and that’s a good sign I know. I’m trying to stay grounded but it’s really hard. Our insurance doesn’t start till July and if my husband gets a new job he’s about to interview for who knows how much longer it could be, and the 3 meds I’m taking for all this are getting expensive.
  6. In December I had a canker sore on the inside of my lip and that morning woke up to the beginning of a cold sore and had a dentist appointment to get a tooth pulled. I told her about the canker and cold sore and she just goes ok, and went on.
  7. Can I just say I’m so happy to have found this thread. I just had a full in freak out because my tongue was brown. And then I brushed my teeth and it went away. Then I remembered I ate a chocolate chip cookie brownie a little earlier.
  8. We are without insurance until June right now due to my husbands (unintentional) job change. So any and every little heath anything I’m extra nervous about. Thursday I noticed something dental related so I called my dentist and asked if she could look at a picture of it and see if it’s anything that needs concern. She said she would and would call back later. She did, but I honestly don’t really remember what she said. I’m 99% sure she said it wasn’t anything and I just needed a cleaning. I think. Later that day I emailed and ask if she could email me what she said. But she never did. Should I be upset/annoyed she hasn’t? Or vaguely remembering her saying it’s nothing of urgent concern be all I need? Is this considered reassurance, or given my mental state and the fact I can’t go in till June make it ok? I like things in writing so I can go back and read when my brain goes dumb.
  9. As someone who has semi-rational thinking right now, those all sound like plain ole anxiety/panic attack symptoms. But, as someone who is only semi-rationally thinking right now, if those things started happening to me I would be freaking out too.
  10. Thank you @MARC @bin_tenn @jonathan123. I think for at least a little while longer I’ll keep taking it. Took one before bed last night and I slept decently (no clammy sweating).
  11. I am an overreacter too I would have freaked out just the same, so don’t worry about thanking me. I’m just happy to know I’m not alone! And yes she’s fine. She got put on medication for it and it hasn't been a problem for a couple years now.
  12. @MARCDo you still get the anxiety symptoms? Are they just less intense?
  13. My mom had a blood clot in her leg and this doesn’t sound like it. The area was intensely painful, she could barley walk and her leg swelled up.