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  1. Heart attack symptoms can include a feeling of severe, unrelenting indigestion. I also used to feel that way about it. I recently read (so take it with a grain of salt, but it seemed like a reputable source) that one may experience the sensation of indigestion / GERD but without the other classic symptoms such as acid regurgitation, excess gas, etc. I used to worry because, yes, a bad GERD episode can definitely feel the way a heart attack is described, but apparently the feeling with a heart attack is more about the burning deep in the chest.
  2. That makes sense, and I think it's pretty common for those of us with multiple forms of anxiety disorder. I personally deal with a bit of social anxiety, though nothing too severe, alongside health anxiety. I *think* that's really all I deal with. My social anxiety used to be significantly worse, but I fixed that myself before I even started experiencing health anxiety.
  3. Yeah, I get it! Hope you feel well soon!
  4. Figured it was. I experience that sort of pain as well.
  5. Yep, I agree with @MARC definitely sounds like lack of sleep may be a factor. Combined with overall anxiety, it could also be a tension headache. What you've described sounds exactly like the ones I get from time to time.
  6. It sure can be, especially for those of us whose anxiety revolves around heart health. Acceptance and relaxation techniques are very helpful. 🙂
  7. Yes, it can be (and of course seems to be) muscular. I'm all too familiar with these and other chest pains caused by muscles. Some light but effective exercises / stretches may help alleviate the pain and correct whatever is causing it (e.g. a pulled muscle).
  8. What was wrong with the replies here? Just curious, since the post is nearly identical.
  9. Sounds like that may be a good idea. 😄
  10. Palpitations and rapid heart rate are not uncommon, in general, when taking benzodiazepines, including Clonazepam. Take listed side effects with a grain or ten of salt, because they often aren't what you think. Serious side effects are often associated with allergic reactions, which can include rapid heartbeat, but I'd say those are most likely to occur alongside other more serious symptoms as the result of an allergic reaction. Hives, inability to swallow (swelling), etc. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you're concerned, but I'd say one of two things is likely: 1) it's coincidental and there is no direct link so you're fine, or 2) it's a normal side effect of the medication which may disappear over time. I'm not a medical professional, however, so that's why I suggest asking your doctor or pharmacist. I often forget that I can ask my pharmacist about medications and their side effects.
  11. Are you currently seeking treatment for the anxiety? If not, that's the best next step, in my opinion. It's up to you to take that step. I used to think therapy was probably a waste of time, until I actually did it. It helped me significantly. Maybe you'd find the same?
  12. Indeed. I've heard so many scary stories of people having this or that symptom that even convinced their doctor that it must be something quite serious, and it turns out benign after appropriate testing. These things definitely do happen, probably more often than they turn out to actually be serious.
  13. Yep. If you didn't have skin cancer risk factors I'd guess that this would be quite a bit less concerning. But since you have risk factors, it's even more important to get it checked out as soon as you're able to. Let us know how it goes. I hope you have answers soon, and that all is well.
  14. It does look very much like many pictures on Google of what's called a "targetoid hemosiderotic hemangioma." However, I still think it's a great idea to see your doctor or dermatologist. Better safe than sorry.
  15. No need to worry unless the doctor says you should. I do understand the anxiety about it though, I'm sure anyone would feel anxious about it. Some benign masses (e.g. lipoma) can possibly show up on an x-ray. The MRI will provide a much clearer diagnostic image though, I believe. Just hang in there, go for the MRI, and take care of yourself. I think you'll be fine.
  16. Hurts when you stretch your chest out? There's your answer: it's musculoskeletal in nature. Happens to me all the time. It's annoying, but harmless. Are you currently seeking any treatment for anxiety?
  17. Yep. Not sure how long it was like that because I never cared, but at one time I noticed a shin was shiny.
  18. I have the same thought about possibly blood blister or hematoma, but it is indeed wise to get it checked anyhow. Especially since OP has family history.
  19. I highly recommend getting that checked out. It's very possibly nothing at all, but any new lesions - especially evolving - need to be evaluated by a medical professional. Better safe than sorry. I personally think it looks like some sort of trauma, maybe with some scabbing, but I'm not a medical professional or otherwise qualified to make any judgement, especially with just a photo. Should you worry? Well, I can say no, but that doesn't really change anything. However, I don't think you should worry unless your doctor / dermatologist finds reason to worry.
  20. It can feel scary any time, but especially so when you're driving!
  21. Yes. As @Total Eclipse said the breathing becomes less natural (e.g. hyperventilation or even silent hyperventilation) which leads to dizziness / lightheaded feeling. This happens to me often with intense anxiety, including yesterday and today.
  22. Yep, sounds like classic GERD. I get these symptoms among many others with reflux.
  23. Is it precordial catch syndrome? I just found that, and the other is pleurisy. Pleurisy though seems to be related to viral infections and bronchitis, and tends to last a couple weeks. Precordial catch syndrome apparently describes a lot of what I've felt like this.
  24. I can't recall the name for it either. Would Google but honestly just too lazy. I get this from time to time as well. It may last a few minutes, and other times it may last an hour or two. No biggie.
  25. One thing that helped me is acceptance. Accepting that it's harmless, and that it's happened before and will probably happen again, and I'll be fine. Yes, it's very frustrating when it interferes with daily life. However, it still isn't the end of the world, and these things do happen, unfortunately. It's just a fact of life for folks like us. Another thing that helped me is, as odd as it may sound, welcoming the panic attacks. When I feel one coming on, I don't pay it much attention. Yes, I try to use coping and grounding techniques such as deep breathing to mitigate it. But if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. And I say "bring it on, mother fudger!" I let it do its thing and go on about my day to the best of my ability.