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  1. Update for anyone reading this in the future and wondering "what happened?": I went to my rheumatologist yesterday (I have RA...unrelated to this issue) to discuss my back/tingling/numb issues. He did a clinical exam and concluded that I have a bulging or herniated disc in my back. My reflexes were good and because I am improving, albeit ever so slowly, he does not consider me a candidate for back surgery. Had he found some deficit in my reflexes, he said, he would have advised otherwise. Therefore, he did not send me for an MRI because, he says that it will not tell him more than what he already knows from a clinical exam. He also told me that he himself had been through it before and his was way worse and he opted for conservative treatments instead of surgery - because, obviously who would willing want that unless one had exhausted everything else, right? He gave me exercises to do and I have my regular follow up in a few months anyway...but he felt sure that this would resolve. I asked him how long and he says "there's no telling. It can linger for weeks or go away spontaneously...but he also cautioned me that when it does go away, I need to continue the exercises to stretch and strengthen the core try to avoid this in the future. I "mentally" felt better yesterday but then began the sh*&/tstorm of anxiety all night and into this morning. "What if he's wrong? Shouldn't he have done an MRI? What's this tingling now over here? What is the muscle cramp over there? etc...etc...etc..." I know the scenario well. I know it's just the HA. Plus life right now, in general, is one big stress mess after another. How do "normal people" deal with day to day life stresses and not go into an HA spiral? Like seriously, how do "normal people" process things? I think I use HA as a way of escaping from real problems because it distracts me from them. I'm hoping that realization will help me...but I'm not sure yet how. Anyway, I'm still dealing with back pain, numbness and tingling...but it is lessening little by little...very very very glacially slow...but nonetheless. I will do the exercises religiously. I'm good at following rules and doing as I'm told and I want to get better and avoid this in the future. I'm seriously thinking though that perhaps I need to seek a therapist to handle life in general and HA in particular. Budget is an issue though.
  2. Well, I hear ya. I work from home as well. I'm sitting here at my desk trying to get work done...but checking in on here. I'm hungry. Starving in fact right now. I should eat. But I'm in pain...I suspect sciatica. But more than that. I'm very sad at the moment wishing for the pain and tingling to go away. I'm feeling sorry for myself. So ...making breakfast for me right now is too much of an effort. ...and besides I have work to do. If any of that sounds that you can relate, well...maybe you're sad as well. So either one of two things has to happen...I have to get hungry enough or I have to get "unsad" enough. I wonder if that is your situation as well. I know you've mentioned your therapist in this forum before. I wonder if you've discussed this with them.
  3. @bin_tennI think I have the perfect solution for you - left overs. Ya'll are cooking at night, right? Well what if your girlfriend just makes a little more... a little extra. You can take that to work the next day and even eat it at your desk if work allows that. Perhaps that will work?
  4. I'm so glad you got the "all clear" ! How interesting that you've had this at the same time each year for 3 years. That is certainly something to think about, isn't it? Is some lifestyle change, some seasonal stress, some unknown thing that happens every year at this time? I new diet pumpkin spiced coffee or something that you only drink this time of year? Stress over the new school year if you have kids in school etc? Let us know if you figure it out. But the important thing is you got the "all clear." Yay you!
  5. I had a sketchy mole turned out to be benign but is a "dysplastic"...anyhow, I was at the derm's office for something unrelated. My back was turned and exposed as he walked through the door. Literally before he got over the threshold he said "that has to go right now." That was one of the worst days of my life. He's a non-alarmist and he had such a strong reaction to something that I wasn't even there for...from about 10 feet away. Thank God it turned out to be benign... but the moral of the story for you is....derms in particular know what they know and see things even from far away. It's nice that they look through their little dermascope and important that they do that as well...but they can spot a problem from across a room. Another story... my father in law had "M"...I can't even type it but you know what I mean. it didn't kill him. They removed it and all was well. However, it was quite evident to anyone...even someone like me who didn't know anything about that sort of thing at the time, that what he had on his arm was bad...something very very very bad. Now I know not all "m's" look like that...but it was obvious that something was very much wrong. I take comfort in those two experiences that these sort of things are likely more obvious that we give them credit for. With that said, I have asked to have moles removed because I wanted them gone and them being gone gave me peace of mind. A private pay plastic surgeon will gladly do that usually for a nominal price just for "cosmetic reasons." Insurance may not pay for it but if it helps might consider that and then you don't have to worry. I've done that and I've not regretted it. Of course my derm says that's stupid because most "m's" occur "de novo" meaning not in an existing mole but normal skin...but whatever, it made me feel better.
  6. I've had times in my life where I lost motivation to eat...not even fixing the food...flat out eating. For me I think it was a bit of depression, I guess. One thing that helped was eating with others. Ask a friend to lunch or dinner - it's easier to eat with others. Sometimes even being in a coffee shop or something where people are in and out, grabbing sandwiches, working on their computers etc....helps. Even if you aren't "with someone" being "with people around" can help. Sometimes life is a kick in the pants and having to do "one more thing" - as in fix a meal - is just daunting or not seemingly worth the effort. I'm not sure where you live but there might be some food delivery services that will bring you food from your favorite restaurants. Also, a slow cooker is can pretty much dump a bunch of veggies, a meat of some sort and some kind of liquid and in a few hours you have a hearty, cozy meal. In a pinch...don't feel bad just taking "the easy way" and putting some frozen food in your microwave or even opening up a can of soup is good. You don't have to get all just need calories for now. Remember, these solutions are just some temporary to get you through this season of life. Except the one about eating with others...that's always good to do. bin_tenn, you've helped so many people on here, directly and indirectly. I hope life gets smoother for you soon. Til then, we're all here for you.
  7. I had to look it up as I had no idea what it is. Everyone has had those...everyone. Here's what found "One of the most common causes of splinter hemorrhages is trauma to the nails." Most likely you bumped your hand or nail or something. The spot will eventually grow out and be gone - never to be seen again. Hugs. Hang in there.
  8. Wow! Really? I can't imagine anyone thinking this feeling is normal...but hey...that gives me hope!
  9. I get it. I went there as well. Remember, I too ended up in the ER because of it. I don't even think I was consuming "that much" dairy...but there's hidden dairy in EVERYTHING. I clearly have an issue with it...proven out by consuming it by mistake this last weekend and ending up with the worst pains and know...ahem...bathroom experience...I had had in a while. For me I noticed the difference early some help within a week and a big difference in a month. I seriously had no idea such discomfort could be caused by a food intolerance...I never gave it much thought. Who knew!?!
  10. Thank you Jonathan, you are so correct. Our minds are amazing and can do really good things for us and really bad things for us as well. In this case, this issue has not been checked by a doctor. But...looky looky here....literally almost a year ago to the day I posted about this issue on here. I vaguely remember it went away. I think it's worse this time but who knows. I'm crushing my own leg. Why am I doing that? Here's a link from last year. I don't remember posting this and found it by happenstance! I think I can safely assume that if it were something really really really terrible something more dramatic would have happened in a year's time and it would not have resolved on it's own. At least I hope so...sigh.
  11. Thank you for all you do for us Gilly. ❤️
  12. Of course, I can't say what it one here can. I do want to share with you that I went through something similar earlier this year...ended up the ER. Long story short...I eliminated all dairy from my diet and more issues. I responded fairly quickly to the diet change...quickly all hemmorhoids went away and that had been an ongoing issue. IBS type symptoms went away. I didn't think I was bloated either but my tummy has flattened and I even lost a little weight. I would have liked to have lost more...but it all evened out. They say most people are lactose intolerant they just don't know it. For my diet change I did not do any lactaid milk or any fake dairy or anything like that. I just have been eating "clean" and no dairy and it has made a HUGE difference. I made the mistake of eating dairy - by mistake - last weekend and paid for it actually rather dearly. I won't make that mistake again. They can test you for dairy or lactose allergy/intolerances etc....but I just went with the old trial and error and it's helped an awful lot. Perhaps discuss it with your doctor? You might be eating something (dairy, gluten or who knows what) that is causing the discomfort. It can be a challenge to eliminate something such as dairy from your diet but if it works, it works, right? Anyhow, why not run that by your doc and see what they think?
  13. The something stuck in the throat or tight throat feeling is like the hallmark for anxiety. I've had it so many times. It's so annoying...but yes, as the anxiety fades it fades as well. Hugs. Hang in there!
  14. You are so right. Ya'll are family to me. I'm so glad this website is back. I've missed ya'll.
  15. I could hug you for answering...sincerely hug you. Please accept my virtual hug. I am so sorry you have dealt with those awful back issues. I've had back pain but had no clue how horrible sciatica can be. Wow...that was truly awful. Other than sitting as I had laying one leg on top of the other, I must agree that sciatica could be the issue. At least it's nothing too sinister even though it is truly horrible, painful and incapacitating. The odd thing is, my back pain is all but gone..that resolved pretty quickly and has now been replaced by this...sigh...