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  1. I hear ya. I'm sorry. All I can do is say "me too."
  2. First of all congrats on the "all clear!" that is wonderful news! So on to the TMJ issues...I have this A LOT...and lots and lots and lots of weirdo sensations, pain, etc...because of clinching...I've had this for YEARS. What your describing - to me - sounds like classic TMJ...which in the state the world is in right now, it's a wonder we're all not walking around with TMJ. Hang in there...
  3. It helps...yes. I shave my armpits every morning...and so it could have been from that. I don't see or feel a nick, but you're right...sometimes it's there and gone and it could have just dried on my towel. Thank you for answering. I was doing pretty good HA wise...but these days I'm not handling anything well. Sigh...
  4. So i'm at distancing...long story short I went to the bathroom and then noticed a weird spot on my towel. I'm 99% sure it's blood. I used a fresh towel this morning. It's a small spot. I check over my entire body...I can't find anything anywhere. Could be hemorhoids...I have ongoing issues with that. Could be from I shave my armpits every morning. I've check cuts anywhere. I'm freaking out. Help.
  5. So a few months ago I noticed that the bottom area of my toenail was a darker pink...didn't think much of it, and then I saw a splinter hemorage (you know those little blood spots that you get on your nails from time to time)...didn't think that much of it either, other than I've been watching as it is slowly growing out...nice new nail growing from the bottom However, then I noticed that that nice new nail growing from the bottom is not as thick as the nail grow up and out. There's like a horizontal depression linking the two...but most definitely the one underneath...or at the bottom near the nail bed doesn't seem as think as the rest above. Then I googled. And of course with's not a good time to go to see the doctor. I have no other similar ridges on any other finger or toe. Though I have ridgey nails overall...always have...nothing like this. The logical part of me thinks that the splinter hemorrage is a clear indication of some kind of nail trauma and the indentation "Beau's line" is further indication of nail trauma. I must have stubbed my toe or something. I don't remember much of consequence except I think I bent my nail back in my shoe one or more days until I managed to cut my toe nail shorter...perhaps that caused all of this. The HA part of me is turning to all of the heinous possibilities of what i could be (per Google) and freaking out. It should be noted that I had a complete blood work in February and all was well. Please help me.
  6. I just came on here to research something almost exactly the same...sigh...HA is lovely (sarcasm). Hang in there...I'm right there with you.
  7. I've had countless steriod shots...I've literally lost various joints as also systemically (just like you had in the butt cheek). I've also taken steriods orally. It's not my favorite med - obviously - but in all cases it had to be done. I literally had no choice. I hate that I"ve had so many shots...hate it. But what can you do when the benefits outweigh the risks? For the record I pretty much hate all meds so there's that also. Steriods can make some people a little more anxious...but so what? For me, I'm in such a constant state of heightened anxiety a little more doesn't seem to be such a big deal anyway. LOL! Seriously, though, I get it. I understand. Also, since I hate all meds, I've had instances where I thought I had certain side effects from a med when it was literally all in my head. Once I took a med that I was convinced was making me itchy. I told my doctor (who knows how I am) and he said "No it's not." and from that point forward I literally had no more itchiness at all. That's how suggestible ***I*** am. Not saying that's you...but some of us really anxious types are also suggestible and that could be the cause as well... Hang in there. This too shall pass. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
  8. Yes...happens to me a lot...usually seems to be related to a panic attack...but sometimes not. Very annoying and sometimes scary.
  9. I too! Thanks for letting me know!
  10. Thank you for answering. It’s been a tough few months and the ha always seems to get worse when I’m stressed. Anyhow glad I’m not the only one with a shiny shin
  11. So I noticed this patch of skin on my left shin on the front that is shiny...very smooth. Actually rather nice looking to be honest. No discoloration or the like. Just shiny. The skin feels different...very very very smooth. I googled...drat. Shouldn't have done that. Has anyone else gone around with a shiny shin?
  12. Update for anyone reading this in the future and wondering "what happened?": I went to my rheumatologist yesterday (I have RA...unrelated to this issue) to discuss my back/tingling/numb issues. He did a clinical exam and concluded that I have a bulging or herniated disc in my back. My reflexes were good and because I am improving, albeit ever so slowly, he does not consider me a candidate for back surgery. Had he found some deficit in my reflexes, he said, he would have advised otherwise. Therefore, he did not send me for an MRI because, he says that it will not tell him more than what he already knows from a clinical exam. He also told me that he himself had been through it before and his was way worse and he opted for conservative treatments instead of surgery - because, obviously who would willing want that unless one had exhausted everything else, right? He gave me exercises to do and I have my regular follow up in a few months anyway...but he felt sure that this would resolve. I asked him how long and he says "there's no telling. It can linger for weeks or go away spontaneously...but he also cautioned me that when it does go away, I need to continue the exercises to stretch and strengthen the core try to avoid this in the future. I "mentally" felt better yesterday but then began the sh*&/tstorm of anxiety all night and into this morning. "What if he's wrong? Shouldn't he have done an MRI? What's this tingling now over here? What is the muscle cramp over there? etc...etc...etc..." I know the scenario well. I know it's just the HA. Plus life right now, in general, is one big stress mess after another. How do "normal people" deal with day to day life stresses and not go into an HA spiral? Like seriously, how do "normal people" process things? I think I use HA as a way of escaping from real problems because it distracts me from them. I'm hoping that realization will help me...but I'm not sure yet how. Anyway, I'm still dealing with back pain, numbness and tingling...but it is lessening little by little...very very very glacially slow...but nonetheless. I will do the exercises religiously. I'm good at following rules and doing as I'm told and I want to get better and avoid this in the future. I'm seriously thinking though that perhaps I need to seek a therapist to handle life in general and HA in particular. Budget is an issue though.
  13. Well, I hear ya. I work from home as well. I'm sitting here at my desk trying to get work done...but checking in on here. I'm hungry. Starving in fact right now. I should eat. But I'm in pain...I suspect sciatica. But more than that. I'm very sad at the moment wishing for the pain and tingling to go away. I'm feeling sorry for myself. So ...making breakfast for me right now is too much of an effort. ...and besides I have work to do. If any of that sounds that you can relate, well...maybe you're sad as well. So either one of two things has to happen...I have to get hungry enough or I have to get "unsad" enough. I wonder if that is your situation as well. I know you've mentioned your therapist in this forum before. I wonder if you've discussed this with them.
  14. @bin_tennI think I have the perfect solution for you - left overs. Ya'll are cooking at night, right? Well what if your girlfriend just makes a little more... a little extra. You can take that to work the next day and even eat it at your desk if work allows that. Perhaps that will work?
  15. I'm so glad you got the "all clear" ! How interesting that you've had this at the same time each year for 3 years. That is certainly something to think about, isn't it? Is some lifestyle change, some seasonal stress, some unknown thing that happens every year at this time? I new diet pumpkin spiced coffee or something that you only drink this time of year? Stress over the new school year if you have kids in school etc? Let us know if you figure it out. But the important thing is you got the "all clear." Yay you!