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  1. It's significantly smaller...I can hardly find it now...but I'm ready for it to go away. I am hoping that since it has decreased in size so significantly that it is/was likely an underground pimple of some sort. Crossing fingers it completely resolves soon. Thanks all for chiming in!
  2. I think you're right. When I wrote my post above I was in a very bad place mentally. Not gonna lie, I'm still worried about it but at the moment I'm not hysterical and will give it a few days for it to hopefully sort itself out.
  3. It's red. I thought it hurt but maybe it doesn't. I can't catch a break. Haven't slept. Very scared.
  4. I guess it should make me feel better but sadly it doesn't. I mean, I didn't die, so there's that. But I'm stuck on the "precancer" label slapped on actinic keratosis and the fact that I didn't have any (that I know of) until last year. Alas, I am getting older. Now I need to be even more careful with my skin and overall health etc...but you know...the old HA holds tight to anything it can to torture you. I'm stuck on "actinic keratosis is precancer." I need to come to terms with it somehow. Please know though Ironman that your posts ALWAYS are insightful and very helpful....and you always help me to put things into perspective. I appreciate your help as always.
  5. So one of the pimples went away ...left a mark on the skin...but that happens. The other persisted. I went to my derm who blew it off as a pimple and kind of got mad at me....told me not to come back for another year. But the pimple persisted and got itchy. So I went to another derm who said it was likely another "actinic keratosis" and burned it off. Of course, I'm glad it's gone now but of course I can't help but wonder why I keep getting these things now when I never had them before. I asked this second derm that question and he said "well, you're getting older." I'm 54. Once again, like every other derm, he said my skin overall looked fantastic (he gave me a quickie skin check). I'm glad it wasn't something worse. I'm glad it's gone. I'm glad I got a second opinion when it started to get uncomfortable. I won't go back to the first derm because I don't think he should get upset with me. I asked him..."please give me some kind of guideline." I said, "if I find something how long do you want me to wait before I come in. I know you're busy." He wouldn't answer. Of course, the old HA is stewing about and I'm concerned about my skin popping more of these in the future. My understanding is that they are very common esp in older(ish) people with fair skin. I guess at 54 I'm now "olderish" and I'm definitely fair skinned. The possibility still exists that the first derm was right...that it was simply a persistent pimple...either way it's gone so there's that. Just venting here. No big question or anything...just getting my thoughts down as I continue to try to take care of myself. Thanks for reading/listening.
  6. So glad all is well. Well done, you!
  7. Totally relate - including the part about having the worry as a child. I try to group all of my doctors appointments for checkups together so I can get through the dread and horribleness all at once. It's just awful. Just know that in all likelihood everything will be just fine and then you'll feel such a sense of relief and then you're free for another year. Keep us posted.
  8. I have a his 70's that developed a tremor...but it was related to a med he was on. They switched meds and it resolved. No clue what the med was. My hubby and I go out to dinner with him and his wife often so we noticed it was quite pronounced...and then it was gone. We didn't ask about it...he just told us one day "look no shakes!" He's a happy fearless guy who worries about nothing. Good for him. Anyhow, you might check with your doc to see if there could be a med causing it?
  9. All good news. I used over the counter Clotrimazole when I had it once. It took a solid 2 weeks...maybe more...for it to go completely away....but it did and I hope it never comes back. Yours will go away as well. Glad the mammo was perfect. And....exhale! Hugs.
  10. Glad you're doing better!
  11. I'll make it short and sweet: 2 new blemishes....possibly 3 No change in 2ish weeks. Freak out and run to derm or wait longer to see if they go away?
  12. I'm so sorry you're going through this. It sounds like a yeast infection to me...which is super common underneath the breast (oh the joys of being a woman). I'm glad you're getting your mammo...that's great and important. I seriously think it's a yeast thing. It happened to me once and happens to my sister. Happened to my grandmother as well. Keep us posted and hugs.
  13. PennyPanic


    I absolutely second what Marc said about death being a huge stressor. Many years ago, my grandfather passed and then my father passed...during that time, my mother lost probably 50 pounds in 3 months...that's severe...but it was all due to stress. Also during that time, my hair was falling out in by the handfuls...all stress. Also during that time I developed all kinds of stomach the point where I ended up in the ER with my parents worried about me....all stress because of what was going on. When my sister went through a divorce she dropped 30 pounds at least...and quickly ...and she was eating...all due to stress. The loss of any loved one is brutal... I am so very sorry for your loss. Much of my anxiety now stems from what I went through about 30ish years ago. I can totally relate to your thought process as it waxes and wanes with me to this day. I'll tell you what someone told me many years ago..."it does get does." And they were does. You're not alone and hang in there. You will get through this and brighter days are indeed ahead even if it doesn't feel like it right now.
  14. Great news and thanks for keeping us posted. I think anyone would have been freaked out by that phone call and you handled it well. And....exhale! Now go have a super terrific day!