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  1. In case anyone was wondering or if someone is reading this in the future and is wondering what is the rest of the story... The derm confirmed seborrheic keratosis - totally benign - nothing to be done about it unless I want to for cosmetic purposes (which insurance won't pay for because it is totally cosmetic). Phew... I told him I'd try not to come back for a while. He was sweet and gracious about it and said, "I'd rather you come in and it be nothing, than wait and it be something. I'm always happy to tell you everything is ok."
  2. So...people, I'm freaking back. I am exhausting even myself. It's been a long few months of skin can read my older posts to trace back why. Here's the problem du jour. Looked at my face. For a while now (months, possibly years) I had what I thought to be some kind of "thing" on the side of my face/neck near hairline. I've tried looking at it. Finally caught a glimpse of it last night. It looks like a seborrheic keratosis, which, if I am right, would be lovely because I have lots of them and they are benign. Of course, what do I know what I'm looking at? It could be something scary. Who knows. Made yet another appointment with my derm. He will likely have me committed at this point, which I might welcome if it means I don't have to cook. ha ha. I'm trying to keep my sense of humor. Long story short, my appt is next week to figure out what the freak this thing is. Good thoughts are appreciated.
  3. First, don't panic and here's why... I know lots of people with and without the vaccine that had covid and they are all just fine. I'm not saying you have COVID. Def get tested...but worst case scenario remember that the survival rates is fantastic. Over 99% for most ages etc... Long long long time ago, I had a bad cold (way before COVID - like 10 years ago) and lost my sense of taste - taste only...not so much smell ... for about 3 days. It's actually not unusual for a bad cold to alter your sense of taste and/or smell. I mean think about it...if you're's hard to smell, right? Keep us posted. Get tested. Be smart. If COVID ask about current treatments. No matter what I truly believe you'll be just fine. xoxo
  4. So those of you who have been so kind to interact with me here of late know that I've been struggling with skin fears... Here's the fear du jour. I notice this red pin prick on the sole of my foot. I freaked out. Got an immediate appointment with my derm who INITIALLY said the following: 1. It's not cancer. 2. He doesn't know what it is. 3. He thought it could be a splinter stuck in my foot. It doesn't hurt. It's tiny. It's reddish. So...being who I am...I pressed him to confirm once again that it's not skin cancer. To which he offered to remove it and send it to biopsy since I was so worried. We talked back and forth with me being unable to decide and him not wanting to sway me either way. He ended by say the following: "I've been practicing medicine for decades (he's oldish). I've seen a lot of skin cancer. That doesn't look like any skin cancer I've ever seen. I can remove it now, next week, next month, next year or never." I pressed him again. He said. "If I thought it was something life threatening I wouldn't give you the option to walk out of here without removing it." He told me his nurse could remove it for me if I liked. I opted to not have it removed. Admittedly as I type this I realize exactly what you must be thinking "that girl is whacked." Yes...yes...I am. However, I am still OBSESSED with it. I must admit that it looks like a splinter. I've had many. I live in FL. We go barefoot, wear flip flops, and sandals...all things which make splinters possible. I live in a rural area with a dog who brings in a lot of "stickers" that get stuck everywhere (feet, hands, etc...ack!) So the logical thing...esp as I type this to say it looks like a splinter and even though it doesn't hurt what else could it be? It's definitely not a cherry angioma because apparently the two places those do NOT occur is the palm of hand of soles of feet. So a few questions if you've kept up with me so far. 1. Do splinters eventually work themselves out? 2. Will someone please talk me off the ledge? 3. Have I lost my damn mind? Encouraging words appreciated.
  5. Thank you for sharing this. I will absolutely check it out. BTW *** Asterisks rock! ***
  6. I'm so glad I was helpful. It's so weird how it comes and goes. I always think of it as my body trying to tell me something such as "Hey, you need to relax." LOL!
  7. I haven't found any painkillers that help. The only thing that helps is time...Generally each area lasts 3 days...then it migrates. Of course some last shorter, others longer..I have a new area of burning skin just today...not too bad but noticeable. Skin looks normal. Sigh...but I'm in a very anxious state lately. I try to ignore it....and then one day I realize "wow I haven't had that skin pain in a while." It's so weird, I know. I wish I had actual answers for you. All I can say is, "you're not alone." ...and if you search this board you'll see zillions of others of us have had it as well.
  8. I did....about 2 decades ago....and he looked at me funny. He never pursued it and I didn't pursue it either. Honestly, when it has "gone away" it's been gone for a long long long I forget about it. Then it comes back...and then it goes ...and get the picture. I suppose I should have followed up on it but I had "other bigger anxiety fish to fry" that were taking my full attention. L PS One more thing...for what it's worth...I think I get the "flare ups" when I'm particulary upset or stressed (which I am right now) which explains my current flare up.
  9. Hi Doug, I have this fact going through a bout of it now. If you look around here you'll see lots of people commenting on "burning skin." I have something similar to this: I've had it come and go for decades. It is scary, no doubt, but for me (thankfully) it does pass AND it migrates. It can be anywhere. Last Sat night, we went out to dinner with friends and afterwards they invited us to their house for I walked in, I felt like I had been stung on the was so painful. Nothing was there. Like I kept checking my calf only to see perfectly normal skin. For me each "episode" generally lasts 3 days before migrating to another location but I've also had them last for much much much longer than that. I hope I've helped.
  10. I'm so so so sorry you are worrying. I can attest to stress throwing off a cycle...or just "one of those things." I used to always skip January for some reason... or have it super light that month. I attribute it to holiday stress. Who knows. I've always called my doctor about it....'cause that's just how I roll. Long story short, she's never been concerned. My policy for me is, I tell the doctor...and let them tell me what course of action they suggest. Generally they've just said, " don't worry" or "let's see what happens next month" etc... It's tough being a woman that's for sure. Hang in there and keep us posted.
  11. Thank you...I've still been struggling with this (big surprise). Your words and experience help me tremendously. I've read varying info on how/when they might turn and what percentage do turn. I think mostly it was the lack of info from the doctor and the fact that he missed them totally...and I had to insist that he look at them that freaked me out. Like his lack of concern freaked me out. Of course, most everything freaks me out so there is that. LOL. I actually got a second opinion from another derm who took the time to answer my questions and gave me a better look around. That helped calm me down. I also did some research and found that there are dna repair enzymes in certain sunscreens that can further help to prevent AKs...proven by scientific studies. Is it "snake oil" or is it true? Who knows. but...Well...what the heck, I should be wearing my sunscreen anyway. I rarely go out in the sun because I'm so fair but now I will wear sunscreen every day no matter how much time I'm in the sun. Anyhow, I just really want to thank you for responding. Because you've been through it and have a good perspective on helps A A LOT LOT LOT. Thank you every so much. Hugs.
  12. I have a friend who had it. Basically had a headache for 3 days and then was fine. That was almost a year ago. No one else in her family got it...not her husband or kids. Which is a very good thing because her husband has all sorts of scary pre-existing conditions...but he never got it. Thank goodness. I have another friend who's teenage step daughter had it months ago. Basically was like a bad flu but she was fine. They quarantined her in her room and threw food and water at her from behind the door. No one else got it. friend's husband is tested regularly and while he never tested positively for COVID he did test positive for the he must have had it at some point and just never realized it. Anywho...the whole family is just fine. I bet lots of people have had it and just didn't know it because they either had no symptoms or their symptoms were very mild. It's such a weird it affects different people so differently. If you already had it for a week I bet you're already passed the worst and it. Take the vitamins the doctor suggested, drink lots of fluids and hang in there. Keep us posted. We care. Oh and PS...something I remind myself of all the time...people lie on social media...or stretch the truth...a lot...or you don't always know the full story. Just sayin'
  13. My thumb twitches ALL THE TIME...mostly when I'm over tired or over stressed. I can literally watch it twitch. My mom has reported the same thing happens to her. I've had thumb twitching in particular for over a decade. I have twitches other places too including my eye, my lip, all around my body....even my tongue once during a very dark episode in my life. When the stress dies down, the twitches go away. When the stress goes up...I twitch all over. I also twitch more if I have too much caffeine. It used to scare me...esp one episode of twitching EVERYWHERE that lasted for 6 months. It went away when I switched brands of coffee...too bad because I loved that coffee...but it was just too much twitching. I hope I've helped.
  14. Ellebel, I feel the same as you do. I've been on here off and on through the years and can see things so much clearer for others. I too went (am going through) a horrible existential depression. I also share your concern with the state of everything right now. But...since you asked... here's where I need help getting myself back on sound footing. I went for my annual skin check. Doc was sending me out the door with "all clear, everything's great." when I said "no wait, you haven't looked at these other spots." He was very quick about it all and I felt like this year he barely looked at me. Long story short, the 2 "spots" I insisted he look at he diagnosed as actinic keratosis...benign...but precancers. I'm having trouble dealing with that "precancer" lable. He burned both areas off...which I have since learned is the "gold standard" for treating these types of things to prevent them from become something bad later. However, I also learned that once you have one of these things it's a marker for damaged skin and more of these things are in one's future and yada yada yada (yes, I've googled) In 2012 I had a dysplastic nevus removed (also a precancer) Actinic keratosis can turn into a nonM cancer...of course, not all of them do. Some of them even go away on their own. Anyhow, my derm said I only need to see him once a year. He was very cavalier about it telling me that he's had them before himself (I was starting to freak out in his office). He told me overall my skin was "in pretty good shape." Because I don't think this otherwise very trusted derm gave me a thorough look and I needed some peace I went to another derm for a second opinion. I explained everything to him. He gave me a full skin check. Told me my skin was good. Confirmed that the spots were properly treated and sent me on my way. Anyhow, I'm feeling like I'm doomed to continue to get these things (that's what Google says). I feel like I'm old and wretched and my life is over and it will now here and forever be a never ending battle of burning scary stuff off...or worse. I was pretty inconsolable until I saw the second derm...I do feel a little better now...However, I don't know how people assimilate these things and move forward. It should be noted that I was diagnosed with an "incurable but controllable" disease 30 years ago. I dont' want to trigger anyone. What that is is irrelevant. I mention that because I know what it's like to fight day in and day out. I somehow assimilated that diagnosis. I just don't know how to deal with this because I view skin cancer as absolutely deadly. Any help, virtual slap back into reality, or wise words would be appreciated.