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  1. Welp, sometimes you have to switch antibiotics...if you call your doctor they might be able to prescribe another one. Even if this one has worked before, it might not always work. Also allergies will cause ongoing sore throats...they might want to give you an allergy med. I bet you'll be all fixed up in no time. I'd call though because your doc can get your feeling better faster that way. Keep us posted and hang in there.
  2. PennyPanic


    I won't go into details because there's no reason to trigger anyone of us. Suffice it to say that my entire family is dealing with one health crisis or another right now. Between that and everything going on in the world right now, I'm tired. Just venting. Thanks for listening.
  3. I've recently started walking intentionally for exercise (almost) every day while listening to an audiobook or podcast or whatever. It distracts me and gets me to walk farther. On days that I exercise I feel much better physically and mentally. I'm not a super athlete or anything. I walk at my own pace and it's pretty relaxing and fun. It helps..a lot.
  4. Yes. It's not fun but it goes away. No clue what it is.
  5. Merry Christmas @jonathan123 and everyone. It's been a tough year and an especially tough holiday season. I've cried an awful lot lately but that might actually be good for me. Releasing the bad feelings helps to keep the anxiety away. May we all be safe and happy where ever we are and whatever we celebrate. I can't tell you all how much you've helped me in the past and continue to help me daily. I appreciate you all.
  6. Sadly, I don't think your fear is "weird" at all. Anything that opens too easily or isn't super sealed...well...I just won't use it. I think that's just smart. You never know. Regarding energy drinks...or alcohol in any drink. I think this is a requirement (check me on this) by law that it has to be listed on the label. Plus, you'd be carded (unless you look 80) if you bought a drink with alcohol in it. Like they card matter what you look matter how much gray hair my area anyway. With that said, I personally don't drink energy drinks because (1) they taste awful to me (2) I'm not sure how healthy they are for me and (3) I seriously don't need more caffeine - again, that's just my personal preference for me. Your mileage may vary and you might love them.
  7. Great great great post...great post. Thank you for sharing that very valuable insight.
  8. I've had it for so long...I don't remember not having it. Sometimes it gets louder, sometimes softer...sometimes I think it goes away. I think allergies make it worse. I don't know. It's just there. It's amazing what we can get used to, I guess. Others in my family have it as well. One of my best friends has it too. I think it's pretty common. I have it right now. Didn't notice it until I read your post. 😊
  9. So this is a new one...or a sorta new one. You know like when you bite into a really hot and delish pizza slice? It's sooooo good...but it's so hot it burns the gum between your two front teeth and right behind it. It usually hurts for a day or so and then goes away right? Well, I have that feeling but worse. Here's the story...and sadly it does NOT involve pizza. So I love ginger ale...and I don't mean the ginger ale like you get in the grocery store that doesn't actually have any ginger in it...I mean the real stuff, with raw ginger floating around in it. It burns your mouth and lips and throat if it has real ginger in it. Yet, it is so good. Anyhow, it also takes away pain...or at least it does for me. Now kids, if you have pain, don't try this at home. You see, I have arthritis...and lately it's been acting I've had a little more than my usual real ginger, ginger ale and I think that's what has caused this burning feeling in the gums in that specific area. It was really bad yesterday...almost couldn't sleep. It still hurts today...a lot...but is better. I will never ever ever drink that delicious ginger ale's not worth it. It all seems clear, of course, I have cause and an effect to fall back on... but alas, I googled. Sigh... Words of encouragement would really help about now...if you have them.
  10. Honestly I've had it off and on for years in different places all over my body. Sometimes it goes away for months (or years). A doctor once told me the following "really bad things don't come and go, they get worse." So I hold onto that. I hope that will help you too.
  11. Well, I just came on here because I'm having the exact same symptoms and voila...your post and the responses just came up. least you know you are not alone.
  12. Lots of prayers and good thoughts for your upcoming appt. The waiting is the hardest part. We're here if you need us.
  13. First of all...hello and then second, hang in there. Headaches are most often just headaches. Our thoughts are usually just thoughts. Easier for someone from the outside looking in to say, I know...because I've done my fair share of spiraling...esp lately. I wonder if a strong cup of coffee wouldn't help? Check with your doctor first of course but caffeine can often times makes headaches better - just a thought. Keep us posted.
  14. All clear. Thank God. Thanks for helping me through this.
  15. Thanks for checking on me MARC . sTeaLth was absolutely correct. The measures being taken at doctors' offices are incredible. COVID-wise. I felt that they went above and beyond to keep everyone safe. I held onto sTeaLth's comment to get me through the day. You have no idea how much you helped me, sTeaLth. Now I'm waiting on mammo results...which is always grueling. I second guess anything the technician says and's truly awful. They took extra pics of one side...which they have done numerous times before...sometimes it's the right, other times it's the left. Who knows. I wish there was a way to make the waiting shorter. AND...then my blood pressure was a tad high as well...but the doctor chalked it up to anxiety....I was visibly shaking. However, I am proud of myself for doing the best I can to take care of myself even when I have to muster every ounce of strength to do so. One thing is for sure, once this is all over and done...hopefully with good news...I have to find a way to get a hold of myself. Normal people don't live like this. I have to stop this. Thank you both, again, for commenting and caring.