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  1. @Bobnnat @bin_tenn thank you for takin the time to reply. I know it’s extremely unlikely I just worry about that like .1 percent possibility. I appreciate the feedback.
  2. Alright so I am still anxious about the same issue. I have had a lot of weird shooting pain feelings in my throat and also have been to the doctor a couple times for throat worries. My doctor said at first it was cobblestone which makes sense because I have constant post nasal drip as well as Gerd. Also my tonsils are swollen I am only 19 and can't shake the fear of throat cancer. I will attached a picture of my throat later when I can I'm going back to the doc next week. If it were you would you be freaking out or am I overreacting. I have a bump looking thing on my tonsillar pillar. Can post nasal drip affect that part of your throat?
  3. @AbeLinkedIn @bin_tenn Thank you both for your replies it helps to know I'm not the only one who's stressin on stuff. A few years back i had a benign growth on my gum and ever since then I've been extremely aware of my mouth I think. I appreciate your replies and best of luck to you guys.
  4. I am 19 years old and have always struggled with health anxiety. Lately I have been struggling with gerd and digestive issues. Recently I noticed a small bump on my tonsillar pillar and i have been freakin out of course. I have a sore throat as well as a swollen lymph node on that side. I have sent my doctor pictures of it and seen her in person. she says it is fine but i am still worried because of the discomfort I have had. Google tells me I'm dying. I am very health conscious and take very good care of myself. No smoking or drinking.