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  1. An ear (tympanic) temperature is 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature. An armpit (axillary) temperature is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. I had temperature anxiety as well regarding COVID. Take note, you *will* go slightly above 98.6 typically in the late afternoon to early evening. I sometimes have temperatures of 98.6 - 99.0 during this time and sometimes if I'm not careful about my health anxiety i can make myself think I'm running a mild fever. So depending on the time of day, consider the fact that taking it in the ear (+1 F) plus taking it late in the day (+0.5) and it makes sense your wife reads 100F. If your wife isn't experiencing any other flu/fever symptoms she should be ok, especially if you do the ear temperature.
  2. You've still taken way better care of your body than I have. I think I gained like.. 10-15 lbs since the beginning of the pandemic due to all this stress. Logically a lot of the problems I've been having is due to things that I can easily point a finger at. But you know how it goes, the HA brain doesn't think rationally. My dad had his knee replacement surgery today and my anxiety about how I'm going to help him when my joints are hurting/clicking is just adding to the stress. I saw my psychologist on Saturday, and she actually recommended that I take the lowest, smallest dose of some sort of anti-anxiety medication (I have some leftover clonezapam) as soon as you see the "early signs" of a panic/HA flare episode and that she will work on me with improving other aspects of my life so I don't have to be dependent on using things like CBT when my anxiety hits its peak. It's an interesting philosophy because I pressed pretty hard into her opinion on CBT and she said that she is of the professional opinion that CBT can be an effective treatment but she believes in minimizing the chances of needing CBT in the *first* place. This psychologist has helped manage a lot of my worries in life the past year so I am going to take some trust in her opinion. I am still worried about my rheumatologist visit tomorrow but I'm not a mess like I was on Friday I forced myself to lay off Google, I also forced myself to lay off consuming news - I think all this political mayhem has been a force multiplier for my anxiety as well.
  3. I guess what's scary is how the health issues give you a reminder. I'm trying to not think about it but I get reminded every time I get up from my chair. I made a log today of everything I went through since February (since I've had a host of other small health issues starting then). It's all kinds of "signs" that I think I shouldn't have been ignoring, but at the same time there's so many logical reasons as to why I have these problems: I'm rather overweight, which puts strain on my body. I sit at my computer for 8 hours a day for work and spend 2-3 hours after work doing stuff. When I end the day to sleep, I'm on my phone and I hold it sideways and move my body to one side (think of a side sleeper) - that is very bad for your arms and shoulder blades. I haven't changed these behaviors even after seeing the PT, but i thought I was getting better in November/early December. I feel like I'm having some sort of addiction I can't shake that by admitting these issues. I know what the problem is, but I can't help myself and I'm sure it's frustrating the people I'm telling because I know what the solution should be but I'm not listening. I booked an appointment with my psychologist tomorrow but my mind is just wandering already. Did you have my joint clicking issues? I guess my worries is how these simple joint issues isn't just simple overuse/neglect, but rather what I was worrying about in the first post. My mind is already going into the catastrophic thinking stage when I know we don't know. I should be focusing on what I can control, not what I can't. I will be seeing a rheumetologist on Tuesday so I can get this straightened out, but until then, you know how us HA sufferers are. Life essentially comes to a stand still until you see the doctor, then it comes to a standstill until after the tests are done, then well, you get the point.
  4. Thank you, yeah, I guess for me I'm just scared because it just happened rather suddenly. One day I'm ok and next day I woke up with everything clicking. I guess my anxiety levels have also been at high levels because my dad is getting knee replacement surgery on Monday and I have no mental plan on how my sister and I will coordinate taking care of him because we both have to work. I just made things worse for myself because I have psoriasis, like pretty bad scalp psoriasis and psoriasis on the face and ears, so I looked up psoriasis and saw some on my knee and now my mind is doing that catastrophic thinking again with psoriatic arthritis. Of course Google reaffirmed all my symptoms as well. I just drove myself crazy - I can't stop Googling, my brain is already going down these paths I know I should not be going down. My brain is now focusing on the little pains I have, every click I hear just reaffirms my catastrophic thinking. I can't concentrate at work and I lost my appetite. It's frustrating because I know what the symptoms of excessive health anxiety are - I am experiencing it right now. I don't want to eat, I can't concentrate, I have a headache, my breathing is shallow, I feel dizzy. It's like i forgot all of my CBT training worrying about this. 😞
  5. Hi everyone. Hope you had a good New Year's. I've been dealing with chronic muscle tightness and fatigue in my arms and legs, and wrists. I do a lot of sitting down at home and work. I've been seeing a physical therapist for most of this, but I've noticed since around the last week of 2020 that things went from being rather tight/sore/fatigued to "clicking". My PT even heard some of the clicking from my left knee. I feel clicking in my shoulder blades, upper biceps, where my upper arms meet my shoulders, a little bit in my wrists, knees, in the area where my thighs meet my buttocks, a little bit in my hips, and my neck. For everywhere but my knees, the clicking has no pain, but it's bothering me. The knees have already been diagnosed with this condition called chondromalacia patella (runner's knee - common in younger folks, and you don't have to just be a runner to have it, treatable but annoying) but everywhere else... Dr. Google has told me all sorts of things, and I keep telling myself to just read the most common things instead of making it worse. Some of this clicking is audible to people around me. All this is accompanied by chronic lumbar lower back pain as well. I'm 37, quite a bit overweight, male. My irrational mind is already thinking of all these rheumatological/immune-related diseases & orthopedic conditions instead of logically thinking "you're young, most of this is self inflicted, you're sitting too much and this is the result of years of too much sedentary activity and no muscle conditioning/stretching". Has anyone had this excessive clicking?
  6. From what I googled about this, it looks like they CAN heal over time, you just have to follow the treatment plan your doctors have for you. So have faith, you'll only get better in the long run!
  7. Easiest way to keep those triggers controlled is to just stick to PMs. So glad to see you again Holls!
  8. GERD isn't a scary life threatening condition. It's an irritating condition that can be easily managed with medication and diet changes. My ENT couldn't diagnose me for GERD, I had to go to a gastro and they did an endoscopy. The procedure is really quick! What kinda medications are you getting?
  9. Thank you... had my A1cg test done... it was clear. I'm going to the Physical therapist more often now to have my muscle issues addressed. PT suspects the burning I feel is due to muscle knots irritating my nerves. Health anxiety is a beast...
  10. So I'm quite overweight, 36 yrs old, male. For the past 5-7 months I've been dealing with a constellation of weird symptoms. Since February, burning when I pee and some incontinence (burning sensation when I get that incontinence). Seen urologist about this and he did blood tests and urine samples that didn't show any kind of UTI or anything like that. Since July, my eyes end up getting these weird spots if I go from dark to light or back. You know how you get a camera flash? Yeah those weird spots. Burning nerve pain up the side of my forearms. I *have* been playing mobile games a lot (usually for 30 minutes - 1 hr a day before I go to bed) and I started going pretty hard at it since October. Weird numbness on just my right thumb and forefinger. Feeling of warmth/nerve burning pain on left side of left calf - sometimes extends down to my feet. Slightly less painful version of it on my right side leg as well. Dr. Google told me my "peripheral neuropathy" might be due to diabetes (I'm overweight and have some comorbidities that I am managing). Haven't had my blood sugar tested in awhile but my last test from 2019 May said my A1cg was fine. I've been dealing with really bad lower back pain since April so I'm wondering if this is a spine issue - some sort of pinched nerve or something and if the pain/burning I'm feeling in my arms is due to overuse using my phone. I'm going to MinuteClinic right now to get tested but I feel like a nervous wreck... please wish me luck.
  11. I'm curious as well. As long as you get checkups (as required by the gastro doctor, every 5-10 years depending on what's found) you shouldn't be too worried. One thing I learned after I got my colonoscopy was it grows *really* slowly, and as long as you have periodic screenings you can usually nip it in the bud before it gets bad.
  12. There are mental health places you can go to that I believe are free or low cost (does not mean low quality). I know how you feel, I'm going through my latest health anxiety flare up (I've been having severe painful burning nerve pain in my forearms and calves, only there - nowhere else, also accompanied by bad lower back pain) and my brain refuses to tell me that yes, it's most likely bad habits (sitting too much, not getting enough exercise for my legs) rather than you know... the other scary stuff we worry about. I need to put a giant sign on my monitor that says "DON'T GOOGLE YOUR SYMPTOMS, ASK A DOCTOR FIRST". And yeah, just like you the symptoms last 2-3 weeks at most and they eventually go away. I was having major fears about my sinus issues (which I've had for years) being something else, and after I put myself back on my sinus medicine it eventually went away. You almost forget you were worrying about those symptoms... Until they come back a month or two or a year later. It's an endless loop if you don't have a means to treat the mental blocks that are causing you to revert back to HA worries.
  13. Hi Gia, how are you doing now that you started therapy? Are you taking anything for your HA?
  14. Hi all. My arms and legs seem to be having issues with lactic acid-like burning in them. I'll copy over what I posted on NMP, I'm worried I might have something and I just want to know if anyone else had to deal with this type of lactic acid burning that happens easily without exercising. I'm seeing a neurologist but he's only going to be available next Friday (17) so it's a long wait. Wish I could see him earlier but he's booked unfortunately. ---- So sorry this is long, really could use some help, I've been having trouble sleeping over all this. I'm worried I have something called myasthenia gravis. I've been having problems with a weak lower back for a good couple years. I spend most of my time at home and work in front of a computer. I'm imagining that isn't good for me. I try to do what I can to support my lower back but I guess it's not enough. Anyway, in the middle of April, I was taking a shower, and when I reached for something outside the shower I slightly slipped, and when I had that slip, my entire body kinda did this funky split and slight twist. I didn't fall down, but that didn't feel too good. My left leg was outside of the tub and my right leg was inside the tub and the only thing that kept me falling down was that my right leg hit the other side of the tub to stop the small split from turning into a real one. Next day, I wake up and my lower back ends up being super fatigued. The entire day I could not stand up for more than a few minutes without my back fatiguing. I'd have to constantly shift my position to take the weight off my back so it wouldn't tire so quickly. As the days moved on, the back fatigue got pretty bad, and I had a really hard time turning my hips to - er - wipe myself in the bathroom. I'd end up stretching and feel all sorts of things cracking. It was not fun. What's worse, I started getting pain in my butt area (piriformis) and both my legs would start to fatigue. Not only would my back fatigue, but my butt muscles and my thighs and calves would fatigue as well. Went to the PCP about it and she told me I need to either go to a chiropractor or physical therapist for my lower back. Went to the chiropractor and he said my leg fatigue was coming from my weak back - all of it is connected - because the back muscles are weak, it puts strain on the leg muscles. Some cracking and massage therapy and I'm doing a little better, but in the middle of all this, I also started getting issues with my arms. I've been kinda addicted to a mobile game that takes 1-2 hours a day to play (started in October). I usually play it in the morning or at night on my bed, so I have my phone held sideways to do it, arms held out with a pillow between my arms for support while lying on my side. Maybe in March or April I've also started feeling some pain and stiffness in my arms from doing this, so I let off for a couple weeks, went back on in early May, stiffness was there, pain is gone, but later in the month I noticed now my arms would fatigue. Initially it was the bicep area, but now it's moved to the forearms and parts of my hands and wrists (not my fingers, thankfully). Again, the fatigue feels a lot like the fatigue I feel in my legs - lactic acid buildup, burning pain (not nerve pain though). No weakness of the arms or legs - I can still do normal activities, just not for long periods of time due to the . Alongside all this, I've also had this feeling like the back of my throat is "lazy" - like as though there's post-nasal drip from my nonallergic rhinitis going in there and messing things up. I'd have these episodes where I'd have difficulty swallowing (my throat would tense up) and on occasion I would randomly choke/gag on things, including my saliva. I talked to my ENT about this and she said I have an overactive gag reflex, which I think I knew for awhile and that most of what I'm feeling is from post-nasal drip. I'd get weird breathing issues as well where I find myself taking deep breaths every 10-20 minutes because I feel like I didn't breathe in enough oxygen. On 7/3 and 7/4 cleaning up my bed mattress because my friend's pet peed all over it, lots of heaving around a vacuum and driving and moving around to clean it (lots of baking powder, white vinegar, and swearing and cursing involved). After all this my arm fatigue got worse, and my leg fatigue has come back even though I visited the chiropractor last Saturday. I've also had to start taking this medication called ciprofloxacin for an infection in my lower half of my body - I started on 7/3 and 7/5 is about when this weird fatigue started happening, which apparently cipro can exacerbate if the patient supposedly has this myasthenia gravis condition Then of course, I look at the mirror and I wonder if my eyelids are both drooping if I'm just seeing things, as I've had issues with my vision. Then of course, today my throat gets tired from swallowing things (I had this happen a few months ago as well). You can see how much of a feedback loop I'm in. The one thing that I'm trying to tell myself is that the lactic acid feeling I have is due to extremely stressed/strained arm and leg muscles due to my lower back and my mobile gaming, and I'm trying to tell myself that it's more likely I have these other conditions that may be just anxillary due to my health anxiety.. but it's so hard to convince myself. I don't have muscle weakness and I'm still able to talk (another symptom of this condition), but this burning sensation makes it really hard to get work done - it's like I have lactic acid everywhere. I'm also trying to remind myself that this condition only presents in women younger than 40 and men older than 50 - I'm a 36 yo male, but these symptoms are getting tough to deal with. The burning sensation isn't very pleasant, for sure. By taking the cipro I'm wondering if I had a latent condition I just made worse by taking it or if my brain is just firing off into "worst case scenario mode" like it usually does... so frustrating. Anyone who has experience with this would be appreciated.
  15. Late reply but I also have GERD! What medication are you taking to control it? My GI gave me Omeprazole XL (it lasts the entire day so I don't have to take it twice). To "fight" GERD there is a list of foods you should *avoid*, but I don't have it on me. Certain foods seem to aggravate GERD. Does any of the OTCs help? If you take Prilosec like I do (it's called Omeprazole as a generic) maybe you'd do better with Nexium? Stuff like Pepcid AC, Mylanta, etc. are H2 inhibitors may not be as effective at treating GERD. You may need PPIs - which are available OTC as either Prilosec or Nexium. There's prescription-only PPIs as well, I'm assuming you're on one of those?