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  1. Just to give yourself peace of mind it would be a good idea to see the doctor. Not saying you have anything, but for your own mental well being. By the way, to make you feel a little better (I guess?), that migraine means you probably got the Omicron variant. That's the milder variant and it will render you immune to future Omicron infections and make you even more resilient to the Delta variant.
  2. Yeah, I didn't think you had to mention them all lol. Least you sort of have a knowledge pool to pull from.
  3. Yeah, so that kinda matches up with what I'm saying. I just hope we find a cure for it in the future or at least make it manageable like MS is. You seem to have a lot of experience with folks who dealt with all kinds of health issues, MARC, including yourself huh?
  4. You're not alone. My latest HA flare started in mid October and it hasn't gotten better since then. In fact it's gotten much worse and I'm mentally drained from having to deal with it so much. I've dragged myself into thinking I have all kinds of scary things and I've been consistently wrong, yet I'm still worried because WHAT IF, you know? Do note that this is a climb up a mountain. It won't be a straight line up, you'll have a few ups and downs and setbacks, but it doesn't mean you screwed up, it just means you have to keep persisting.
  5. Just a heads up, according to that post I linked from FIshmanpa, it is indeed something that suddenly stops working or suddenly works at like a fraction of its capacity. One thing I've learned is a lot of my tremor/twitching/weakness issues come from overused muscles/tendons - when they're overused it causes other muscles and tendons connected to it to fatigue and the "wrong" muscles" end up having to compensate for it. That's how some people end up feeling kinda "off" when they deal with muscle issues. Something is worn out/worn down/inflamed and it's time to have a physical therapist or someone who is familiar with sports medicine to take a look at it.
  6. Man I know that feeling - it feels like the world has gone upside-down in a handbasket.
  7. I'd like to point to a sticky on No More Panic about this, as this condition is a very common fear among HA sufferers:! The Fishmanpa guy is a veteran there and he's a "tough love" sorta guy so he's kinda abrasive, but this post helped me get over my fear. The way he words it is kinda tough for us HA types because he doesn't sugar coat it, but since you went to the Neuro, and he cleared you from his neuro exams (I go to a neuro as well to manage another neuro condition that is annoying but not life changing (not gonna write it here so as to not freak you out)) and he does all kinds of interesting things - makes you push/pull against him, etc. If he did those tests + the clean EMG and he didn't say anything is odd, then you are definitely good to go. Take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays!
  8. Welcome back Holls, and congratulations on your kid! My sister is 36 and having one as well, so I know how interesting it can be at that age. Lots of precautions to take and having to be careful. Don't want to trigger things so I'll say it this, you are *way* safer flying in a plane than you are driving your way to Florida. I have the same fears of flying as well too, even for short trips of 30-40 minutes. I think it's part of the reason why I don't take that many trips as well. Site is going on as always, health anxiety is always a beast that is difficult to tame. Hope you got your HA under control as well.
  9. Whatever you do, do not Google, it really makes things worse for people like us. There's those rare cases that are on Google that make frontpage news, and that's why those cases hit frontpage news, because they get the clicks. If you're worried, try call your neuro's office and have him/her call you and have a list of questions prepared, that way you take care of all your HA question issues and can check all of them off one by one. That way you don't have the "oh no, I forgot to ask him/her something!" mindset.
  10. Thanks for the response Ironman. I'm going to see an ENT about it today and knock on wood but I hope the same. I've read it might be TMD/TMJ, and even though that may suck, at least it's something I can deal with. Wish me luck.
  11. I know this is very tough for you, but like Ironman said, you'll have to talk to your doctor about it. This does mean you need to work on all the stuff that may be causing this - the usual, exercise, diet, etc. They will do their best to help you deal with it. I don't think you have to be 100% vigilant but that is the reason why meds exist - you'll probably have to take maintenance meds like a blood pressure med and an anti-cholesterol med. As you realized, Google is THE WORST thing to do when they tell you about your condition - it is better you talk directly to your doctor, have your doctor call you if you have questions/are worried. Google will send you down a rabbit hole. I do suggest therapy though, they will help you get it all off your mind and help you deal with this.
  12. I sort of remember this thread, I wish I could've followed my own advice 9 months ago. I've convinced myself I've had all kinds of brain injuries from tapping my head against things, "c" of the stomach, colon, rectal, throat, oral, pink eye, etc. Something going on with my sinuses or throat, all sorts of things. I *think* I have TMJ/TMD but I got no idea, I will try to get an answer today from a new ENT. So frustrating.
  13. Asking my brother in law a bit more about his adverse reaction, I will now disclose - it was really bad diarrhea that lasted a good week. Doctors think the booster might have messed up his gut bacteria/fauna or whatever and that's why his digestive system was rejecting everything he ate. But like I said, after a week and a few days afterwards, he recovered. Saw him this past Thanksgiving (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!) and he was 100% back in shape. Flu vaccine wise, I got it back in September. Was a quick jab, sore arm for a couple days and that was it. A flu jab I got several months years ago left me with a REALLY sore arm for like a week. That wasn't fun, but subsequent yearly flu jabs were no problem.
  14. Update on my brother, he's doing better. They don't know what caused his adverse reaction, but they did a bunch of tests on him and he didn't have to take up a medicine - whatever happened on Thursday cleared up for him by the time I got to see him this past Sunday. He's about 90-95% now, but now he's wondering what he'll have to do for the next booster.