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  1. Hi Gia, how are you doing now that you started therapy? Are you taking anything for your HA?
  2. Hi all. My arms and legs seem to be having issues with lactic acid-like burning in them. I'll copy over what I posted on NMP, I'm worried I might have something and I just want to know if anyone else had to deal with this type of lactic acid burning that happens easily without exercising. I'm seeing a neurologist but he's only going to be available next Friday (17) so it's a long wait. Wish I could see him earlier but he's booked unfortunately. ---- So sorry this is long, really could use some help, I've been having trouble sleeping over all this. I'm worried I have something called myasthenia gravis. I've been having problems with a weak lower back for a good couple years. I spend most of my time at home and work in front of a computer. I'm imagining that isn't good for me. I try to do what I can to support my lower back but I guess it's not enough. Anyway, in the middle of April, I was taking a shower, and when I reached for something outside the shower I slightly slipped, and when I had that slip, my entire body kinda did this funky split and slight twist. I didn't fall down, but that didn't feel too good. My left leg was outside of the tub and my right leg was inside the tub and the only thing that kept me falling down was that my right leg hit the other side of the tub to stop the small split from turning into a real one. Next day, I wake up and my lower back ends up being super fatigued. The entire day I could not stand up for more than a few minutes without my back fatiguing. I'd have to constantly shift my position to take the weight off my back so it wouldn't tire so quickly. As the days moved on, the back fatigue got pretty bad, and I had a really hard time turning my hips to - er - wipe myself in the bathroom. I'd end up stretching and feel all sorts of things cracking. It was not fun. What's worse, I started getting pain in my butt area (piriformis) and both my legs would start to fatigue. Not only would my back fatigue, but my butt muscles and my thighs and calves would fatigue as well. Went to the PCP about it and she told me I need to either go to a chiropractor or physical therapist for my lower back. Went to the chiropractor and he said my leg fatigue was coming from my weak back - all of it is connected - because the back muscles are weak, it puts strain on the leg muscles. Some cracking and massage therapy and I'm doing a little better, but in the middle of all this, I also started getting issues with my arms. I've been kinda addicted to a mobile game that takes 1-2 hours a day to play (started in October). I usually play it in the morning or at night on my bed, so I have my phone held sideways to do it, arms held out with a pillow between my arms for support while lying on my side. Maybe in March or April I've also started feeling some pain and stiffness in my arms from doing this, so I let off for a couple weeks, went back on in early May, stiffness was there, pain is gone, but later in the month I noticed now my arms would fatigue. Initially it was the bicep area, but now it's moved to the forearms and parts of my hands and wrists (not my fingers, thankfully). Again, the fatigue feels a lot like the fatigue I feel in my legs - lactic acid buildup, burning pain (not nerve pain though). No weakness of the arms or legs - I can still do normal activities, just not for long periods of time due to the . Alongside all this, I've also had this feeling like the back of my throat is "lazy" - like as though there's post-nasal drip from my nonallergic rhinitis going in there and messing things up. I'd have these episodes where I'd have difficulty swallowing (my throat would tense up) and on occasion I would randomly choke/gag on things, including my saliva. I talked to my ENT about this and she said I have an overactive gag reflex, which I think I knew for awhile and that most of what I'm feeling is from post-nasal drip. I'd get weird breathing issues as well where I find myself taking deep breaths every 10-20 minutes because I feel like I didn't breathe in enough oxygen. On 7/3 and 7/4 cleaning up my bed mattress because my friend's pet peed all over it, lots of heaving around a vacuum and driving and moving around to clean it (lots of baking powder, white vinegar, and swearing and cursing involved). After all this my arm fatigue got worse, and my leg fatigue has come back even though I visited the chiropractor last Saturday. I've also had to start taking this medication called ciprofloxacin for an infection in my lower half of my body - I started on 7/3 and 7/5 is about when this weird fatigue started happening, which apparently cipro can exacerbate if the patient supposedly has this myasthenia gravis condition Then of course, I look at the mirror and I wonder if my eyelids are both drooping if I'm just seeing things, as I've had issues with my vision. Then of course, today my throat gets tired from swallowing things (I had this happen a few months ago as well). You can see how much of a feedback loop I'm in. The one thing that I'm trying to tell myself is that the lactic acid feeling I have is due to extremely stressed/strained arm and leg muscles due to my lower back and my mobile gaming, and I'm trying to tell myself that it's more likely I have these other conditions that may be just anxillary due to my health anxiety.. but it's so hard to convince myself. I don't have muscle weakness and I'm still able to talk (another symptom of this condition), but this burning sensation makes it really hard to get work done - it's like I have lactic acid everywhere. I'm also trying to remind myself that this condition only presents in women younger than 40 and men older than 50 - I'm a 36 yo male, but these symptoms are getting tough to deal with. The burning sensation isn't very pleasant, for sure. By taking the cipro I'm wondering if I had a latent condition I just made worse by taking it or if my brain is just firing off into "worst case scenario mode" like it usually does... so frustrating. Anyone who has experience with this would be appreciated.
  3. Late reply but I also have GERD! What medication are you taking to control it? My GI gave me Omeprazole XL (it lasts the entire day so I don't have to take it twice). To "fight" GERD there is a list of foods you should *avoid*, but I don't have it on me. Certain foods seem to aggravate GERD. Does any of the OTCs help? If you take Prilosec like I do (it's called Omeprazole as a generic) maybe you'd do better with Nexium? Stuff like Pepcid AC, Mylanta, etc. are H2 inhibitors may not be as effective at treating GERD. You may need PPIs - which are available OTC as either Prilosec or Nexium. There's prescription-only PPIs as well, I'm assuming you're on one of those?
  4. So i know "fatigue" seems to be a very general symptom which is a common symptom those of us with anxiety deal with often and is used to describe all sorts of things, but I still don't know what it exactly *is*. What forms of fatigue are there? What is the clinical definition of fatigue? Is being sleepy/drowsy all the time fatigue? Is "muscle fatigue/perceived weakness" from overusing muscles fatigue? Is not feeling like doing anything fatigue? Is fatigue that feeling you get when you get the flu and just don't want to get out of bed/unable to move? Fatigue could mean a million different things so I'm wondering if we're all just using the wrong definition of it to describe our symptoms. For example, I thought fatigue and drowsiness/sleepiness is the same, but I've learned recently that excessive sleepiness (which is what I suffer) is not fatigue, but its own issue with its own reasons for happening. Excessive sleepiness could *cause* fatigue, but it is not fatigue. Is there a "measure" to fatigue? How does a doctor determine you *are* suffering from fatigue?
  5. I hate to self-bump a post, but I noticed a new string of posts worrying about twitching, so I'm double-posting here to bring this to the front so people who may have missed it originally can take a look at this.
  6. I've had a back molar removed. It was really painless (the whole tooth came out at once) and I just had to bite into this napkin for a good 4 or 5 hours, then after one day it was almost back to normal. I hope you're doing well. :) Better to take care of it now before it becomes a problem later, right?
  7. I will also be wishing your SO the best. Put it this way, if you haven't gotten a word from the doctor today, then I'd say that's good news, knock on wood. It does sound like you folks are nipping it in the bud at least - I mean, she waited, but it's not like she waited 1 year - something like ovarian I heard is *really* aggressive. Take care of yourself. We'll be all here for you to support you.
  8. How's your SO taking it? Are the symptoms supposed to get worse in that timespan? It sounds like they're trying to nip it early in the bud before it becomes a huge issue later on? Sounds like you're in good hands with the doctors being proactive?
  9. Yeah Holls, I did a little bit more NMP/A-Central research. I've realized I think I might have GERD, because a lot of the symptoms I'm having matches that - I feel like my throat is tightening up when I lie down and get these bouts of shortness of breath, which is related to GERD. I've been forced awake a couple times the past two years having to cough out vomit (it was very small amounts). I constantly feel this "gurgling" feeling in my stomach - it's the gurgle you get from being hungry, but I'm not hungry. I've noticed if I eat food then that weak/lightheaded feeling is alleviated. I focused strictly on GERD in my searches and only to people on these types of forums and it's helped. I'm going to ask my doctor about it. It can be treated and nothing to have major health anxiety over as long as you have it monitored. Sometimes just thinking these things through helps, it seems.
  10. Something for you all who are worried about twitches around your feet. I started having this weird muscle twitch on my left foot. I don't know what it's called, but it's on the left side of the flat part of the foot, at the midpoint of the edge where it creates a curve. Anyway, the past few months I've been having twitches happen in this specific area accompanied with some nerve zaps I was having all over my body. Thought I had MS or ALS or something neurological. A few months later, I felt pain near that area, then it occurred to me. I had a foot sprain in that area many months ago. My foot stepped on a small speed bump sorta structure the wrong way and it "curved" that way which led to a painful sprain. The pain went away, but it never occurred to me that it may have left something behind in that area. My body's probably trying to remind me to get that looked at, which I will once I can see a PT and get an X-ray in that area. If you previously had an injury in an area and now you're getting muscle twitches around there, even if the area has healed or the pain is gone, your muscles/joints/ligaments around there might still be inflamed. Have your doc look at it and get it nipped in the bud folks!
  11. Tell an alcoholic to "just stop drinking" or a smoker to "just stop smoking" and see how well it works for them. You don't force these people to quit cold turkey, that's almost guaranteed to fail for them. The whole reason why you tell people to do the site: thing is it allows you to curb your desire to Google a symptom but also to find reassurance that there are people out there who went through the exact same experiences as you. It prevents you from feeding into your anxiety while also keeping that addictive part of your psyche at bay. It's the "nicotine patch" for us HA sufferers. Using the site: hack is a good way to slowly stop yourself from feeling compelled to Google - it's part of what you should do to EVENTUALLY not feel that need to do it in the first place,. At the very least this is better than just plain old Googling symptoms and worrying yourself sick.
  12. So if you do want a less-tailored more "generic" search, search in Incognito/private browsing mode so they can't use your previous search history as a base. And like I said, maybe stick to HA-related sites so you can see that you aren't alone in your worries. :)
  13. There is a really good post on NMP about this.! Read this and focus on it, don't get distracted by all the other threads there. TL;DR - if your neuro thought you had it, he or she would've said so and be way more concerned and not schedule an EMG for next month. As supplementary materials, read these two stickies:!!!-quot Also read the symptom list here on this very forum. Yes, anxiety is that crazy and it can affect anyone, not just anxiety-prone people like me.
  14. It's a bit of both, it's our fault, but it is also Google's fault. If you look up "nerve pain" or "twitching" for some reason MS comes up as an initial result. Instead of websites saying "Common causes of (x) are" it's just societies and support groups coming up, which is great for people who have been diagnosed, but not good for health anxiety sufferers. Protip, if you want to look this stuff up without subjecting yourself to Dr. Google freaking you out, add or when you do your search term So something like twitching will only search this site and you'll avoid all the other sites that pop up that will freak you out. It's the next best thing to Googling without - well - Googling yourself into anxiety.
  15. I'd like to add to the crowd that TMJ is definitely a thing and can be managed. If you have crazy health anxiety like we do we unconsciously clamp our jaw down as almost a form of "comfort" mechanism. You could even be doing it in your sleep (it's called bruxism). I visited the dentist for this and had them do a 3D CT scan of my jaw (it's sort of like an MRI but they go around your head in a circle and it's really fast). Luckily for me, the jaw joint was ok but she did notice evidence that I've been biting down on my teeth for *many* years (she said there's a part of the skull that grows slightly differently if you've been doing it for a long time). She also pressed on several points around my chin and they were very sore, so she knew that all my issues were muscle-related. If you really are worried about your jaw, see your dentist - they have the resources to take a look. TMJ issues can cause weird "radial pain" (where pain from the jaw joint can "radiate" out towards the rest of your head and cause sensations elsewhere).