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  1. Asking my brother in law a bit more about his adverse reaction, I will now disclose - it was really bad diarrhea that lasted a good week. Doctors think the booster might have messed up his gut bacteria/fauna or whatever and that's why his digestive system was rejecting everything he ate. But like I said, after a week and a few days afterwards, he recovered. Saw him this past Thanksgiving (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!) and he was 100% back in shape. Flu vaccine wise, I got it back in September. Was a quick jab, sore arm for a couple days and that was it. A flu jab I got several months years ago left me with a REALLY sore arm for like a week. That wasn't fun, but subsequent yearly flu jabs were no problem.
  2. Update on my brother, he's doing better. They don't know what caused his adverse reaction, but they did a bunch of tests on him and he didn't have to take up a medicine - whatever happened on Thursday cleared up for him by the time I got to see him this past Sunday. He's about 90-95% now, but now he's wondering what he'll have to do for the next booster.
  3. Hi all, this is a followup to my other post: The tenderness that was in that one spot near my throat is now along the sides of my neck, and when I sleep if I use a hug pillow I can feel the tenderness in the "meaty" part underneath my jaw. Oddly enough I can feel some of that tenderness/nerve pain near my shoulder joint. My health anxiety is spiraling now. I've resisted hard not to look up Google (and when I did, I used nomorepanic and this website) and ignored as many posts about lymph nodes as possible. Does anyone know what is causing this?
  4. What you went through is what some hypochondriacs worry about. That hospital visit or visit to urgent care where you know there is something going on and that you are sure you're absolutely right. Only to be proven completely wrong. I've resisted multiple urges to go to the Urgent Care this past week because of my hypochondria.
  5. I had an upper endoscopy done on Saturday, went pretty well. Woke up on Sunday, and on my right side, the area directly below where most people get that TMD/TMJ was sore. Called the gastro place that did the EGD, they said because of my higher BMI they had to manipulate my jaw when they gave me air so it might be sore for awhile. My jaw on the right side has clicked for awhile as well before the EGD. My soreness wasn't where the actual joint is, but it was a little bit below that. Of course having HA, I thought the worst, went to an Urgent Care (kinda like a GP who can see you immediately), they checked around and found nothing and also said it might have been the jaw issue from the EGD. Fast forward a few days later. It's 11/18, I'm having some HA about my hemorrhoids - wake up at 3:50 AM in the middle of the night, go back to bed, lay in bed for awhile, then I notice when I swallow or I manipulate my throat a certain way (like trying to sneer on the right side) I feel some sort of pain It's kinda hard to spot - it's like a spot to the right of where the beginning of the throat is. For us anxious people, you know there might be some nodes there as well, but I did my best not to poke around - I had my PCP check last Friday and that Urgent Care doc check this past Sunday. My entire jawline has been generally pretty sore and sensitive the past week and I'm guessing poking at the jawline (not the nodes) has made things a bit worse - just wondering if anyone else has this weird sensation. I've seen threads on here about it but nobody seems to come back after they have it checked out or have any idea what's causing it. I've seen it described as a "charley horse" on the neck but I don't know if that describes me - mine feels more like a form of muscle pain. Any ideas? I'm assuming it's just some muscles that are sore and possibly a TMJ/TMD I have to get looked at, but I was wondering if anyone is familiar with going through something like this.
  6. Wow, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. So glad you made it through - that's the kind of stuff I am legit worried about and I can't imagine how high your HA was through all that. Did your HA stick around after the docs cleared you or was it alleviated after all the scans and tests?
  7. My EMT paramedic brother in law got the Moderna booster on Thursday. I had a long post written up but I don't want to give too many details as I don't want to possibly trigger folks. I'll just say my brother in law got some hard reactions from the Moderna booster, despite the first two shots not being a big deal for him. He got his shot on Thursday - it's Wednesday and he's still dealing with side effects from the vaccination. He's gotten better, but it's still a bit of a recovery period for him. There needs to be open and frank discussion about why this happens. I'm overweight, got the J&J booster and had no problems. My father got the Pfizer booster - no problems. My sister is pregnant right now and does not want to get the booster for that reason. My bro in law who's in shape, walks all the time and exercises in his early 30's gets hit by the reactions. I do hope they figure out why it's a weird diceroll for some people.
  8. I find Dermatologists to have really good bedside manner. The one i've been to is extremely kind, patient, and knows I have health anxiety and will answer any and all of my questions.
  9. Hi all, haven't posted in awhile. Have been undergoing a tremendous HA flare. I don't normally say this, but trigger warnings for those of you who have health anxiety. Please click off if you're worried about digestive issues and head issues. As a coping mechanism, I'm just going to write a blog of what one of my days were like. I will try to keep it as nonspecific as possible, but I'm hoping by writing this you'll know you're not alone and that yes a lot of us are experiencing something similar. Background - I had an EGD on Saturday - got some pain in my jaw area the day after. Been experiencing some digestive problems - EGD showed me to be clear. I also have tinnitus that has gotten louder since my HA flare began since last month. Been experiencing some hemorrhoids as well (only look it up if your HA is under control, it's treatable but please be careful) --- Had diarrhea in the evening, an hour after eating my dinner, probably something my stomach didn't like? Go to bed, play Anxiety Guy health anxiety meditation video to try to sleep better. *Get up in the morning, wake up way too early in the morning for no reason* Rectum feels strange, head to bathroom to pee. Wipe and see some bright red blood, panic, wipe a couple more times, there's less of it. "Why do I have this again? I had this two weeks ago." Try go back to bed, brain now trying to think up why I'd have these symptoms. Brain goes off in 10 different tangents. 30 minutes later, run to the bathroom because of some severe stomach aches - diarrhea. "I wonder if the diarrhea I had is linked to all this, but it sounds like I ate something my body didn't like last week, but what if it's x?" Spend 1-2 hours in bed awake afterwards, trying hard to resist googling symptoms. "Wake" up at 6:30 AM, try to do morning routine - feel some dizziness - what's going on with my brain? Why do I still feel like this? Stay in bed while thinking about symptoms, trying to resist Googling, look up nomorepanic and anxiety-central for them. Pain in jaw still lingers, I poke around my jawline (not my lymph nodes) and keep poking until my jawline hurts. Feel "painful lumps" even though they're all on my jawline. Try to eat - saw something spicy, thought against it, try to eat regular bland food - can barely eat it without promoting a gag reflex. Drag myself out of house to work at 7:45. Drive car to McDOnald's to get some coffee, while fumbling around for my wallet, I tap the soft sun visor in my car against the side of my head. Mind freaks out about concussion, which I've been worrying about all week last week. Barely start work day and I want to crawl up in a hole and not think about it again. Every time I eat I get reminded (jaw, bowel movements, etc), every time I move I get reminded (chest tightness, etc), every time I sleep I get reminded, etc.
  10. Fatty liver has no symptoms. It's kinda like being an alcoholic, it doesn't do anything to your liver and is a slow burn. I know I have it because my gastro diagnosed it. It can be remedied with lifestyle changes.
  11. Yep, it's a safe and easily tolerated drug. If it doesn't work there's plenty of other options. Beta blockers are very safe to take.
  12. Yup, talk to your doctor. Your doctor knows you best, they know your health situation, etc This includes both your PCP and your psychiatrist, what's most important is there to be a good communication between the two, and if there isn't, to be your own advocate and communicate that info. Sometimes my psychiatrist would prescribe certain medications and I took it upon myself to tell my PCP if it's something new.
  13. Now I wonder what those pictures GIlly had in the original posts were were. Anyone remember?
  14. Have you tried seeing a therapist? From the questions you've been asking it sounds like you do have a health issue, but it has nothing to do with your body - your mental health also needs some love!
  15. I've been on it for heart rate issues as well, even more too - at one point I was taking the ER 160 mg dose because - well - I'm a big man and the lower doses weren't controlling my BP that well. Let me tell you this, as a guy, if you take a high dose like that, expect some hair loss. I'm not on it anymore after seeing a cardiologist but that hair loss really bothered me, haha. Propranolol is an EXTREMELY safe drug - FDA approved. Been around for 50 years and the person who made it got a Nobel Peace prize for it. Like I said, I used to take a 160 mg extended release dose daily and the only side effect was the hair loss. At low doses it's great for keeping your anxiety at bay. I've seen many success stories of people taking it right before stressful situations or as a means to chill out before an exam. By low dose I'm talking 10 or 20 mg - ever seen a 10 mg propranolol tablet? They're tiny! According to my cardiologist, it's actually fallen "out of style" for blood pressure control as there's actually more effective drugs out there that can control your heartrate at lower doses/fewer doses a day. However psychiatrists still prescribe it off-label for anxiety. It's one of those "eh, why not?" sorta drugs, and if it keeps you from having to take other drugs to control your anxiety then you can have it on hand on an as-needed basis to keep yourself calm. It gets out of your system really quickly and is not addictive either. 60 mg is not high but it's not ultra low, so I can only assume your doctor is prescribing that for your blood pressure as well?