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  1. The few people I’ve shown say it looks like a bunion (the bone on the side of one of my feet appears to be sticking out more than the other foot) which I was fine with that answer until this morning when I kind of went down a spiral and asked myself well what if it’s not and it’s something more serious. It’s been hurting for about a year but it’s just now protruding outward the way that it is which worries me, it also kind of feels squishy at the very end of it which also freaks me out. I’m also only 20 years old which also concerns me that I’d have foot problems so early on. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to set up my chart and get an appointment but I’m pretty nervous about it.
  2. Yesterday I noticed I have a small lump, the size of a pea, on the back of my head. It’s super hard and when I slide my hand over it, it feels like the what the rest of my skull feels like but it stands out when I go over it and it isn’t on the other side of my head. Now that I’ve found it I’ve been checking it constantly and it’s become sore as a result. I’ve been trying to keep offline for research but it’s already gotten me pretty nervous.
  3. So this year in February I started a trial of birth control (Beyaz) for 3 months. Annoyingly, I couldn’t receive anymore packs of birth control until my next scheduled appointed with my gyno which was in the middle of may so for the month of May I decided to go off of birth control until my next period because of the scheduling issue and I didn’t want to mess with my cycle TOO much. In May my boyfriend and I had a few slip ups and I ended up having to take plan b two times in one week (I know how bad it sounds but we after that we used condoms EVERY time). In June I ended up starting birth control again before my period started because it was two weeks late, and i ended up bleeding for 11 days. Fast forward to July, I’ve taken every pill correctly but I didn’t get a period on placebo week. All I got was 2 weeks of brown discharge. I am so scared im pregnant because of what I’ve read online. I took two pregnancy test last night because since I’ve been back on BC I have had unprotected sex (i one after drinking a bottle of water, and one a few hours later in case the water diluted the results.) and they both came out negative, but I’m still parioid and will probably take another one soon because i didn’t see any actual bleeding. Has anyone experienced this or know anything about it?
  4. I'm not too familiar with animal health, here's a forum that can probably help you better than I can!
  5. To help get my mind off of HA I try to occupy myself with puzzles or painting. Those adult coloring books actually help a lot with getting your mind off of things. You're too busy focused on coloring in the lines and choosing color schemes to really focus on anything else. It may not work 100% for everyone but doing something that keeps my hands busy helps me a lot so I thought I would share.
  6. I just turned 18 about 2 months ago so obgyn hasn't been set up yet. I do have a regular doctor i go to for checkups so I might make an appointment after school. I didnt think it's a bug bite because there isn't a bump or any itchiness and the pain started up quite suddenly.
  7. Yesterday I had my whole life ahead of me and I was excited for college and summer break but now I'm all doom and gloom.
  8. Yesterday on the way home I began having super sharp pain in my left nipple. Which I wasn't too concerned about because boobs hurt all the time for different reasons but when I go home I did a self exam and found a lump or a swollen area right under where it had been hurting. I took some ibuprofen and went to be but this morning I checked in the mirror and the area is now red. I'm really freaking out right now. (I'm 18 by the way)
  9. It sounds like tension headaches. Like you said, right after your visit you didn't have any headaches because your anxiety was at ease but once you became irritated they came back. I've had similar experience with the weird feeling you're having in your arms and legs and I would go on to obsess about it for weeks until basically stopped caring and after I forgot about that feeling it went away and that's what helped me believe that it was a symptom of anxiety. You've probably skimmed through google results for hours but your Doctor went to school for 12 years, they know what they're doing and if they thought something was up they wouldn't hesitate to do something about it.
  10. For awhile now I have noticed petichiae showing up on and off on my earlobes. I don't have any other symptoms and the rash isn't anywhere else but every time it comes back it freaks me out. I've asked my mom about it and only she told me to let her know if it shows up anywhere else. Being the symptom checker I am, I know just how many dangerous diseases petichiae can be a symptom of. Does anyone have any other possible reasons for why it keeps coming and going?
  11. Good news! It didn't go as bad as I thought it would, wasn't perfect, but I didn't completely lose it like I have before. Thanks so much for the advice it really helped!
  12. Thank you! It helped some to see someone succefully go through something similar! I just hope I can manage to pull out a success too, my last couple attempts have been pretty embarrassing
  13. Hi (new to this site btw) today in class, I was asked to read a paragraph aloud which is something Ive never had issues with and I even used to publicly speak at competitions as a kid, but today when asked to read I went into full panic mode, while I was reading I lost my breath and got all shaky. It was so bad that I could barely speak. Someone asked me if I was okay and I asked them to read for me and they had to finished. It also happened a couple months back when I had to give an oral report. I am so embarrassed and I'm scared its going to happen again. I've never been scared of school but now I'm afraid that when I have to read or present anything (I have a presentation on Thursday) I'm going to make a fool of myself again. Any advice to help with my issue? and can anyone tell me why this is all of a sudden occurring??