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  1. Sorry for your loss of your mother and grandfather. I lost my dad 6 yrs ago and the pain is still very fresh. It’s so hard when your close to someone. I just wanted to let you hear my story because it sounds pretty close to what your going through. I have always had anxiety but handled it through exercising. As I became older and started having children my anxiety has sky rocketed. I had my second child 2 yrs ago I had had a hard time conceiving and ended up doing IVF which was very stressful, I then had a complicated pregnancy, and post partum complications that landed me back in the hospital in ICU. Prior to this I was otherwise very healthy. So now my husband was home with are then 5yrold and new baby. Thank god family stepped in to help. Mean while I was so sick in ICU and freaking out crying. It was horrible I was so scared I was going to die and never see my kids again. I was discharge home and that’s where it all started. Post partum Anxiety and depression. I had to be on bp Medication, and a list of other. Follow ups with specialist etc, and trying to adjust to being a mom of two now. It was to much to handle my body just shut down and I started developing physical symptoms. I was so sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, no appetite, rapid weight loss, weakness, heart palpations, fast heart rate, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart burn, the list went on. I was sure the doctors missed something and then started having my first ever panic attacks. I layed in bed all the time and would sleep. Not normal for me I am active. I was clearly depressed but didn’t believe it., I have never been depressed in my life. So for four months I went to different doctors and had multiple test which were all normal. They could not find anything. So finally a GI doctor saved my life. He said you have to get a grip anxiety is causing you to be so sick. Again I still din not believe him. He started me on a antidepressant. It fixed ALL of my symptoms after about 3 weeks of taking it. I stayed on it for about 18 months. Sometimes you just have to trust the doctors even though it is hard. Maybe a mild medication would help you greatly!! It is worth to talk about with your doctor. Hang in there. It will get better eventually.
  2. Omg you have been through so much too with UTI’s. It’s horrible. It doesn’t help that I have been a RN for 17 yrs so I have seen a lot of bad things happen to people with health issues. I have been on the bladder control medication for just about a month. I do get relief in the evening and nighttime from it but the day I pee about every hour or so. I just recently spilt the dose up to once in the am and once in the pm instead of all together to see if it helps better during the daytime. It is nice to here someone else that has went through what I am going through.Your story sounds worse then mine with having to have IV meds. I have never heard of lingering symptoms even though the infection is most likely gone. I just have to trust the specialist and know this will go away at some point. My 2 yr old has seen me going in the bathroom several times a day and said to me “mama pee pee again” ugh it’s been so hard to deal with. I will get through this one way or another. I have had a lot of tears mostly of frustration and not feeling good for so long. I will continue to pray the anxiety medication does the trick to fix me. Of course when being treated for one issue others arise from side effects of medication such as constipation and irritation from antibiotics so that means more medication to counter act those side effects. Just awful. Thanks again for your words of encouragement
  3. Thank you for your response. Have any of your previous utis linger with symptoms from inflammation/irritated tissue even though the infection was gone? I totally agree with you and for the last few weeks that’s all I have been doing googling and doctors visits trying to get this problem fixed. I am a stay at home mom with two little ones so it’s been hard not feeling well and still trying to put a smile on my face to move on with the day. I ha e a supportive husband but he really doesn’t know what to do either. He just tellls me this is all going to get better. Hard to believe when your the one day day suffering. I can only hope restarting my anxiety medication will be the answer to help me get through this and maybe even make the symptoms disappear as it did before.
  4. Hello, I am new here. Is there anything special I have to do to make sure my posts are seen? Or other members can view them? Once I post is it available for all members to see? Thank you
  5. Hello, I am new here. I will try to make this as short as possible. I had a bad UTI back in October of 2017. Urine culture positive e. Coli and entercoccus. No big deal right, because I have had a few UTI before and they went away with antibiotics. Well I was placed on antibiotics for this one which made it go away. However all my symptoms came back a week after antibiotics were done. So back to the doctor I went U/A was normal and culture showed less then 10000 bacteria my doctor felt it was bladder spasms and wanted me to follow up with a urologist. My symptoms over 2 months would seem better some days and then worse others. I was put on different antibiotics which helped alittle but caused yeast infection which was treated. I was told I do not have IC but I still changed my diet in hopes it would help heal me quicker. From there it went down hill. I saw a urologist who did a ct scan which was normal, placed me on a different bladder control medication and did a cystoscope which showed inflammed ureathra and bladder neck. I was then placed on a low dose medication of antibiotics for 3 months. Which I only made it 4 weeks and felt miserable again. So urologist did blood work all normal, waiting on ureaplasma urine results and pelvic ultrasound and placed me on a new antibiotic doxicycline. I have also had test done by gyn doctor which all were normal. The urologist said time will heal the inflammation and once that is gone my symptoms will go. Well it has been 3 months and I am still dealing with the symptoms. I have a history of anxiety and 3 yrs ago I had my second child I had complications after the birth and I had to go back in hospital for 4 days which left me dealing with horrible anxiety and pp depression. Before all of that I was healthy never on Medication and I am still healthy today. But the anxiety was so bad 3 yrs ago it left me with physical symptoms. I thought I was dying I had GI symptoms, heart symptoms and rapid wt lose etc. I was put anxiety medication which saved my life. I was tested for everything possible at that time and nothing could be found. So they told me it was anxiety making me that sick. Which I believe now because I was normal again after getting on anxiety med. So fast forward I got off anxiety med 18months later and was doing great no problems. Well I notice a month ago my anxiety was getting to me dealing with all these UTI issues. So I went back on anxiety med a month ago didn’t notice a difference and 3 days ago increased anxiety med. On top of being a stay at home mom with little ones it has been extremely hard I do have a very supportive husband thank god. So in the mean time I am getting a second opinion with another urologist in 2 weeks. My question is do you think my health anxiety is making my Urinary symptoms worse? Frequent urination like I pee large amounts and 20min later have a full bladder and pee a lot again.and bladder ureathra pressure, lower abdomin tender to touch. Maybe just maybe I pray when my anxiety is under control this nightmare for the last 3 months will end. It has been a horrible expierence and it has made me cry so much feeling depressed that it is never going to get better. Any positive stories or reassurance would be great. Anxiety sucks so badly. thank you