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    • Hi, I'm back again. The sensations I mentioned are driving me nuts. I had a better attitude over the last year or two and didn't let the sensations cause me to become panicky. Also, during the summer I don't have to wear anything on my legs so it's not as noticeable. Autumn is here and I feel cold and have to wear clothing on my legs, so I notice the sensations alot more. It's really upsetting. As some of you know, I've been tested extensively by neurologists, had many medical tests etc and nothing can be found. There really isn't a test left to do or a doctor left to see.   I will admit I have a lingering thought process that I can't seem to shake. In the recesses of my mind I think I have some sort of autoimmune disorder or an autonomic disease that the multitude of doctors have missed. It really does scare me.  I know people here can relate so I just wanted to unload some of my horror. My husband just says it's in my head and to let it go. Blah blah! Thanks for reading.....😟    
    • That's the thing. I was never that good of a student. That's why I didn't graduate. This isn't even the first time I've attempted to go back to school. I tried at a local college 2 but the night schedule wore me out after only a year. Why should I think this time will be different?
    • Regyna....hello...I'm Weezie. I'm sorry you're having all these issues that are making you have panic attacks. I know that when my dizziness first started many years ago, it turned out to be the crystals in my inner ear having migrated to the wrong place so that any head movements gave me vertigo. With vertigo came horrible nausea. What is happening to you is that you are experiencing new physical symptoms and you are allowing the anxiety to catastrophize the possible causes. The possible causes of your issues are so numerous and varied, that really only a medical evaluation can properly sort them out. You may be having blood sugar issues or it could be problems with your inner ear as already stated in my case. Instead of trying to guess what's going on with you, the best thing is to see a medical professional. I know that nobody wants to do this because they are afraid that the doctor might confirm their worst fears. It is quite likely that this is something much more minor than the worst case scenario you have created for your anxiety and fear to grow off of.  If these symptoms don't abate, please do go see a doctor rather than sitting up all night worrying. It's far better to consult a doctor, than to suffer in fear in this terrible way. I sincerely hope that you are feeling better soon.   Weezie 
    • I honestly dont know where to start. A few months ago i developed a new symtom. I got dizzy. Iv never had a problem with dizzyness before but i now notice my body feels heavy when i walk and i feel off balance. My head sometimes gets this really wierd tingly sensation and everything around me feels dreamy. Iv been having a lot of poor appi cause after i eat i feel lightheaded and dizzy. The only way to keep me from having these feelings is relaxing and sitting down and focusing on one thing like playing a game on my phone. Somedays i have really good days where these new symptoms dont come but some days they are so bad. My head feels wierd most the time. I honestly dont know how to explain it. Its just a really wierd feeling. Then i start to panic. What if i have a brain tumor or brain C***er. Im a ciggerette smoker so what if im feeling like this cause i have something wrong with my lungs and im not getting enough oxygen to my brain. A million things start running through my head. I dont know what to do about this head and body feeling. Sometimes i feel like when im walking everything around me feels like a dream. Its so wierd...i dont know how to explain it. Does anyone else feel like this?
    • If you've done well in school in the past, there is no reason for you to believe that you are suddenly going to start failing. I used to feel that way, and I got tired of the mindset, so I tried to look at school from a different angle. I approached the whole thing more as a competition with myself and being the best I could be for me. I got into it in a way that I actually felt satisfaction and joy about my work, and also felt tremendous accomplishment for myself when I surmounted an intellectual obstacle. Fear of failure is very common among students, but please don't let it destroy your education and your future by quitting. Just go to school and honestly try to get off on the work. Sound crazy? Maybe...but if you can make yourself love information, love learning something new, and just love learning for the sake of learning, then you can let go of the anxiety and start to truly let your mind blossom. Yes, it's hard work, we all dislike that part of it, but don't let the fact that this takes effort turn into FEAR. It doesn't have to go down that road. If it were me I would just tell myself that I am simply going to push ahead, do my best, enjoy what I'm doing, and forget about the fear the best way I can. By staying in school, you will already be miles ahead of those who aren't in school - you are already way ahead at being a winner.  If the anxiety gets to be too much, there are people on campus you can talk to, there are meditation techniques that you can learn to calm the anxiety and eradicate it, and if it gets really out of hand, get medical advice. I suspect, however, that once you actually get into it, that your anxiety will decrease - the anxiety of anticipation is often the worst of all. So, just go to school and do your thing, and try to give yourself enough breaks and perks here and there that you don't feel totally overwhelmed. Best wishes and best of luck with your studies.   Weezie.
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