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    • I am the queen of irregular periods! So to me, that does not sound concerning at all. Just an off month.... could have been stress, hormonal fluctuations, or simply fluke. How old are you? Could you be starting perimenopause ?   With all my irregular periods over the years I have had yearly ONGYN checks and ultrasounds down there and I am totally fine! :) 
    • I hope the lab results show some improvements, even if they're minor. I won't be discouraged regardless, as I know diet is not my most significant problem, but some improvement would definitely be helpful. It was quick and easy as usual. The hardest part was fasting for roughly eight hours. I love food, and I eat quite a bit - especially for someone who is average thin. LoL. Now I need to take some Tylenol, as I have had a crazy headache since early this afternoon, and I also feel quite tired. xD Note to self: next time, do this stuff first thing in the morning. ill let you all know how the labs turn out.
    • The fact that 4 years ago it was also "low" is reassuring that it's possible normal for you. You def would know if you were sick between now and then.  Doctors look at all the numbers, the big picture... not just one or two things off.  He is right, if there is even a DOUBT in their mind they will send you for testing. I'm sure they see off numbers all the time! Take him up on his offer to go again. Heck, ask if you can go in two weeks. Get a good night's rest, take a deep breath and go. You will be just fine.  A cousin of mine went through this as well. Routine blood work came back skewed, several things off, ran again a week later, still off. Send to hematologist, bloods came back 100% normal. Dr said just fluke transient. Which is one of the reasons I do not do blood work unless I have to! 
    • I'm always curious about the referrals to specialists for 'peace of mind'. Did you push this or did the doctor? I just feel that so many doctors do that. I consider myself lucky that my doctor does not refer out. He knows I have anxiety and that causes most of my symptoms. He always tells me to wait and see... then its gone. I've told him I have MS, Lymes, etc. and he just says lets wait and see how you feel in a month  Always works
    • LOL, thanks for the laugh!!  You are so right! I do have a doctor appointment tomorrow. My Dr. is great and does not order medical testing unless absolutely necessary. Hopefully he can give me some reassurance and I can move on....  I'm past pancreatic cancer and how ridiculous I sounded! Now I am thinking more along the lines of kidney stone, pinched nerve or muscle strain. 
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      Hello Cutecat.......I believe I talked with you on another anxiety forum awhile back. How are you? I am exactly the same nothing has changed with me. I do have some relief but it never lasts too long. So sick of taking pills that dont work. I never want to go anywhere because I feel so awful!!!!!  Hope you respond would love to hear from you. 
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