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    • I know all of your symptoms are anxiety because you have admitted to crying wolf before like I have lol I have had a person inspect me for a DVT, colonoscopy, ingrown hairs, multiple disease tests, all amounting to nothing 
    • That’s not the weakness associated with ALS. Here is the difference between ALS weakness and perceived weakness, specifically BFS.   What is the difference between “perceived” weakness and “clinical” weakness? ALS A tell tale sign of ALS is clinical weakness. This is REAL weakness that is permanent and continually progressive. It is caused by dying (or already dead) muscle tissue and/or dead or disconnected nerve endings between the brain and muscles. Once this happens, you lose control over that muscle PERMANENTLY, which leads to dropping things, the inability to unscrew lids off of jars, the inability to hold your coffee cup or even raise your fork to your face when eating. When it’s in the legs or feet, falling down or the inability to stand or get up from a chair is common, not being able to stand on your toes or walk on your heels because the muscles are dead. When this clinical weakness is associated with ALS, it migrates onward from that point with no looking back. There are no good days or bad days, meaning, you won’t lose control of your hand one day and regain control of it the next. Once muscles and nerves have died, they are dead and can’t be brought back to life. BFS Fatigue and “perceived” weakness is common with BFS and can cause weak or rubbery legs, difficulty raising an arm or leg into the air one day, but not the next day, a drained feeling with no energy and even actual “weak” feelings where your arm just feels like lead and you have to rest it constantly. The difference between these kinds of BFS weaknesses from ALS weakness is that BFS weakness (which again isn’t really true weakness at all) will get better in a couple of days, where ALS weakness is continually progressive and NEVER looks back. A neuro can tell a case or clinical weakness associated with ALS the minute an ALS patient walks through the door. By the time you notice the weakness and/or twitches associated with ALS (enough to warrant making a doctor’s appointment), you would already be a few months into the disease and a good clinical exam will find problems you weren’t even aware of. BFS “weakness” on the other hand, is pretty much only fatigue and although you may “feel” weak or drained-out, if push comes to shove and you put aside the pain, fatigue, stress or whatever else you have, you still have your real strength. I mean if a car was coming at you and you had to jump out of the way, you still could, where an ALS patient couldn’t move at all.
    • @Iugrad91 none taken, you are right. I am trying, I really am. I really hope that the EMG will give me the first step into climbing out of this hole. You are right, I am definitely not trained to spot atrophy. My fear was that this is the beggining of it and that's why they might miss it.  Each time they looked at it hard and seemed confused even. Just judging off the look in their face. I didn't feel very confident to be honest, with their response  
    • Yes iugrad.. and also when I went to therapy I had to fill out a questionnaire on where I was with my anxiety.. it asked are you currently having muscle aches, vibrating, twitches, weakness.. dizziness.. brain fog etc.. these are anxiety symptoms and the questionnaire was to see how anxious in was and how my body responds to the anxiety. At the time I was buzzing and had twitches and weakness. My therapist said it's so so so common. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.. that these symptoms really are from anxiety
    • I just couldn't get over my leg giving out. I was like ok this just confirms my fears 😑 I've spent thousands on trips to the ER, MRI's Drs apt etc on my health anxiety. I hate it 
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    • gale  »  Gilly

      Hi Gilly.... I think I have discussed this with you before. So worried about this burning skin which I have had for a few years. With me it all over.... my arms, legs, face, some areas of my back.  Drives me crazy and again it freaks me out about diseases. Dear God how long can so many symptoms persist. Been over 40 yrs.  Can you help me!!!! 
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    • Lucid

      Watch "Ashes Divide - Forever Can Be (Lyrics)" on YouTube
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    • cbhaga01

      Hi everyone!  I've just launched my new blog:


      Feel free to check it out.  Or don't.  I won't know anyways, unless you leave a comment, because I have NO idea how the stats feature works in Wordpress.
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    • chlo

      Think im getting worse. I dissociated in front of my support worker for the first time today. So much that she had to turn off the main road to pull over safely to help me. 
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