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    • Tonight my a part of my outer labia was super itchy and had a lump on it, I went to the bathroom and it was already draining pus so I squeezed the rest out and put a little neosporen on it. All that's left is a red dot where it was. Should I be worried?..what was that??
    •  I was getting out of my car in the garage today and I felt a pain above my hip. But i didn't see any bats around me and no one else did. And now there is this little red blood dot on my hip and Idk if its from that or something else. I didn't feel a bat on me, which I think I would have to feel one on me to bite me. And I wouldve seen one, And my dad says they don't just go and bite people. They have to be provoked. And I know when bats bite there are usually 2 blood dots, not one like I have. I don't know there is another red blemish(but no blood no open ski) thing kind of beside it, but it doesn't look like the other one.  I wouldn't be worried if I didnt have this pinprick looking thing with blood on it. I showed my mom and she was like how do you even notice that? like no help 
    • Welcome to the forum. I would try to take baby steps when leaving the house. Walk around the house slowly. Then maybe the neighborhood and gradually increase your distance. It may take time, but you can do it. From the period September 2012 through August 2013, my mother, father and uncle all passed away which was no fun. I believe if you practice self help, therapy and medication, you can overcome this and get back on your feet. You can do it, just don't give up.
    • Hi!!! Thought I'd bump this thread up.   Still suffering and haven't left the house yet. This is one of the biggest reasons why I am always skeptical of forums like these.... They're filled with a bunch of people only concerned with their own issues,and when I waste my time to open up about personal issues to a bunch of strangers,it always seems to be ignored.   If you assume I have it easy, I don't. I really wish more people would respond but I see how it is!!!!!   Sorry I've wasted my time here.
    • So I am 33, male and have had health anxiety most my life, 3 months ago i came down with a virus called ross river, its no fun and lasts upto a year! So i felt like crap for the first few weeks and put it down to that, then the what ifs crept in, i started thinking what if its something else as well and the doctors are just dismissing me because of ross river. I actually started to feel good a few weeks ago then the random bouts of nausea crept in. I have been having a LOT of crazy symptoms up until then but this one was new. It has really thrown me for a loop, why would this show up just now? Im confused and really worried I have something else.   I have had a full panel blood test done 3 times in the past 3 months all came back normal.   Still cant slow down this worry! seeing a shrink soon though.   Anyone else have any help?
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