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    • This week I set up an air quality monitor. I didn’t buy one due to anxiety, I just wanted one out of curiosity, and general environment improvement. But I had wondered if the quality of the air we breathe can contribute to mental health issues. My anxiety seems to have been high ever since moving into my current house, and it’s always seemed hotter, stuffier and more irritant. Interestingly, in the first few days, it seems our air quality is pretty terrible. Averaging around 2,500 ppm. When it should be below 800ppm and excellent is below 300. I’ll try fix the issues causing poor air and report back if there’s any change in anxiety levels.
    • Im not sure if you misinterpreted me or we are saying the same thing. But just in case what i mean by exersicing trust is not to only say i believe in God He will help me. I was saying that also that can be hard sometimes and we actually have to make a conscious effort of excercising trust. To put of our part. Of course for some the believe in that itself is enough for them to be at peace. But again and like you mentioned somestimes we ask God for help and expect something out of the ordinary and turn down the means of saving. Also didnt say if he does not believe, he is doom. I said that if he does believe trying the faith road could also be of help and like all things faith related the exercise of trust is one big part of the equation. What that is to him i really dont know thats why i didnt wrote to much about just  threw it there for him to consider or discard. Which is why i also talked about being more than ok to ask for help, etc for the most part. =) To me it also comes to mind when Peter was walking on top of the waters doubted felt fear and started sinking. Exercising trust is really a huge key point when walking by faith. Also walking by faith doesnt to only sit there and wait for things to happen.   Still since he also mentioned he didnt like people preaching him and going on and on i only mentioned it and leave the rest to him. Im only writing this rn because maybe its that english is not my first language or that writen words can be given different (feelings) and i cant tell if your response was aimed at what i said or not at all.
    • If you believe in God exercising trust in His plans can also help you. Yes, that's it isn't it. But supposing you don't believe. Are you out in the cold, doomed? Of course not. But God does need our active participation. It's no use saying 'I will leave it to God' and pray. God needs people as much as people need God. But God is within you. Peace lies within you. You have to be very careful in how you interpret biblical sayings. When I say peace lies within you and not 'up there' my statement is repeated by Christ himself. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you".  Meister Eickhart a 14th century monk said, " The man is a fool who says I am here and God is there. The truth is that where I am God is". The story of the drowning man comes to mind. There was a great flood and the man was struggling up to his waist in water. A boat came along and offered help. "No, it's OK", said the man. "God will help me". The water came up to his neck and a helicopter appeared offering to winch him up. " No. God will take care of me". He drowned. On reaching heaven he said to God, you let me down. I relied on you to save me". God answered, " I know, I'm puzzled, I sent a boat and a helicopter". 
    • Nutmeg. Never dismiss dreams as 'oh well, it was just a dream'. In psychotherapy dreams can play a major role in recovery. They are messages from your unconscious mind that tell you something about your life. But when we sleep we don't shut off our emotions. Dreams can have a very powerful emotional content and can seem very real and frightening. Nightmares are like that. Some dreams can cause as much emotional trauma as waking events and cause the heart to race. If you dream you are running away from something you could wake up breathless. Dreams about falling are common. They are frightening and you can wake up in mid air, not knowing what is happening. But it's OK because there is no lasting effect unless you dwell on it. Could I have been hyperventilating and it caused an increased heart rate? Yes; that's what I'm saying. The dream has a physical effect. NOT a heart problem but an emotional one.  
    • Heart rate may be slower or faster, or even normal, before or during a heart attack. Heart rate alone is absolutely no indication of a cardiac event, except usually in during an arrhythmia episode (and not even always then). @Iugrad91 is right. It's normal for heart rate to fluctuate even during sleep, because of dreams - good or bad. Before my Fitbit broke, I would occasionally check the heart rate graph, and it would often go up and down frequently during sleep.
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