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  1. i couldn't help since i was offline for the holidays and also i dont know how to do that haha, but it seems they got it fixed in the end.
  2. Welcome to Anxiety Central, I hope this place will be of help to you as I know it was for me. One of the most difficult things is feeling like you're alone in this, and this site proves you are not, and you have lots & lots of support! Hope to see you around!
  3. Hi Lindsy, welcome to the site This place is a great source of support, and I hope you can find what you're looking for here. I'm sorry you're suffering with this 'fun' anxiety lark, we all here understand your problems and situations, and are here to listen to you! Hope to see you around
  4. Hi Cratedream, welcome to the site! Sorry you're having such a rough time with panic attacks, do they stem from something or are they just random? I've personally found this place a great form of support in the forums and the chat, and I hope you can too. It can be a major help having people understand the things you're going through for sure. Hope to see you around here
  5. Good luck! Make sure you relax and give yourself some self-therapy afterwards as it can really take it out of you!
  6. Your body can yawn more also when you're anxious- I only found this out a few years ago and I was in the same thought process as you!
  7. When I first started taking my SSRI's they increased my anxiety but after a couple of weeks it started to lower greatly all at once, it's a very common side effect with early days taking it, just try and ride it out if you can manage it, if not maybe speak to your doctor about it
  8. Yeah this is on the NHS so luckily I don't have to fork out for it! But thank you both for putting my mind at ease, its not often i worry about things like that but it was the way she said it I guess? Im willing to try anything as long as it gets me doing better and getting out the house
  9. I've been contacting a therapists/psychologists and speaking yesterday they told me I will need a level 4 intervention when I eventually get seen by someone, can anyone tell me what the level 4 means? I'm a little worried as she made it sound like it was a serious matter.
  10. This is a super delayed response, but I've been on these for almost 4 months, I'm now up to 30mg for the time being, and honestly they've been a god send. I'm less twitchy and less panicky, and overall a hell of a lot more relaxed. Before taking them I looked up positive stories to give me the boost to take it, and I'm glad I did.
  11. Well I've already taken it now, so we will see.
  12. Yeah I know that, all ive seen is people reacting badly to it. what im trying to ask is people if they have positive stories or it helping people out, because so far i havent seen one and its making me more anxious about it. I get the whole 'yeah but it might not happen to you' stuff, I'm usually okay with medication thrown at me.
  13. I've been given citalopram to take 10mg every day, starting ASAP, but im really nervous about it because I've read a lot of the side effects on here people were having. last time i took it it made me feel worse, and i'm really worrying about starting to take it. does anyone know any body that responded positive to it?