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  1. 0LKmtzX.gif

    when the walls feel like they're closing in..

  2. nice shades :sexface:

    1. Lucid


      lol thanks man.Just picked up a lap top and was playing some poker.Decided to snap a picture.:)


    2. ashes
  3. weiners can be l00sers too

  4. That's new-age B.S. that shouldn't be 'confirmed' by anyone, especially in an anxiety forum where people often have fears that they will cause harm or harm will come to them. What this really is, is more of that whole 'angel and devil on your shoulders' concept.. one whispering good things, the other bad. They are just passing thoughts, no real harm ever came from just thinking them.
  5. lol.. I imagined that spike going up there before he stood up
  6. lol @ Aussie Adventures.. can't imagine what that could be like haha I dunno that there's any TV shows that help my anxiety.. but I suppose the brainless or funnier ones help. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good!
  7. ashes


    Circus, lol @ 'resting b1tch face'.. I shoulda used that I identify with that too.. I would make the excuse that they've already made the judgment so its not worth me investing time in trying to change their mind. I've probably missed out on some possible friends because of it? But in the end I don't think they would've lasted anyway. (part of me is a cynic now too btw :P)
  8. CircusFreak, a late welcome from me too! Man, reading what you described about the flushing face and how it seems to spread through your body.. AND that pseudo-paralysis you feel at times, ugh.. that was sooo me. Well, it still is me at times, though not so often. I've certainly been better on meds, but with enough stress I can still get in those predicaments. It's scary feeling out of control with people staring on! =\ Its great you are seeking help though! You should pop in the chat sometime.. there's not many that go in who have social anxiety, so it'd be a welcome sight to see some more.
  9. ashes


    Cmay520, welcome again to A-C I think you got lost in the noise in chat but I meant to let you know that I associate with all of what you describe. I've been constantly misunderstood due to my anxiety and the way I shut myself off from people. People tend to think I'm stuck up or rude as you say, if I distance myself from them. And when I do make an effort to reach out to people I often stumble all over my words and embarrass myself. I've been better on medication, but I'm only able to get so far with people, and the relationships I do make don't seem to last. It's frustrating. A few years back, after I lost my last job, I became a bit lost and depressed and quite disillusioned with people and life.. now I barely leave the house and find it difficult to get into things I used to love to do. Apathy is a tricky beast to fight. Anyway, I think you mentioned that you have been seeing a therapist? That's a big first step. Wish you luck!
  10. Yeah Gizmo I'm sick and tired of seeing the same walls of this apartment I've trapped myself in for quite a long while. I need a change of scenery big time