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  1. Yea the only thing i have is some muscle tension throughout my body, on and off dizziness that isnt strong at all or bothersome, minor palpitations, ectopic (skipped beats) on and off nausea and nervous stomach. My dr over telemedicine said this is all mostly anxiety however to get piece of mind to call my cardiologist which sounds scary
  2. So far not the greatest, just last night my hearts been flip flopping and like skipping beats and it is uncomfortable. Its happening more at night. Typing this I experienced 2 :c and im worried its life threatening
  3. i do have some head, shoulder, neck and back tension. the way i am sleeping and stress :c
  4. it has become hot in California, however out of no where i have this tension and feeling like a loose head, my head is never constantly dizzy but on and off and its not super bad but it is there. kind of alarmed me and have been panicking since, i keep thinking i had some aneurysm or some weird thing causing me to feel this. i do deal with anxiety still, just worried need reassurance. ps ive kept hydrated eating food and snacks in between.
  5. Hello, and i have ate a bit better lately however ive had another ekg test done and nothing alarming. However acid reflux has been a pain in the butt lately. Back to my actual post i notice video games will increase my heart beat a lot now. Maybe more so frequently and longer in duration when focused and stressed and anxious playing. But as for fluids i drink like 3-4 bottles a day
  6. Last Bump for this post Chest tightness, chest pain, heart hiccups, heart palpitations, dizziness, tensed head, neck, shoulder, back, chest muscles . These have been symptoms ive had either throughout the day or at night. I have had ekgs done (about 3 in the past 2 months with nothing out of the ordinary to worry about but my mind is telling me my heart is going in a bad direction with these pains and tightness i have in the area.
  7. It will go away at night but sometimes during the day or something it feels tight. My shoulder area tends to feel tensed and tight along with my head muscles.
  8. I also have been having this tight throat feeling sensation on my right side of my neck. Sometimes swallowing feels awkward or something is personally stuck there. This anxiety as well?
  9. Ugh it brings on panic and worry whenever i walk and stand up it thumps fast and hard. Then when i sit down or lay down it feels comfortable.
  10. This has started again since yesterday and hasn't gone away. I dont know if not eating enough is the cause. My appetite has been bad lately with all the stress and anxiety. I literally dont get super hungry ever. Or this is just anxiety playing a part. Again reassurance will be great.
  11. Since last night ive noticed i have had these weird palpitations when standing up. Walking, lifting something. My heart will race and palpitate. I find it uncomfortable and something i dont want to focus on at all. Especially i noticed them when i was sitting enjoying a video game with friends Yesterday. All the way until 2am i felt short of breath dizzy and light headed and was breathing fast because i felt i wasnt breathing right. But i know the i was hyper ventilating and was able to relax but my concern and worry is why my heart is palpitating and racing when standing up and now i am worried of something worse. Reassurance from anyone please.
  12. i read somewhere on a forum some people have had heart attacks from serious allergies. i really do not want to know if my allergies can cause this. i am so worried and anxious now.... i think my heart palpitations and dizziness arent from my anxiety anymore. or the weird chest sensations i get over my heart... late at night muscles will spasm around my heart. sometimes it will beat then i wont feel my beat, then other times it hurts and other times it doesnt. what am i doing to myself...
  13. my throat and ears are a bit inflamed however, i need a new antibiotics from my doctor. i see a specialist for my allergies tomorrow.
  14. i have to see an allergy specialist because wants to know what my allergy triggers are and how i can avoid them. she prescribed amoxicilin and epi-pen if however i am severely allergic to something. i should find everything out but. my ears were red and inflamed my throat was inflamed and they did a spit test and a nose and throat swab to check for any viruses or bacteria's.however these allergies are bothersome. i told her about the rashes and how my skin gets prickly and she rather me be safe than sorry.