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  1. I have had a vitamin D3 deficiency for quite awhile now. This is a real health problem. I got taken off of my thyroid meds in August 2019 and got told to see a psychiatrist, psychiatrist told me my problems might be a D3 deficiency. Switched doctors and I got tested in April 2020 by the new doctor and they told me my D3 was low (no surprise). However off of the thyroid pills every time I try to take any pills I get vertigo, even pills I was on for years just fine. I am scared to take vitamin D3 for this reason, vertigo and a weird reaction to a multivitamin drink I've drank before too with no problems. I don't want to feel vertigo, it's very unpleasant and causes me to feel like I'm on a boat or was just on a merry go round. I am scared something bad will happen if I take D3 and they keep telling me my thyroids "normal" even though I have symptoms of hypothyroidism. At the same time I know the bone pain and back pain/insomnia isn't healthy either. I get sunlight but can't do too much because I burn easily, sunlight an hour each day/D3 through diet has barley raised my numbers anyways. I know it's a long rambling thing but it's interfering with my life and causing a big uptick in my anxiety and depression.
  2. Smalm

    Is Abilify safe?

    I ended up not taking it at all. But I tried Risperidone, which gave me bad heart palpitations and I got off if it immediately. I told my doctor who does not want me on any anti-psychotics ever again because they may all do this heart palpitations thing and that is not a great feeling, it was very scary.
  3. If it continues to get worse or you find that it reoccurs everyday or disrupts your sleep then you should go to a doctor. My personal experience is I had horrible 24/7 heartburn after eating pizza every work day while working at a pizza joint. I got diagnosed with GERD and have to be on meds for the rest of my life, diet changes never helped me. See if staying away from caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, and greasy foods would help you. That is the advice my doctor gave me.
  4. I have had hypothyroidism for the past 8 years, it has been treated for the last 5 years. I am on the correct dose of meds for my hypothyroidism. I get my thyroid tested often. This trouble swallowing started out of the blue and even to drink water half the time is painful. Its like something is in the way. I only appear to have no problems because I don't quickly reach for my water anymore because I am used to the "food stuck in throat" feeling. My family is supportive and gives me soft foods like pudding, but I have to eat normal foods because they have more calories, but they all get stuck. And then to get them down with water is painful. My aunt had a thyroglossal duct cyst and it was never visible, same symptoms as me, she wants me to get an ultrasound of my throat but my doc won't do it.
  5. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out at once. I didn't drink from a straw and stuck to soft cold foods like ice cream and pudding. I found that the worst part of it was waiting for the stitches to fall out because they would slide back and forth as they got looser causing pain. Once they came out it was nice. I never had a dry socket, it was painful though to syringe my right lower socket though, since the stitches irritated the gums
  6. I get really bad health anxiety with medical problems I already have. I know that if my heart feels funny I start freaking out about low potassium for it caused heart problems the last time, etc. I try to just take my meds and try to not freak out and if I am concerned about something then I go to my doctors office to recheck labs or dosage of meds.
  7. Yes. I do hyper focus on my symptoms. It does make my symptoms worse. I get dizzy and start to panic. The most annoying part is having medical professionals have a bias because you have anxiety.
  8. I have had tingling in my hands for 7 years and my feet for 2 years. I started having tingling in my right leg, I get tingling in my right leg too and my tongue. My doc thinks its a B12 deficiency. It drives me crazy and the only day I had no tingling is when I took 2 servings of a multivitamin (under doctors supervision)... I guess mine is a vitamin or mineral. But the tingling that drives me crazy is the tingling of my tongue that comes and goes.
  9. I have had anxiety since 2011. I have had trouble swallowing for a month. I was eating a burger with beef slices and I was just eating like normal, when I felt it slide slowly down my throat and was stuck halfway down, I chugged water and it went down easily. I had this ever since then happen with every food except liquids or foods like pudding, but a week later as food stopped halfway down it would be painful to swallow it down. I don't know what to do. I feel crazy. I have had a barium swallow study and the results were normal. I had an aunt have a thyroglossal duct cyst and it was never visible, she had the same symptoms as me and told me to get an ultrasound of my throat. My doctor declined and they sent me for the Barium Swallow study. I feel like everyone is labeling me as crazy because they know I have anxiety. I don't always have pain as I swallow food but it is always getting stuck. I just want an ultrasound of my throat since my aunts thyroglossal duct cyst did not show up on barium swallow study, she keeps pushing me to get an ultrasound, but steroids, increased GERD meds, inhalers, smaller bites, etc don't help. I literally have to drink 16-32 ounces of water per meal. I am losing my sanity and questioning my sanity.I just don't know what to do or how to tell my doctor to do more testing, for I hate having the Charlie horse pain as I swallow and I hate having everything get stuck halfway down. I know its not my anxiety.
  10. I am in a mental tug of war. My doctor put me on Abilify 10mg. She claims it is the cleanest drug that is in the anti-psychotic category, she told me that my anxiety and depression are atypical because they are resistent to treatment, hard to treat. She told me that the Abilify would be for my depression and clonidine 0.1mg for my panic attacks at night. I am wondering if these are even remotly safe? I have read reviews about the Abilify... I think it is dangerous to even touch it with a 10 foot stick. Some people were projectile vomiting on it, others going into psychotic episodes, others having permanent and uncontrolable twitching of the face, legs, fingers, etc. I am just so scared that going on it will ruin my life, I have GERD and IBS so it just does not seem stomach safe. I am scared to take the clonidine also because I have a slow heartrate from my low thyroid. Really the only pill she gave me that I will happily take is my thyroid pill. I really do not know what to do. I told me therapist and he laughed, I am seriously thinking these two stupid pills that they want me on can kill me. Should I tell my doctor to forget about it and give me a differant prescription? Or just take these pills that I do not find safe at all?
  11. It can be from 2 days to 3 months, or even a few years. There is no set time. It is generally 1 to 3 months which is why I am freaking out because it is roughly 3 months since then. I am just freaking out because these spots I can not see easily, like my elbow, so I can not confirm if it's a bite like thing. They can be un-noticed. I just have been feeling anxious and just feel tingly and really would like to know why. I don't think it is my anxiety... It feels real and sort of itchy at times. Some of these places have " l l " marks and that freaks me out. The only spiders in our house are Black Widows and I would be sick if I got bit by those. I don't really know what these marks could be mabye skin pores that are deformed. I have no clue, I just fear death by rabies. Can bats enter a room with a ground level window, bite, then fly back out? I have heard of cases where the bat was able to fly away even if rabid. This means they are not all grounded or stumbling like a drunk. There are not many bats around suposedly, but a nearby school was infested with hundreds of them and over 20 people had to get shots. I am very annoyed by this fear. It is just 24/7 anxiety hell and fear. My tingling in these various places started about 5 or 6 days ago as far as I know. I am seeing a Psychologist every two weeks and will be put on pills by a professional in about a week. This tingling is specific which is why it is freaking me out.
  12. Actually not true, they are often overseen because they are very small like a pin prick.
  13. I am currenty trying not to fear death and trying not to have a panic attack. I have my right shoulder burning and sometimes tingling in very specific spots as well as my right elbow tingling sometimes as well as the side of my pinky and palm under my pinky. I also have a slight pain in my right side of my neck. And tingling near my thumb and forearm. I fear rabies. I was sleeping inside October 5th and had a window open. I had a blanket wrapped around me. I woke up and there was never a bat as far as I knew. I am quite positive I slept under that blanket the whole time. I heard, felt, saw no bat. I am scared that one could have flew in, bit me, then flew out. There is a cat downstairs who uses that window and loves to hunt so it stays open or my uncle will throw a tantrum. I am wondering what could be causing my arm to feel so off... Cam laying down on your bed and typing with your full arm elbow bent and laying flat on your bed cause your full arm to feel weird? I also get muscle twitching in my right upper arm sometimes and get twitching in my neck sometimes as well.
  14. I still am wondering if a bat could come in, bite me, then leave. I have no clue if my arms were in the blanket the whole time, but I am more than positive they were. I was only napping for two hours and the window is on the ground... It is a basement room. Not a normal room. I am still just so anxious, It has been 10 days. I am not sure what to believe anymore. The places tingling were under a blanket, if it were to bite my shoulder I would have felt it on my face or at least hear it. I am not really able to have piece of mind and my appetite is literally zero. I am drinking water... I am just tingly in weird places and have no explination so my anxiety is putting me through the wringer. My vision is acting worse (could have been from allergies), my ankles are tingling worse than normal, I am still feeling my tongue tingle at times too so this all is freaking me out.
  15. I hope that is the case. I am still so fearful of it happening to me. I am doing better with my anxiety at the moment.... It is off and on fears of rabies. I am still so scared that I will die of it... My only two things pulling me out of my HA are the statistics from the CDC and epidemeologists, and my cat.