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  1. Hi Worrier... To begin with, that perfect number of 98.6 is nothing more than the "average" temperature of the human race. Just like our blood pressure and pulse will vary throughout the day, so will our temp. Temperatures are usually the lowest in the morning, when you wake up. This is because our metabolism is low upon waking. In the afternoon, 99.0 to 99.4 is a very normal temp. Those of us with anxiety, which includes me, have our triggers, and when those are set-off, things happen, such as out heart rate going up. Unless you are sick, there is no reason to be taking your temperature. I am saying this because just this morning, I put my thermometer away in the bathroom, and will do my best not to take it out unless I am really sick. The very best to you, Worrier... Chuck
  2. Hi bhjju... This small piece of tonsil is what would be similar to a "skin-tag" on our skin. I have removed many of my own skin tags by clamping a pair of hemostats on them. I leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes, and this cuts off the blood supply to the tag. Just like your tonsil tissue, the skin tag will turn purple because it no longer has its blood supple. It will actually turn black like a scab, and then fall off in a week to 10 days. The reason that your tonsil tissue is purple is that it no longer has its blood supple. Just leave it alone, and I think you will find it will fall off within a week or so, if not sooner. The very best to you, bhjju!... Chuck😺
  3. Yes Rose, that Dr. Google is really something... He is out there diagnosing everything, and he never spent a day in medical school-LOL!😁 You get a good night's sleep, and you'll be seeing the dermatologist before you know it. Take care, and good night... Chuck😉
  4. Hello Rose... I'm a retired health care professional, but NOT a doctor. Other than my own moles, I've had nothing to do with looking at other people's moles. I have seen a lot of pictures of both normal moles and melanoma, and yours looks pretty normal to me. You also have lots of pluses on your side, as you have already been to your regular doctor, and he thinks it looks normal. On top of that you have none of the symptoms that it's cancerous, such as itching, pain or discomfort, bleeding, and appearing to be like a sore that is not healing. And it sounds like you are like me, that being that I am the farthest thing from being a "Sun Bunny". I hate being in direct sunlight. Love a cloudy day, just like you do. I also live close to the Gulf of Mexico, but you will never find me on the beach, except maybe at night. So I am glad you have made an appointment with a dermatologist, as they are the skin specialist. Hang in there, and know I am sending you good vibes. The best to you, Rose!... Chuck🐈
  5. Hi Riles... Well you certainly aren't lone with this phobia, as there are a lot of people out there that have it. It is known as pharmacophobia. Often this phobia is acquired when a person mistakes symptoms of an illness, thinking it's the side effects of the medication they are taking to treat it. I'm glad to hear that you do end-up taking the med, as some people have such a severe phobia, that they refuse to take the medication. This can be life threatening in something as simple as taking a course of antibiotics. Of course there are avenues of treatment that a counselor specializing in phobias can apply, as well as a psychiatrist. The very best to you, Riles!... Chuck🐈
  6. Hi Rugger... About a year ago my upper to mid back started bothering me. I went to the doctor's, and they did do x-rays. I'm 66 now, the the x-rays showed age related changes to the spine. They thought I probably had a herniated disc. Often times a disc herniates when some of the soft, "jelly-like" material leaks out through the tougher exterior. If this is the case, discomfort and pain lasts about six weeks. They put me on Mobic, which is a prescription ibuprofen. Sure enough, six weeks almost to the day, my pain resolved and never came back. One article I read said to sit in a chair, fold your arms across your chest, and bend forward. If it is a herniated disc, this will often take the pressure off that area of the spine, and you will get immediate relief from the pain. That was true in my case. I hope it's something minor, Rugger. The very best to you... Chuck🐱
  7. Hi mlouise... Mid period spotting is typically nothing to worry about. The #1 reason for this happening is that a "dip" in estrogen at ovulation occurs, and this can cause spotting days after your period is complete. Stress can certainly play a major role in changes in our hormones, in both men and women. The fact that you have been under so much stress with your son being in the hospital could certainly be the cause of this. Give it a few days, and try to find activities that will lower your stress. Hope your son is doing better, and you too... Chuck🐈
  8. Holls... If I get snow before you do, I'll send you some. Of course with this global warming business, I think we can both forget it-LOL!...😁
  9. Hi Bejeweled... Acetone, which is what nail polish remover is, is really not a chemical to worry about. The substance has been thoroughly studied and found to have low toxicity if someone drinks or inhales it. There is also no indication that it causes cancer, or any long lasting neurological effects. Our own bodies actually produce a small amount of acetone. You may have heard of diabetic individuals producing to much acetone, thus developing ketoacidosis. Acetone is actually used in the manufacturing of many of our processed and unprocessed foods. And the topper is, the EPA has removed acetone from the list of "toxic chemicals". I hope that this helps to put your mind at ease. The very best to you, Bejeweled!... Chuck🐈 Oh Bejeweled! I just noticed you live in Ohio... I was born in Cleveland and raised in Fairborn, Ohio, just outside of Dayton. Please send me some snow this winter. I miss it and we don't get any in coastal Alabama-LOL!😁
  10. Hi Sally!... What a great post! Thank-you for sharing it with the community! I would say you took more then a single stepping stone, I think you crossed the whole river with what you did. You didn't Google... That would have been a big step in itself, but you also didn't run to your GP, or even post here on AC for added support. Major "Kudos" to you! I have a feeling that you are going to continue down this path, and your anxiety isn't gonna know what to do with itself-LOL!😂 Keep up the good work, Sally! The very best to you...🐈 Chuck
  11. Hi Maria... I'm glad to hear that you made an appointment with a dermatologist. Skin is their avenue of care, and as Sally said, hopefully the derm will give you the peace-of-mind that you deserve. Most of us have moles. The average person with fair skin will develop around 30 of them in their lifetime, but there are people out there that can have hundreds. Moles are nothing more than skin that has grown in a cluster rather than normally spreading-out. Moles tend to darken with sun exposure, and in women, during pregnancy. Let us all know here on your post, what your derm has to say. The very best to you, Maria!... Chuck🐈
  12. Hi Star!... Welcome to Anxiety Central!... I'm glad to hear that you are "stepping-out", looking for a job. I had a psychiatrist tell me that finding a job, or getting back to work is very important in controlling depression and anxiety in individuals. I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder with panic attacks, just like you, and I can tell you I feel a lot better when I keep busy, very busy. As for your domineering relative, that situation must be pretty bad for you to file a protection order against him. I don't know how much strength you can muster, but if it is a close relative, like a parent, you might suggest going into some form a counselling with them. There is a good chance that he/she will say "No way!", at which point I'd tell them never to bother me again. Keep in touch here on your post, and let us all know if you get that teaching position. The very best to you, Star!... Chuck🐈
  13. Hi KG... I was diagnosed with Crohn's back in the mid 1970's, when I was in my late teens, early twenties. I had a very severe case of the disease, and did require a number of surgeries. I am 66 now, and generally have lead a very healthy and happy life. As with so many diseases, the severity of Crohn's varies from person-to-person. Crohn's can affect any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. It often can be found in a section of bowel, will skip an area, and then be found in other. Unlike when I had my bout, there are now biologic medications available, specific for Crohn's and inflammatory bowel disease. Many people will have a single flare of Crohn's, and then have no future problems with it, but others will have a more chronic condition. As one gets older and our immune system tends to slow down, Crohn's actually can become less of a problem. If I can be of further help, feel free to post additional questions here. The very best to your boyfriend and you!... Chuck🐈
  14. Hello Leah... There are many reasons for the twitching of leg muscle to occur. You mentioned that it is your right calf, and of course that is the foot/leg that you use to control the gas and brake pedals of your car. So overexertion is a good possibility. Anxiety can also cause twitching, and I have had that one happen to me. Other causes include dehydration, or a deficiency in magnesium, vitamin D, or calcium. Certain medications can also be the culprit. These may include antidepressants and also diuretics ("water pills"). In the vast majority of cases there is nothing to worry about, for it's merely your body having a muscle twitch. Glad to hear it hasn't happened to you today. The very best to you, Leah!... Chuck🐈