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  1. I don't know the cause of it either but when my sister gets anxious that her upper lip is swollen and starts touching it and showing it to me that look it's getting swollen, after a while it does get swollen. I always tell her to not touch it, she keeps saying no, you don't know it is getting swollen and it actually DOES. It could be something related to anxiety I think that certain parts of your body can get bloated but that is just my opinion.
  3. May you get better man that sounds scary. Sorry, a little off track question. Does someone have knowledge of Irritable Bowel Syndrome? I have been diagnosed with it for years now. But it has gotten worse lately 😞 What helps? Am I stuck with this for life?
  4. Hey Desmond, did take any professional's opinion regarding your health? Hope you feel better man 😞 COVID is so tiring, I can relate. Prayers for you friend πŸ™‚
  5. Communication is necessary in every relationship. You need to tell him how you feel. Agree with Jonathan here.
  6. Well, we have all been doing that for a year now. But for you it must have been the usual.
  7. Hope he is okay, nothing of this sort has ever happened to my child. Let us know what the results show.
  8. I was extremely close to my Nana and she passed away two weeks ago. I resonate with every word of yours. Life feels empty and meaningless when someone that woke you up with everyday just leaves this Earth. I have cried all that I could and now I am just lost. She was not just my Nana but a mom to me, who will pray for me day and night, call me thrice if I go out, press all my clothes when I didn't even have anywhere to go. I am just trying to put up a strong face for my family but I am shattered. You will have to be strong for the ones that are around you too. Do not live the life your father did, it's a lesson for you to choice a different path. You and I do not know how much longer we will live so fretting over an inevitable death is pointless. Just live today, smile, smile at your pets, smile at your family, laugh because we only have right now.
  9. You Say by Lauren Daigle. Next, Summertime Sadness by the one and only Lana because why not.
  10. This thread as old as it might be put salt on my wounds. 😞 Hope you ladies are thriving today and away from nasty predators.
  11. This list kinda shocked me too, I mean I never knew David Beckham could ever have a disorder. I mean its David BECKHAM. There are many others in this list too that were nothing less than a shock like LEONARDO DICAPRIO!
  12. When you say people's problems, that is not healthy I believe. Family problems, most definitely worry you. I don't mean to sound pessimist but in my 37 years of life, I have realized that investing too much time in their problems is not okay. They expect you to be emotionally available for them when you have a life of your own and when you are not available they whine and say oh how I have been there for you and you can't do the bare minimum by listening to my problems. So, do not overhelp and worry about other peoples problems because you are kindhearted. Help as much as you can and let go of their troubles. It has come to bite me countless times when I made others peoples issues my own and worsened my anxiety. Hope this helped πŸ™‚
  13. I can understand the pain of those childhood flashbacks that come out of nowhere to haunt you. I was molested when I was a child, was molested when I was a teen and when those flashbacks rain on my brain, I feel like hurting those men in unimaginable ways. I am so sorry you had to go through all that in life. Figure out what triggers you, like a certain person or anything else, just try to stay away from those triggers. I try to keep myself busy with exercise and reading. I know these sound like the most clichΓ© activities but they truly help. You might feel alone too and no one can actually empathize with you so keep a journal on yourself. Write your deepest and darkest thoughts in it because I feel like I have shared my thoughts with someone through journaling. I also have anxiety and depression due to these traumas. I use a few other coping techniques that might help you. The first grounding technique is to try to come back to your sense with the help of your five senses. Use scented candles in your room, take a sniff to come back to reality. Use music to calm yourself and bring you back. Have some sour candies and other sweet candies by your side. This helps for your sense of taste to bring your attention to the taste rather than the flashback. As far as touch is concerned, cuddle with your pet or touch something cold. These techniques might sound pretty lame but they do help. They help me to notice my surroundings and bring me back to reality. Wish I could hug you and make the pain go away but know you are not alone and your oppressors have a special place in hell.