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Found 14 results

  1. Recently I keep having so many physical symptoms which seems to be symptoms of heart attack like chest pain back pain arm pain heart palpitation nausea and also leg pain. I had several ekg, chest xray and heart ultrasound about a month ago due to heart palpitation. They all came back normal but now I started having all these discomfort. I'm a 17 year old female with no family history of heart disease but I can't help but worry about it all the time. The doctor gave me anxiety meds and everyone says that I'm overthinking when I complain. Sometimes I even have a sense of impending doom for several minutes and feel fine the other minute. I'm so scared. What should I do? I'm about to enter college but everything is going downhill now. ?
  2. Hi all! I don't know where to start or what is going on. I was diagnosed with health anxiety at the ripe age of 14 after winding up in the hospital with a heart rate of 220. I am a 22 year old female, relatively healthy. I have some heart issues that the doctors are trying to sort out, and they can't decide if it is anxiety or an actual irregularity within my heart. Currently wearing a Holler monitor and am hoping for the best. I lost my job about 2 months ago, and I have been sitting around the house all day. I am very tired all of the time, my muscles in my back are killing me and of course the feeling of something being stuck in my throat almost 24/7. My neck and back hurt so bad to the point where most days I don't want to do anything, and am starting to get depressed now as well. I get almost constant headaches due to the constant anxiety that I will die from my heart. My boyfriend has been trying to help me out here, but it doesn't seem to be working. I fear to get out of the house and walk, because I am scared my heart will beat too fast and wind me up in the hospital again. I have two kids who I am terrified to leave behind and just want to go back to my normal self. I've been getting a weird sensation of being dizzy, but I am not dizzy. I am just spacy and out of touch with the things going on around me. The exhaustion is getting to me too. I don't know where to start to go about this. I am scared that if it is anxiety related they will look passed heart issues and rule it anxiety, and if I claim they might be associated with my heart, they will over look my anxiety. I feel like I'm on a slippery slope that I cannot get out of, and just living my mundane life day by day doing the same things over and over again.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new here. Just joined bc i was reading some threads on anxiety and chest pain and thought why not ask here. I'm so anxious. I'm nervous. I used to take anxiety meds but stopped about 2 years ago. I ran out and never went for a refill appointment. Usually it's social anxiety that i deal with. It's been manageable up until recently. 2 days ago i started having indigestion and heart burn. Which i never get. That pretty much went away then i started having chest pain. Not pressure but sharp pains on my left side where my heart is 😭 but its mainly when i bend over or lay down. Its so strange. So i went to the dr today and told her what was going on. I should also mention I've had some other symptoms such as ear ache, headache and green mucus when i blow my nose (sorry if Tmi) well my anxiety got brought up and I could tell she thought the chest pain was due to anxiety. She wrote me a script for an antibiotic and said the chest pain may be due to early bronchitis or an infection but basically brushed it off. Didn't run any test. She listened to my heart and breathing and said it sounded fine. I feel defeated. Part of me wants to go to the ER just for piece of mind but then again...covid. I'm not sure what I'm asking here. Except has anyone else had sharp chest pains and it not be serious? My mind keeps jumping to the worst case scenario. I honestly feel like the chest pains are real but my anxiety is making it worse. And to top it off the antibiotic are causing major stomach upset. Anyone out there dealt with something similar?
  4. Hi I have had health anxiety over the years. Sometimes in control sometimes not. 2 weeks ago my Dr sent me for an ECG. He called me 2 hours later and said it was abnormal. He wanted me to start on eliquis right away and stop my Beta Blocker. He said it was Atrial Flutter. He set me up for emergency tests. I had another ECG, an Echocardiagram, blood work, and a 2 day monitor. Thursday I go back for the results. Of course I have been worried sick and can't stop thinking about it. I fear the worst. I'm afraid to see the DR but also want the answer. I take an occasional Ativan which helps but I still worry. Don
  5. Hey all, I recently started having these skipped beats/flutters for about 1 1/2 years now. In the time frame I have had multiple EKGs and Echocardiogram which came back fine. The past few months I was feeling great with limited to no epeisodes. Didn’t even think about them. Until last week. Started to feel a few a day. Today I woke up with one when I got out of bed and then had another during eating breakfast. I decided to go to the ER. They gave me and EKG and took vitals and said everything seemed fine and sent me on my way. Said I should look into getting a 24 hour monitor since it’s tough to catch them. I was hoping someone had some insight from experience to calm me down. For some reason it’s much scarier this time around. They always reassure me that I’m fine but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s starting to affect my day to day activities always wondering when another will come...I Thanks
  6. This happened after I just woke up, I leaned up and was on my phone for about 10 mins or so and then I had something that felt like a heart palpation but it was more like a reallt big increase in heart speed for like 8 to 10 seconds and then it went away, which chest pain around my heart area began to surface? I know I got anxiety that's for sure but why did this happen to me? Why now.
  7. So I'm concerned about my son. Last season during soccer this kid was like the best player on the team. Now this season he's like trotting around the field, he's not trying hard, he just looks lazy. It also looks like he's running funny almost limping. He says nothing is bothering him physically, nothing hurts and when he's home or on a playground he's running around like crazy. Top speed jumping off things. One thing he said to me was when he goes from sprinting to jogging he feels off balance. I will also say that he rolls his ankles in when he stands. I had the Dr look at him last spring or summer and he wasn't concerned about his legs. Of course I read about that 8 year old in West Virginia that died after soccer and he had asthma and a heart murmur. My son has asthma and as far as I know does not have a heart murmur. He's 9. I'm scared that something is wrong. He's not always reliable in telling us how he feels, or he won't tell us because he gets nervous. He has a well visit next monday. Should I wait until then or should I bring him in sooner? I'm not sure what to do here and I'm getting concerned. He is growing I think too so maybe thats making his gait off? Any advice?
  8. I have had diagnosed mitral valve prolapse(MVP) for nearly a decade. It is mild and not ever going to be dangerous. However, it along with anxiety does cause my palpitations to be worse and I also get bouts of SVT, which is when my heart feels like its beating really fast and shallow. The SVT doesn't occur very often, but when it does, it REALLY scares me. It lasts anywhere from 2-15 seconds. I've done countless 24 hour monitors, a 30 day monitor, treadmill tests, ECHOs, and it never has shown up, of course. But, It definitely happens. My cardiologist has said maybe a beta blocker might help, or ablation if it gets frequent and worse. I'm very worried about taking a BB because my blood pressure stays pretty low 105/65 or sometimes even lower. I don't feel like I need to lower my blood pressure anymore or I will be passing out! And beta blockers lower blood pressure. I definitely don't want to do any sort of ablation surgery when it's not that bad, and the doctor doesn't think I need that right now, either. But, she has mentioned it. What do you guys think? I've really mulled over the beta blocker. It has some concerning side effects I'm not sure I want to deal with. I'm not sure what's worse, the occasional SVT or the BB side effects. And I'm not even sure the BB will "CURE" the SVT.
  9. Hi everyone! Can you please advise me on what I'm feeling right now. I had been suffering left arm pain and jaw tightness today. Actually, the left arm pain started months ago while the jaw tightness was just recent. Reading articles on the internet is one of the things I've done and I was schocked that this was actually symptomps of a heart attack. I am really scared because I think I might having one. I have issues with my blood pressure and weight so it really adds up my worry plus the fact that my chest goes tight when I presa it. I think i've also experienced shortnesa of breath but I don't know if it's accurate because you know sometimes you'll be concerend with your breathing and then it will act abnormally. Can you please help me?? I don't really know what to do anymore. I've been worried of having this since November. I had an ECG and blood tests that month and it has normal results so I don't know why I feel this heart attack related things. I just can't understand if I'm just scared or not. Here are some detailed pains that I have: 1. Left Arm Pain -usually felt on upper arm, armpits, wrists rarely on elbows and fingers -it feels like tired sometimes eventhough I didn't lift up heavy things. -it comes and goes for months now. 2. Jaw tightness -just felt it recently -it's like having tootache but I know I don't have issues with my teeth -comes and goes as well -usually climbs up into my cheeks 3. shortness of breath -unsure about it but it actually occurs at rest 4. chest pain -not like "pain" but more of a discomfort especially when pressed. usually located below breast, sides and near middle Thank you and I hope you can have answers to what I feel.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm just new into this forum and I hope that you can help me with these unexplained health problems that I got. Last October, due to irritabilty of what I feel plus the fear inside of me, I had decided to visit a doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with hypertension. For me its just okay. I've also done EKG and some test in the blood to know if some organs causes my hypertension. The results were okay but after 2-3 days I felt pain in my chest, first in the right then after a week it shifted into the left part. Plus the fact that my arm, neck, and shoulder hurts, gives me the fear that it might be heart related. From then up until now, it still gives me that fear and anxiety that I'm very ill and I'm close to death. 3 months ago my father died and I'm scared and worried that it might happen to me as well. Due to this, I've become more concern about my body. I had also sleepless nights due to fear and other physical symptoms occured like headaches, abdominal pain and right now, there's something with my throat that keeps moving when I touch it and it has that popping sound to it. I've visited 5 doctors already (cardio included) and they all said I'm fine but I can't accept it due to the pains that I feel. Please help me. I don't know If I'm sick or I'm just having this pain due to fears and anxiety. I want to go back to my old self where I feel true happiness. Any comments or advice would be helpful. I don't want to cry anymore due to the physical and emotional pain that I feel. Thank you for reading and I hope I can read your advices and comments soon.
  11. So background is ive had anxiety for ever. I had a stress test maybe 4 years ago with normal results. Had numerous EKGs which also resulted in normal readings. I'm a 28 y/o male. Have exercise on and off regularly for ten years. Recently I've been back into it heavily. Yesterday I actually had a checkup and my Bp was 108/70 and HR was 66. So I feel decently healthy. I have been on and off SSRIs for years as well. Recently though I stopped everything and have felt great. Even discussed with my doctor about not have a panic attack for awhile and not really experiencing anxiety. But not even 20 mins ago I felt what I would describe as a skipped beat. Almost like my heart fluttered and then beat real hard which caused a panic attack. How I explain may seem as if I've never experienced one which I don't know. Pretty sure I have but for some reason my brain blocks out a lot of previous panic attacks. I drank coffee this morning for the first time in awhile. That was over 12 hours ago. I drank alcohol also about two hours ago. Not a lot but I hardly drink anymore either. I feel asleep and woke back up and was just hanging around watching TV and it happened. I know there are threads and stickys for these things but I still would like reassurance. That I can get through this without jumping back on Prozac and starting to drop Xanax and that what I experienced is not an emergency problem. My heart rate is still heightened but admittedly I took some Xanax so hopefully that helps.
  12. Hello all, I've been dealing with anxiety issues for the last 8 months. I had a full panel of test ran back in February and was told I was fine. However, I completely stopped working out because thats when everything started. It seems like my heart palpitations come and go. I can be watching a movie, laying down, walking up the stairs or driving (I have terrible driving anxiety). For the last two months my left chest seems to ache or feel like its being squeezed when I get my heart rate up to a certain level, or if I try to work out. I never in my life had palpitations working out. Now I can't go walking or anything! I could talk to someone and the slightest bid of nerves and my heart flutters. I just shampooed my hair in the shower and started getting palpitations. I feel like my body is registering any type of exertion as stress. Is this normal? Could it be more?? I had a 24hour monitored on yesterday and a stress test today. All were fine. While they were hooking me up, my heart was jumping irregular and they were able to catch in on the screen. I was fine on the treadmill. However, once my heart rate started to slow down, my heart was jumping all over the place again. I don't know if it was because I was thinking about my heart jumping around because my heart rate was so high or what. So as of right now, I have the dull achy feeling in my chest on the left side. I don't know if its anxiety or my heart is really stressed to the max. I keep thinking about my cousin who is only 40 and needs a heart transplant all because she was stressed (ex police officer with a lot of family issues). She also had anxiety. She is not a constant thought, but every time I have heart palpitations, I just try and relax to keep them from happening, but I get so flustered. I know that palpitations are normal, and I can deal with that. I used to get them before I started dealing with anxiety. What I can't handle is the amount of time its happening and the cause.. simple things like shampooing my hair or cutting a frozen piece of meat or any little type of exertion. I'm only 32, don't smoke, don't drink, don't drink sodas, eat extremely healthy, no caffiene, etc. Maybe Its hormone related? Has anyone else dealt with heart palpitations and achiness from mild exertion???
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I am new here. I am 18 years old and am healthy, work out all the time, eat fairly well. However, I have major health anxiety over the occasional heart flutters/palpitations/skipped beats I get. They come and go, but now it's gotten to the point where I'm so worried when the next one will happen. Sometimes I get a few a day, and ONCE in a while, I get them lasting for hours and hours, but then they will go away. But yet, even now when they aren't happening, I am so worried about it. Can anyone relate to these flutters and give me any advice? Yup, I've been to the doctor twice about it and they saw it on the EKG and just said it was adrenaline, didn't give much thought. 2 of my family members on my dad's side have flutters too. I just need advice for peace of mind! Thanks!