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Found 14 results

  1. Hi So I came out about my story a while ago on another forum that I lost because I'm a big idiot. However, I do need advice. I'm 17 years old, and I have a lot of symptoms of anxiety. I had a therapist some time ago but she didn't believe in diagnosis. She gave me the "you likely have GAD/Depression" spew and then my guardian pulled me. I haven't been allowed to get help since. That was 2017 in December and my anxiety has been on the fastest moving slide downwards. My symptoms used to purely be mental, I'd ruminate for hours, I might get shaky and paranoid, I'd have panic attacks every so often. After I was pulled and a confrontation occurred, it's gotten worse. I shake day in and day out depending on how stressed I am, I get dizzy frequently, I disassociate often. Every day my body is constantly tense. It's to the point where if I sit still for too long my whole body hurts, and when I stretch my bones and joints pop (the same way it does when you crack your knuckles). Recently, it's gotten even worse with me getting the head zappy symptom. My school offers free professional counseling at this place nearby, but I need to be 18 to sign my papers. I don't know if I'll even last that long;;; it feels like a forever wait and it's 20 days away. Does anyone have any good coping techniques I can use to wait it out???? I can't stand these pains and symptoms.
  2. Does anyone else get rapid eye movements they cant control with issues speaking and a side of confusion? It always makes me think I have something much worse than anxiety ?
  3. Hello, how do you deal with HA on your vacation? I am going on holidays by plane tomorrow and I am a little stressed. Stressed of flight, symptoms etc. Currently I have eyelid twitching and headache today. My eyelid twitching started 4 weeks ago but I havent had them for 2 weeks and they started again a week ago. I take magnesium. My neuro said nothing to it. I am afraid of symptoms on vac. I know stress doesn't help but is stronger a day before flight.
  4. Do you also have the feeling of disappointment when your symptoms are better one day, and come back the another? It is so annoying for me! When my symptom is better , I am happier and when it is back again, I am in panic again that maybe it is not anxiety but disease? I am so tired of this Do you have symptoms when you are calm and think you are not anxious? When I feel better and get my symptoms, I am worried again and again.
  5. Hi I'm new to this but I've had ongoing anxiety related issues for a year now involving clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth, shaking, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, heart palpitations, muscle twitches, tensing up, feeling sick, loss of appetite, feeling as if I'm going to faint, frequent urination, chest pain and frequent panic attacks. I've always had no doubt these were all caused by anxiety either because I've been anxious or I realized I was having an anxiety attack but recently I had a horrible panic attack that seemed to not let up for almost two weeks. Out of nowhere I woke up one morning and had the urge to use the restroom, but after I went I still felt the need to go. This has been occurring on and off and I went to the doctor to have UTI and STD testing, blood work, all came back negative. I've had ultrasounds of my bladder and uterus and been to a urologist to check for inflammation during a cystoscopy test, and had voiding tests. Everything came back clear and multiple doctors have told me there is nothing physically wrong with me and urology related problems wouldn't pop up overnight. Psychiatrists have told me that it could be due to anxiety since it started during an attack but I just can't seem to accept it...
  6. Hi, I'm Jackson and I just signed up to this site. I'm 21 years old and for the past few months I've been having some pretty frightening physical symptoms of what I hope is anxiety. I have had previous anxiety/social anxiety early in childhood and was okay until my fear of HIV came a long a several months ago. It was probably the most stressful time waiting for those blood tests to come back but they did and all was clear.. However, most recently I've been having an overwhelming fear or ALS that's consuming my day to day life. I have muscle twitching all over, mostly in the legs calve/thighs and I feel drained/fatigued, I get burning sensations that run through my legs as well as electric shock/tickling sensations and tingling. The muscle twitching is more noticeable at night however is happens throughout the day, usually when I'm working/moving around I don't notice it at all. I don't even have the courage to look up muscle twitching now because the fear of such a horrible horrible disease frightens me. I realize that there has to be clinical progressive weakness for an ALS diagnosis which I am reluctant to say I haven't had (knock on wood). Anyways just letting you into whats happening in my life! Anyone else have/had a similar experience with a fear of neurological diseases? Most appreciated
  7. I have had a weird thing happen while anxious this past month, which I can only call a new anxiety symptom? Ugh...I feel it now. When I'm panicking or anxious in general, my veins will become very visible in my arms and hands and will throb with pain. This pain happens before my anxiety and can sometimes linger afterwards. The pain keeps me from sleeping, because I tend to have anxiety right before bed. Does anyone experience anxiety symptoms involving their veins? It's freaking me out. I'm trying not to start the downward spiral about it where I think I have a clot and I'm about to die.
  8. Hi There, just joined the forum. I have a multitude of health concerns, but i will save them for another forum. I will just introduce myself here Robert, From Ireland. 23 years old. Working as an IT Systems Administrator. I suffer from high levels of anxiety and stress. Only recently has this Anxiety turned into a more of a health-related hypochondria / health Anxiety. I suffered Asthma as as a child, but nothing else since thankfully. I have been relativity healthy. I could do with loosing a few pounds, and exercising more.. but i wouldn't consider my weight a major issue. Anyway, looking forward to (hopefully) easing my concerns, or at least, talking with others that have similar Health Anxiety issues! Robert
  9. Hi there, just registered. Hoping i am posting in the right place! Firstly, i suffer from high levels of anxiety and stress. Only recently, has this turned in to a more of a health-related hypochondria / anxiety. I basically think i have a serious illness and that im going to die. I have all these symptoms that seem 110% real. (and maybe they are?! - i have never had much health-anxiety before) I will list them: >> Lack of appetite, swollen stomach, Nausea >> Fatigue, really tired all the time, getting a full nights sleep, yet still feeling really tired and fatigued. >> Pale. Dark Circles under eyes. Slight Yellowing in corner of eyes (Jaundice??) >> Pain / pressure under right rib-cage / feeling like i have a golfball under neath my ribcage >> Back pain in my mid-to-lower back (left side mainly)- comes and goes. >> IBS (Self-Diagnosed) >> Feeling a pressure in my pelvis / left Buttox / left leg area - as if i have a swollen prostate (or in that general region) >> Slightly-Paler Stools and darker Urine >> Burning sensations, kinda everywhere really.. random hotspots on my body for no apparent reason >> Frequent Urination I have been to the GP for checkups and tests. I have had an Endoscopy down my throat (they noticed i had a Hiatus Hernia and slight inflammation / GERD) I have had an abdominal Ultrasound, nothing showed up. I had bloods done, everything came back ok, except from slightly elevated ALTs - she told me its nothing to worry about?! I am now waiting to see a Gastroenterologist in a few weeks. I am so nervous and anxious about it all. I keep googling my symptoms and it's telling me all sorts of serious things! I cant stop thinking about it, and its affecting my daily work now. It's sorta turned into OCD, where i keep having to repeat myself and say things in my head like " im not going to die " is there anyone else with similar issues / symptoms - feel so alone here! :( Robert
  10. Well, Two weeks ago, I went to see my doctor, complaining of a sore stomach and I also had a lump on my groin. The doctor said the lump was nothing & probably a cyst and that my stomach pains were from stress and anxiety or IBS. So two weeks today, nothing has changed. It has actually become worse. I have had a constant pain in my stomach for two weeks, and I have actually started to have pain in my groin area, swapping from left to right. Two days ago, I noticed a swollen lymph gland in my groin & it was sore to touch and has been shooting sharp pains down my leg. Today I am going to a different doctor, as I feel my usual doctor has diagnosed me wrong. I can honestly say I have had no anxiety over this after I went to the doctors the first time, but since the pain has increased, I have started to worry. Every one has been telling me its nothing and that I don't need to worry about it, its normal. But its not normal, its not normal to be in constant pain for two weeks, or for the pain to increase. I am going to a different doctor today, but still bracing myself for the worst. If it is what I think it is, I am just going to have to deal with it and go through it. I cant change it. Its going to be hard, but it is what it is. I have also had other symptoms that I am not going to list in my post, but im only 21 and I have no children. I think that is why people think its nothing because it is very un common for a 21 year old to have it. The signs are there, so I will have to wait and see what the doctor says today.
  11. Hi everyone. This is my first post. Just wondering if anyone has had this... I get a lot of physical symptoms. I worry at first when a new one arises but then deal with it and the anxiety it causes by just ignoring it, convincing myself it's just the panic disorder trying to trick me. I'm not ill or dying so I'm ok. Actually this site... helped me heaps, along with some info from Dr Claire Weekes and cbt. I felt I was over it and had beaten it (as I had years before) it was over. My main problem was driving. Driving a block away was a big deal, driving to work an epic journey, long distance was never gonna happen. Now I feel great, I could drive to the moon without worrying about panic. My problem is now,a new symptom has popped up in the form of first, a dry mouth, then a too wet mouth & now a constant nagging thing where I am always focussed on how my mouth is. Sometimes my tongue feels huge. Sometimes I feel like saliva is just pouring out & sometimes my mouth has felt so dry it's hard to swallow. This led me to worry about how I would eat. Now I know I'm fine. I know it's just the disorder but I can't stop concentrating when I eat! I chew and chew and chew and concentrate and then swallow. It gets so tiring I get a sore jaw and mentally drained so I don't eat much, especially if it's chewy or dry food. I know I will get over this somehow! But it makes me wonder... If I get over one thing, is another going to pop up! Uggh! I finally can drive, I have no fear of panic, I am finally free and then this mouth thing jumps up to stop me! When will it end.
  12. I had never suffered any mental health issues in my life what so ever until I was 40 years old. I'd always been dripping with confidence and whilst a little shy - my self-esteem had always been bullet-proof. Two events happened around this time in my life both of which contributed to my imminent downfall. First of all it was my age that bothered me. Forty years old is a major landmark and I'd always been petrified of death and ageing. Secondly I'd begun a new job that was a close as one could ever get to hell without actually dying. The nature of this new job required everyone in the office to work at breakneck speeds on a multitude of tasks all day long. Lunch breaks if taken, presented workers with an un-revoverable backlog to cope with when they returned and so most of us took only a fews seconds out for half a sandwich at best. Each task required of us demanded the utmost concentration to resolve but continuous interuptions made any such concentration impossible. Continuous concentration breaking is the key point here. To constantly embark on a complicated new task without having completed previous jobs is a recipe for destruction. As each day wore on, the pile of incompleted tasks grew higher and higher. At no point would there be any slowing of incoming tasks to allow us to catch up - yet somehow we were expected to satisfy each and every customer fully. Many of my colleages and I found ourselves attending stress coucelling sessions. Some of us were referred to full blown one to one physciatrist appointments. How the company could fund such treatment for their workers without solving the obvious under manning issues remains a mystery closely resembling manslaughter. My troubles began where for an 8 week period I'd been feeling under the weather. From there I began to be unable to relax at home in the evenings and weekends. I could not cope with just sitting in a room with a book to read. My whole body was ready for world war 3 and just reading a book was impossible. I then could,nt face driving in traffic or with anyone else in the car. My throat would close up and me head would dart about uncontrollable to create physical activity as a distraction to the non activity of sitting in a traffic jam. Similarly I could.nt cope with supermarket queues. Attending meetings at work began to require all off my strength simply to sit there. Walking became difficult as dizziness had joined the vast list of weapons available for "Stress" to use against me. Eventually with the list of aids and advice - I began to win the war. Documenting how I felt on an hour to hour basis and following a cocktail of relief tools (that worked for me ) led to a gradual lowering of both the intensity and frequency of symptoms. There were many relapses en-route to recovery but the trend did lead upwards to feeling normal again. The stress response file of the subconscious mind is held inside. It is like a bucket that slowly fills. This bucket is virtually impossible to empty so the older you become the fuller your bucket is. Young people can ride trauma more readily as their bucket is nearly empty. The stress awareness and management tools that sufferers have found to combat the condition are simply an effective way of preventing the stress bucket from over-flowing .
  13. I suffer from panic attacks, and I always wanted to know what OCD is like. If someone can describe to me what goes on in your mind when you perform the "rituals." It would be very helpful to me, so I understand what a person with OCD is going through.
  14. whats the weirdest symptoms you've ever experienced with anxiety/ panic?