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  1. My wife has had a couple of callbacks after her mammogram for an ultrasound and all has been fine.
  2. My wife has dense breast tissue too. It may make you feel better if you discuss your concerns with your physician.
  3. OK, all things considered. Welcome back.
  4. MARC

    *** fear

    I have saliva in the back of my throat quite often and it is thick sometimes too. My ENT physician told me it was due to a combination of allergies, post nasal drip, sinus issues and GERD.He told me not to worry about it. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  5. I forgot to welcome you to the forum. 😀
  6. There is something approved by the FDA called TMS therapy which is geared to people with medicine resistant depression. I would look into it as it may be an alternative that may help you.
  7. I would talk to family members, close friends, clergy, read self help books/videos and if necessary, a therapist for help.
  8. I have had an ugly growth on my right forearm for years. It sort of looks like a mole on steroids. It is the size of a pencil eraser and it is slightly raised. When I first saw it, I thought it was bad news. The dermatologist looked at it for around 2 seconds and blew it off as nothing.
  9. I had basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose around 12 years ago. I originally had a shiny spot and I thought it looked weird. I called my dermatologidt and he saw me the next week. He looked at it and grimaced a bit and I knew it may be bad news. He could never play poker as he would give his hand away. He took a biopsy and he called me and the biopsy was positive for basal cell carcinoma. He referred me to a Mohs surgeon. I went to the surgeon and he got me ready for the surgery in his office. He sat me in an elevated chair and hooked a blood presssure cuff and heart monitor on my left arm. He then took a needle out and stuck it in my nose to numb it. He then covered up part of my face and began the surgery when I was awake. He kept on asking me if I was OK and I said yes. He then began to remove the tumor. He thought he got it all and went back in and said the tumor was deeper then he thought so he had to go back in and dig deeper. He then got it all and sutured me up. He told me their was a 99% chance it would not come back and so far it has not. My dermatologist checks it once a year.
  10. Sounds like a joint to me, especially as it is not growing or becoming increasingly painful.
  11. I hope you feel better soon and I am glad you have a diagnosis that is responsible for your twitching which is not serious I hope.
  12. You could keep an eye on things and see how he feels. I know of a man who did not know he had diabetes as he never went to the doctor and his blood sugar was around 400 and he passed out. He is better now and has lost weight and watches what he eats more carefully and takes medication.
  13. MARC

    Soft stools

    I have been to my GI physician many times over the years and he once told me that some of his patients think that their symptoms are due to a big tumor growing inside of them, when in reality, their symptoms are benign.
  14. MARC

    Lets talk

    I will tell you one more story, but this is about what happened with me. About 5 or 6 years ago I was walking in our house in the hallway around 530 am when I tripped over our dogs bed. I fell and when I got up, my left lower leg had a giant lump on it from when I fell. I had a meltdown and thought I had a blood clot. I got dressed right away without taking a shower and got into my car and began speeding to St Joseph Medical Center in Towson. I was in a panic and was driving at 80mph plus and went through a number of red lights as I thought time was of the essence. I sprinted into the ER and was scene by the ER physician. He examined my leg and x-rayed it and said I had a bad contusion and sent me home. It was their quite some time and it bled from the inside and actually a bit of blood pooled at the bottom of my foot and you could see it. Eventually it went away. Boy did I overreact, but in the heat of the moment I lost all composure and went to the worst case outcome.
  15. MARC

    Lets talk

    My wife a few years ago had chest pains and she threw up too. We both got nervous and she went to the ER. It was not her heart, but when she went to the GI physician the next week, it turned out to be a benign stomach polyp which got twisted up in her stomach lining, which when it was removed, the pain stopped. One of the reasons we are over vigilant for not only our health, but for our families is our inability to accept uncertainty. Of course the main reason is we care for them and don't want to see anything happen to them.
  16. MARC

    Soft stools

    A little flat does not matter. I would not worry.
  17. MARC

    Soft stools

    Formed stools are a good sign. If it was soft and came out fairly quickly that is another good sign.
  18. I don't mean to disagree with you, but you are not correct when you stated that one of the first things they notice is muscle weakness starting in the arms, as 2 of the people I knew who had ALS has no initial weakness in their arms.
  19. One of the people who I knew was 70 years old. He had just retired from being an attorney, when he suddenly had badly slurred speech. They thought he had a stroke, but it was ALS. I personally have never heard of an ALS symptom like this.
  20. The 4 people I knew who had ALS, their symptoms became noticeable pretty quickly.
  21. I have had painful ulcers or bumps on my tongue in the past and they eventually went away after a few weeks.
  22. I have actually known 4 people who had ALS and none of them had any twitching. I will not go into any detail of their symptoms unless you ask me to, but NONE had any twitching.
  23. Try to remember ALS is an extremely rare disease with only around 5,600 cases per year diagnosed in the USA, according to the ALS Association. Compare that number with heart disease and cancer and their is no comparison.