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  1. It's been a hard couple of weeks. My anxiety skyrocketed. Been to my GP every other day, went to ophthalmologist due to blurred vision, he couldn't find anything wrong and said no need to scan head. Now I have a blocked ear, have had episodes of blockages for the past year and a half, but today I'm freaking out. GP was never bothered with ear blockage, but I feel I'm going to die.
  2. Instead of chemotherapy which from what I heard kills all cells both bad and good, immunotherapy boosts the immune system to fight any cancer cells which might still be around. It can be a pill or supplied by drip. Mine is drip.
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that all my blood work is ok, crp is 4. Doc doesn't see the need of getting more bloodwork done. And I'm starting immunotherapy coming week, which will consist of bloodwork too. Thanks for the support.
  4. I would like to thank each and every one of you. Just a small update, my crp is down to 20. All other bloodwork parameters are excellent. Doc is super happy and so am I. I just need to get over the scare......
  5. All cancer was removed including adjacent fat and lymph nodes. It looks like no spreading had occured, except for some leakage in the adjacent fat tissue, which was removed. I am currently freaking out about pancreatic C, as sometimes I get a slight oily residue after passing stools. I really can't take it anymore.
  6. I'm a mess. Everything I feel is now some kind of C. I have had full CT scan, colonoscopy and stomach endoscopy but I am thinking that my nausea is C. Operation was a week ago, and had tube in my nose, yesterday I noticed a point on my nose hurts, so I am thinking I have C in my face. Surgeon is super happy with outcome but to me, I have short time to live. I only want to stay in bed and do nothing. I am very anxious and getting a lot of hot flushes. I never thought I would have to face this and sincerely I do not think I am coping at the moment.
  7. Good evening guys. Short update. It was kidney cancer. Kidney has been removed for a week and oncologist visit next week. No spreading of cancer. I feel very strange, like I can't trust my body as it tricked me, and every ache now is cancer. Don't know how to proceed.....
  8. @MARC and @Ironman thanks a lot for your kind words. I'm a mess. I can't understand why this happened to me. I don't drink, don't smoke and don't eat rubbish. I just can't understand why...
  9. After a number of tests, including blood, chest x-ray, endoscopy, gastroenteroscopy and CT scan, an 8cm lump was found on my kidney. Kidney will be removed in the coming month. I have no words. I just feel like this is a very bad dream. I have no idea what to do, if I will live through it, etc. I just know I'm a mess.
  10. Just an update. Let's start by saying I'm a mess, crying most of the times when I am alone, not working as I just want to sleep. Admitted to hospital last Tuesday. They ran a ton of blood work, physical examinations and chest x-ray. All was fine, except esr and crp and haemoglobin a bit low. Was discharged on Wednesday. Have blood work, endoscopy and gastroscopy on Thursday, then CT scan the week after. A lot of cancers were excluded but they still can't find the inflammation.
  11. Esr and crp still high. Was admitted to hospital.
  12. To be honest I took blood samples today, some of which will be sent abroad. I feel like shit, apologies for my language. Nurse said that haemoglobin count isn't too low. But I still had problems with esr. I just hope it's not the end of me, I'm ready to die but my kids.....I can't picture them growing up without me. My youngest is only 9 and she is my princess.
  13. Went to the general physician today. He examined me and couldn't find anything wrong. So he is proposing a CT scan and more blood work. From my previous blood work he said that things started about 8 months ago. But with the physical exam, he couldn't find anything wrong. So the search continues......whilst I despair.
  14. As Friday is approaching, and I have to visit the first specialist, all I am experiencing is an impeding sense of doom, thinking to myself that I will not be here in a year's time as I will be dead. Still no real pain, some lower back soreness and tingling toes when I wake up. I also crashed my car today, was thinking about how doc will find something worrying when I visit him.
  15. Thanks for your kind words @Ironman. AS I said, I have no major pains, I am not loosing weight, and I feel quite ok, but I still think that there is something extremely wrong with me, and I need to get a coffin.