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  1. I am 47. This past May I had covid, not bad case. I notice more of foggy head at times and memory not as crisp at times, but not bad. But about 5 days ago I noticed that I felt moments like I wanted to say one word and another one that was similar came out. For example at store I said I would like to play instead of “pay”. Also, I think I am going to say “the kids went to the store but out of my mouth is “the kids have gone to store”….that freaks me out bc I think I was going to say the first sentence….That is happening to me more the past 5 days. I feel out of it too for periods when this is going on. I feel like my tongue is thick and heavy and that I slur a few words but my wife swear I sound fine. I also think of words in my head and almost worry that I will slur or not say them correctly. I feel super anxious during this and almost in panic and like brain fog. This past June I had fear of ALS with foot but that is better. SO I am freaking out thinking I have early onset dementia, ALS bulbar, or permanent cognitive damage from Covid. I'm feeling very panicky. Sorry guys
  2. dcamc4

    ALS fear

    Thanks folks. I am still feeling anxious bc my ankle is sore and feels "restricted" feeling tight and not loose, but I am able to move how I explained above still. Making small progress moving in right direction but having minor pitfalls but trying to move in right direction. Thanks for all of your patience and kindness and support.
  3. dcamc4

    ALS fear

    Hi folks...I know there are many threads and I have been reading up. Just wanted to voice that I have been in ALS rabbit hole for past 48 hours. 47 year old male...Started with my right foot feeling tight and like I cant lift my toes as far as I normally can, thinking foot and shin is getting weaker and my shin muscle is sore. I started wearing flip flops about a week ago on and off, but still I go down rabbit hole....of course, I went to ALS rabbit hole thinking I want to watch my kids grow up. Not much else, just really sad as I have ben doin geeks for a while. This fear is intense. Sorry to vent, just wanted to get this out to a group I feel safe with. All the best to everyone.
  4. Thanks for the response guys...I really appreciate. I read up on GERD and boy it sounds awfully familiar.
  5. I think its the gnawing symptom that scares me. It went away Friday through Sunday and is back this morning.
  6. Hey Folks…I have been freaking out last few days. I have been getting this gnawing feeling in top of stomach right below where ribcage meets. It seems to get worse as day goes on. It also feel like I am constantly hungry, that I can eat and I am ok for like 30 min and the feeling comes back. I also get bloated and burp and get gassy, almost like palpation too. I went through something like this a year ago, I had h-pylori infection and did triple antibiotic and eventually went away. I never feel heartburn per say. I was doing fine for about 13 months and then I got Covid two weeks ago, after Covid this feeling came back. I was taking Betaine for low stomach acid but I don’t think this is it. Anyway I am freaking out bc I am worrying about stomach cancer. I am a 46 year old male in fairly good shape but I have always had stomach concerns since I was little. I have two little daughters and fear I wont see them grow up. I am really down, I thought I was over this bought 13 months ago and now it is back. This scares me a ton. I wake up feeling fine, but it starts once I get going and either eat something or have coffee. I do feel better when I am standing up or walking.
  7. Thanks for the responses...I have always had ringing form time to time. I guess it just seems "worse" lately in right ear...I don't notice all day, more when I wake up. When I'm at work I don't notice it...just when its silent and when I wake up. Just scaring me a bit bc my brain gets to tumor I get so angry at myself
  8. HI guys...you all have been a great help in past. For about last 3-4 days I notice a ringing in right ear when things are silent. Defiantly stronger in right ear than left. In addition, I do get out of it feeling. I do work out a good bit and have tight traps, etc. I am 44 and tis feels like a new worry. Well, I read about a case of tumor that can do this. I am now really worrying myself about having a brain/tumor in ear etc. If anyone has any thoughts, or had common fear before that would be great to hear. Sorry in advance for my worry.
  9. Hey guys my health anxiety has been ramped up for a few weeks. First it was itching and worried now last two days I felt fatigue at points in day and I started getting this dreadful feeling that I have some underlying cancer that is causing fatigue. Currently I’m laying down and feel so darn tired. Earlier at work around 2:30 after eating I kept yawning and wanted to close my eyes. Yesterday I felt so so tired around 3-4 pm. I sleep ok but never feel refreshed when waking, this has been so for as long as I can remember. I used to feel refreshed when I was younger, now 44. I had blood work done yesterday morning for yearly and maybe subconsciously I’m extra anxious? I guess I was wondering what cancer fatigue looks like? I’m feeling really worried. My wife suggested it could be fatigue from anxiety/worrying or depression thanks guys
  10. Hey friends Ive been doing ok for a while but then boom last night started with pinky itching and today I am itching all over body. It almost feels like itchiness and a "prickliness" as well. I goggled and I'm upset at myself bc I am now stressing over pancreatic cancer or lymphoma. Really trying to not go down that rabbit hole. But I am scared this is a sign of those cancers.
  11. Hi folks I was recently diagnosed with flu for second time (Wednesday). Well, I am feeling better except for my throat. My left tonsil and left side of my throat was irritated/red when I went to doctor. They put me on doxycycline Thiursday morning and my throat still hurts pretty bad. They swabbed for strep and it was negative. My nodes in neck specifically on left side around jaw and back of next are tender to touch. For the past fw months I had issues of face/cheek pressure in sinus area and jaw. Well I am panicking bc I think its throat, jaw, or maybe some esophageal cancer. This is really scaring me guys. I am sorry. I thought I would be getting better with antibiotics but throat is not.
  12. I don't know if this is correct thread for this. I apologize if not. SO I have the occasional ALS fear flare up. Long story short about two months ago I hurt back and had numbness in surface portion of left quad (upper part). Slowly feeling is coming back. My muscles have always been slightly smaller on left leg bc of two ACL surgeries. Ive been getting this feeling in small area of upper quad like a small spasm or maybe a twitch its kind of odd. its like a faint squeeze an release. It happens throughout day. IS that what people mean by twitting and fasciations? I could be wrong but I think I read that ALS almost never starts in proximal muscled it starts in distal muscles, feet/hands...Is this accurate? Thanks
  13. I think the worst part is I have soar throat on left side of throat...I didn't know you can get that with flu -Here is where my anxious mind goes (I read a while back during a fear of throat cancer that pain on one side and ear pain) doc asked if my ear hurt so my brain started going there...however, I told myself he's asking a question and "I am not a mind reader"...Just trying to use some skills to help with HA.
  14. Unfortunately this was first year I did get flu shot in like 5 years 😕 Yeah. I guess Both were strain A's...doctor said there are multiple strains this year...just worries me so close back to back... thanks for the response
  15. Hi guys I had flu back in February, actually didn't get me too bad but did linger. After that I started with facial tightness, pressure, tension headaches, off balance feeling for months (had ALS, MS, brain tumor scare)...Then had back injury took prednisone last 6 days and then....Well yesterday fever hit me out of blue...I went and got tested this am and was + for flu...I am not freaking out but that little voice in my head is saying "thats 2 times I have had flu in last 4 months, that must mean my immune system is declining...coupled with facial pressure, tension headaches...I must have leuekemia, lymphoma or some tumor" I hate it guys I don't want to go down that path...But my mind is saying, my body is weak from underlying disease and that fear is starting and I am trying to stop myself. Who gets flu 2x? I feel like it means my immunity is declining...I think I'm healthy, I crossfit frequently, have good vitals, weight, eat fairly well...:( Sorry guys just trying to prevent a self-administered meltdown