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  1. Do you feel fatigue all day? How about your daily activities? I feel fatigue all day every day, it's affect my daily task but i can still work, do some cleaning, work out, but i feel my body isn't what it used to be, my energy level were low atm, balance problem, mild co-ordination problem, arm and leg weakness ( perceived ) , slight tremors both on my arm & legs, i've had brain mri and came back normal, blood test, ecg everything is normal, i'm worried that i start developing ME / CFS from a several infection not anxiety, tbh i'm scared that i'm gonna get stroke, parkinson, als, ms or any other autoimmune / undiagnosed disease cause all of this symptoms , sorry about my bad english.
  2. yes being hypochondriac is tough, never got relieved even my doctor said that i'm healthy, always "what if" question stuck in my mind like " what if the doctor misdiagnosed me? what if this is real ? or maybe you would get stroke / paralyzed / heart attack someday ", I know that we live with uncertainty but i just couldn't get rid of this anxious mind. thanks for sharing, hope we get better soon.
  3. i'm really scared that i would get any dangerous / undiagnosed disease, at first i thought this could be MS, ALS, parkinson, diabetes, heart problem, cancer or kidney problem ( lol, scared of everything ) because my body feel so weak and constantly fatigue even when i'm not anxious, i don't know i feel like my body isn't what it used to be, never thought that anxiety would be this extreme, i used to be active and cheerful but now just talking for a while takes my breath away.
  4. thanks for your reply, well it's not during my panic attack, it's showed up after my first panic attack untill now, you feel fatigue? how about your daily activities? i've been diagnosed psychosomatic, GAD , i just couldn't believe it , because all of this symptoms seems so real.
  5. it means chronic fatigue syndrome
  6. i'm 26 year old ( Male ) , it's been 5 months after my first panic attack on february, well my symptoms is : - non-stop fatigue - non-stop tinnitus ( left ear ) - clumsy - pain all over my body - feeling weak ( arms, legs ) - off balance - slightly finger tremor i do some exercise but i didn't get better at all, i'm scared that i begin to develop ME / CFS or ALS or any other disease , i've done several test like head MRI, blood check, ecg everything came back normal, i don't know what to do, does anyone had similiar symptoms ? i'm sorry about my bad english.
  7. hello everyone, nice to meet u all, i hope we could bail out from this health anxiety or another anxiety.