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  1. I have a horrible phobia of anything that creeps and crawls around my home that has more than two legs or no legs, like snakes, mice, ants, spiders, beetles, rats, moths, bees, wasps, bed bugs, worms, larvae, gnats, mosquitos, silverfish, pinscher bugs, etc.! Every time I hear a creaking noise I think it's something that's living and breeding inside my walls. Lately my home became infested with ants and tried killing them with all the OTC products, that would work for a day or so, and then they'd come right back with a vengeance. My days consist of killing all the ants that were invading my home, wiping them up, rebaiting the area, sanitizing the surface, then I go through a daily routine of scrubbing down every hard surface with bleach, vacuuming entire home, mopping all hard floors with straight bleach, collecting kitchen rags, bedding, pillow covers, stuffed dog toys, wiping down all surfaces in kitchen with bleach, wiping off any water spots from all chrome, vacuuming and sanitizing window sills, door knobs, light switches, light sockets, clean off all mirrors with newspaper to avoid streaks, vacuum couches, shelves, dining room table and chairs, fireplace, mantle, screen, picture frames, throw out all garbage that is biodegradable, sweep of front porch, remove weeds from rock garden, hose down patio, porch, windows, home siding, window shutters, patio furniture, use Roundup on all weeds around front of house, prune trees, clear debris, and remove shoes before entering home. I realized I was doing all this to relieve my anxiety and also trying to wear myself down to point of collapsing from exhaustion. I may even perform all these tasks numerous times throughout the day.