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  1. The right side of my face tingled like crazy for awhile last year! Eventually I quit focusing on it and it stopped. I still get it once in awhile but nothing too crazy! I get all the other symptoms you described too. I find a B complex and magnesium help. Hope you feel better soon!
  2. The shunt scares me! I’ve heard so many scary stories! But if it saves your life then so be it! The symptoms are horrendous!
  3. Thank you, I really appreciate it 🙂
  4. I will for sure! Thanks for the support all the way through this!
  5. Hey! I haven’t seen the neurosurgeon yet, but my primary dr thinks that the tumor will be removed endoscopically. I do not have hydrocephalus at this point in the game so I may not need a shunt put in, if I do develop water on my brain between now and surgery then a shunt is usually put in! What exactly is IIH? Something treatable I hope?! I’m actually looking forward to when I can get surgery, it will be nice to have my right arm strength back and my face to not tingle! And the dizziness drives me crazy!
  6. Hi all! I went this morning for my MRI results and they show a Colloid Cyst in the 3rd ventricle. I don’t know a ton about it but my dr has already sent a referral to a major city hospital with a neurosurgeon. Apparently this is the type of cyst that can not stay as it can cause big problems including sudden death 😩 it is the ONE cyst I was really hoping it wasn’t! Oh well, at least now I know and hopefully I see a surgeon sooner rather than later! Thanks for al the support, I really appreciate it 💜
  7. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it 💜💜
  8. I have an appointment for this coming Friday to get the results of the MRI and to find out exactly what is going on 😬
  9. Until last week, I didn’t know they were a thing either! Thank you for the advice! I can always count on you to offer some practical advice and put things into perspective. I appreciate it 🙂
  10. My biggest issue right now is a woozy off balance type of dizziness. I don’t know if it’s the cyst or just stress and anxiety. Thanks for reaching out!
  11. Hey guys! So as a refresher, in July I started experiencing twitching, numb sensations and tingling in my face. That lasted for almost 5 months. In December it all went away and I started feeling very off balance and almost dizzy along with constant headaches at the back of my head. Nothing seems to help them. I finally asked my dr to do a CT to rule anything out and he happily did one as I have never asked for testing and I think he was looking forward to saying “see? You’re fine. I told you so!” However that is not the case. My CT results came back showing something on the left side of my brain and a report saying 90% chance it’s a cyst. I was then sent for an MRI with and without contrast and I am still waiting for the final results. I am FREAKING OUT. The fact that I am symptomatic points to surgery for whatever it is, which at this point would be great. I’m tired of feeling awful all the time. I’m in Canada and surgeons here seem to believe that brain cysts do not cause symptoms and like to leave them until they are causing bigger issues. My husband and I (even without knowing exactly the type of cyst) have already begun to look at the US side to get it done and dealt with. I don’t know if anyone else here has been diagnosed with a brain cyst but I’m looking for people to talk to! I have so many questions and no answers. To top off my month, my husband was diagnosed with Familial Drusen, which is basically a young persons version of Macular Degeneration and on January 13th a very young and irresponsible driver was speeding through town, lost control of his car and hit me head on, totalling my car and his (my poor car was only 3 weeks old!) I definitely can’t wait for this month to be over!
  12. I get either a burning chest or a burning throat. Super uncomfortable and the chest burn hurts! Definitely bring it up with your pcp tomorrow.
  13. Yes! Baking soda and water got rid of the sulphuric burps instantly! I’m on acid reflux meds now and haven’t had it since
  14. I agree! I think you will be fine 🙂 I have done this SO many times! Cleaning my house and not even thinking end up with cleaner in my mouth. It happens to everyone at some point, I’m sure. The rash is more likely your skin being irritated from the chemical, rinse with mild soap and cool water should clear it up. Hope your feeling better!
  15. I should add, I’m sleeping well, walking daily, not over doing the caffeine, wearing my glasses when I should, using eye drops for dry eye relief. I literally can’t think of anything else. I go for regular massage and have another chiropractor tomorrow. I’m stumped.