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  1. Kindra

    Foot pain

    It sounds like you’ve aggregated some nerves in your foot! I’ve done the same thing, try searching stretches for plantar fasciitis, I find these stretches help with the heel pain, and walking on you tip toes can cause something called Morton’s neuroma, it’s an inflamed nerve in the ball of your foot that causes a numb or tingling sensation. Massaging the top of your foot in between the toe bones (not sure what they are actually called) seems to help.
  2. I get these same symptoms when my acid reflux is bad. I ended up needing prescription medication because pharmacy meds didn’t help at all. The flutter sensation made me cough continuously, it’s the worst. Hope your are feeling better
  3. Thankfully mine is benign! It’s a pain and the symptoms can be crazy and scary, but knowing it is benign brings a ton of comfort. I’m well aware of “danger” symptoms that make my tumour an emergency. Fingers crossed I don’t see that day!
  4. Thank you! For now my neurosurgeon is monitoring it with MRI’s every 6 months. It’s location is in the centre of my brain so surgery will only be an option when it starts causing more serious issues. As of now, my symptoms are managed fairly well and I’m doing good 🙂
  5. I currently have a brain tumour and very rarely get headaches from it, lots of other symptoms but headaches are rare for me. sounds more like a sinus infection to me. Hope you are feeling better!
  6. I live in a very small city, population 14,000. In the last week we went from 0 to 600 cases. I have stayed in as much as possible and I’m super cautious but I’m freaking out. It’s spreading like fire here and seems unavoidable. Due to my asthma and BT, I have to go get tested tomorrow along with the hubby to make sure we are not a-symptomatic carriers. My biggest anxiety trigger is feeling stuck or trapped, the last 5 weeks have been pure hell 😒 just needed to vent I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!
  7. I’m currently living with a benign brain tumour, was diagnosed a little over a year ago and the symptoms you are describing are none of the symptoms I have or have experienced. The headaches I get, nothing will help. If muscle relaxers help you, chances are it’s muscle related. Your tongue and numbness sound like possibly TMJ, clenching your teeth is very common with anxiety! I hope you are feeling better!
  8. The right side of my face tingled like crazy for awhile last year! Eventually I quit focusing on it and it stopped. I still get it once in awhile but nothing too crazy! I get all the other symptoms you described too. I find a B complex and magnesium help. Hope you feel better soon!
  9. The shunt scares me! I’ve heard so many scary stories! But if it saves your life then so be it! The symptoms are horrendous!
  10. Thank you, I really appreciate it 🙂
  11. I will for sure! Thanks for the support all the way through this!
  12. Hey! I haven’t seen the neurosurgeon yet, but my primary dr thinks that the tumor will be removed endoscopically. I do not have hydrocephalus at this point in the game so I may not need a shunt put in, if I do develop water on my brain between now and surgery then a shunt is usually put in! What exactly is IIH? Something treatable I hope?! I’m actually looking forward to when I can get surgery, it will be nice to have my right arm strength back and my face to not tingle! And the dizziness drives me crazy!
  13. Hi all! I went this morning for my MRI results and they show a Colloid Cyst in the 3rd ventricle. I don’t know a ton about it but my dr has already sent a referral to a major city hospital with a neurosurgeon. Apparently this is the type of cyst that can not stay as it can cause big problems including sudden death 😩 it is the ONE cyst I was really hoping it wasn’t! Oh well, at least now I know and hopefully I see a surgeon sooner rather than later! Thanks for al the support, I really appreciate it 💜
  14. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it 💜💜
  15. I have an appointment for this coming Friday to get the results of the MRI and to find out exactly what is going on 😬