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  1. I’m glad you are getting your meds. When I started medication my blood pressure was 183/ 111, it’s now at 119/ 72. Anxiety will always make your BP higher, as will any movement. When you take your reading, sit with your feet flat on the floor and be still for a few minutes before inflating your cuff. And don’t over check it, you’ll drive yourself crazy! I almost did!
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I took the above advice and took the meds. I literally was freaking out for no reason, no side effects at all!
  3. I’ve done so well for a long time, but here I am again. I have been through a lot this last year. My cousin who was like my sister, passed away after only a 5 week cancer battle. It was quick and it was ugly. She was healthy and happy and then she was gone. And thanks to COVID, her husband (piece of sh*t) and I were the only ones allowed in to the hospital with her. He never showed up at the best of times and definitely left me on my own with her through the really hard times. I imagine I have some ptsd going on from that. I thought I was doing pretty ok with things until I had to put my 14 year old fur baby down on Monday and everything just spiralled. My guts are a mess, I feel nauseous all the time, I’m hardly sleeping, fidget all the time and feel like I’m sitting on a bobbing boat or walking on a dock and my head feels like it’s full of rocks or lead. I keep trying to remind myself I’ve had these symptoms before, I’m not dying and I came out all the other episodes, tired but ok. But my brain won’t listen. My dr was also my cousins doctor and has been really great with me through all of this offering support and grief management if needed. My mind and body are just so tired. This never ending rollercoaster of anxiety and depression is suffocating. Has anyone else that’s had balance issued found anything that helps calm it? Anti histamines don’t help, neither does gravol or calmed breathing. I hate the motion sensation. It makes everything hard. To top off my anxiety struggles, I got my letter from my neurosurgeon today that my annual MRI for my colloid cyst is in January, which has me freaking out because my anxiety has me convinced this bobbing sensation is because of this stupid brain tumour and I’m terrified to ever have the surgery. My tumour is 2mm away from the required surgery size and I’m terrified it has grown and that I will have to deal with that too. It all just seems like too much. thank for reading my rant, any advice is welcome. 💜
  4. It’s been awhile! Life has been rough the last 6 months, I had a family member get sick and pass away in a 5 week time frame and it was horrible. Due to covid I was the only one in the hospital with her for the entire time. I’ve had a hard time with coping and was set up with grief counselling to help me cope and heal but due to stress and lack of self care, I now have high blood pressure. A good day for me is 151/95, a bad day puts me into “emergency categories” I ended up seeing my dr who did a 24 hour monitor and prescribed me Telmisartan 40mg. I know I have to take it but I’m terrified to! I was stupid and googled the side effects and freaked myself out 🤦🏻‍♀️ Has anyone taken this medication? Or any blood pressure medication? What can I “realistically” expect?
  5. I currently have a benign brain tumour, I’ve never had headaches with it, a ton of other symptoms but not headaches, and I’ve never had a seizure. I think seizure depends on location. Hope you are feeling better 🙂
  6. I get this on my arms, currently have it in my right armpit, for about 6 weeks, sometimes goes down to my bicep and forearm. It’s uncomfortable! I honestly don’t know what causes it, but I’ve had it come and go over the years and honestly, I think I have a pinched or trapped nerve somewhere. Hope you are feeling better soon!
  7. Yep! I have acid reflux and have woke up choking on vomit. It’s disgusting! I’m on prescription meds for my heartburn but find when it’s getting bad to the point of bile in my mouth, baking soda and water (in a shot glass) is the quickest fix to calm it down.
  8. Kindra

    Covid arm

    I didn’t have anything more severe than I had with the first shot, if anything, symptoms were less and COVID arm went away a bit quicker. You will be fine! Just make sure you move your arm around after your shot and ice it to prevent the redness and swelling 🙂
  9. When mine is really bad I drink Eno, it’s the only thing that helps it. It’s baking soda and water, essentially. Tastes horrible but it works for me. Talk to your Dr, you may need a med change!
  10. Kindra

    Covid arm

    I had Covid arm after my shots, lasted almost a month, icing it helps! Nothing to worry about at all 😊
  11. Kindra

    Foot pain

    It sounds like you’ve aggregated some nerves in your foot! I’ve done the same thing, try searching stretches for plantar fasciitis, I find these stretches help with the heel pain, and walking on you tip toes can cause something called Morton’s neuroma, it’s an inflamed nerve in the ball of your foot that causes a numb or tingling sensation. Massaging the top of your foot in between the toe bones (not sure what they are actually called) seems to help.
  12. I get these same symptoms when my acid reflux is bad. I ended up needing prescription medication because pharmacy meds didn’t help at all. The flutter sensation made me cough continuously, it’s the worst. Hope your are feeling better
  13. Thankfully mine is benign! It’s a pain and the symptoms can be crazy and scary, but knowing it is benign brings a ton of comfort. I’m well aware of “danger” symptoms that make my tumour an emergency. Fingers crossed I don’t see that day!
  14. Thank you! For now my neurosurgeon is monitoring it with MRI’s every 6 months. It’s location is in the centre of my brain so surgery will only be an option when it starts causing more serious issues. As of now, my symptoms are managed fairly well and I’m doing good 🙂