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Found 7 results

  1. Hi So I came out about my story a while ago on another forum that I lost because I'm a big idiot. However, I do need advice. I'm 17 years old, and I have a lot of symptoms of anxiety. I had a therapist some time ago but she didn't believe in diagnosis. She gave me the "you likely have GAD/Depression" spew and then my guardian pulled me. I haven't been allowed to get help since. That was 2017 in December and my anxiety has been on the fastest moving slide downwards. My symptoms used to purely be mental, I'd ruminate for hours, I might get shaky and paranoid, I'd have panic attacks every so often. After I was pulled and a confrontation occurred, it's gotten worse. I shake day in and day out depending on how stressed I am, I get dizzy frequently, I disassociate often. Every day my body is constantly tense. It's to the point where if I sit still for too long my whole body hurts, and when I stretch my bones and joints pop (the same way it does when you crack your knuckles). Recently, it's gotten even worse with me getting the head zappy symptom. My school offers free professional counseling at this place nearby, but I need to be 18 to sign my papers. I don't know if I'll even last that long;;; it feels like a forever wait and it's 20 days away. Does anyone have any good coping techniques I can use to wait it out???? I can't stand these pains and symptoms.
  2. Hi everyone i hope you're doing well , can someone please help me i only need a good comparison or a way of thinking to get me move with my life ,a way of thinking that you could have thought of and i did not. i've always been happy my entire life , untill when i had a panick attack about almost 3 years ago , after that i got anxious and little depressed because they were new feelings for me.Happily , i did found my way since many many months ago , i faced and solved my problems , understood how to beat the anxiety trick (total life changment and re-gained my old happy confidednt self) The problem now is that we moved to a new house (me and my family) and it happened to be in the time where i was still traumatized and stuck in anxiety and bad feelings.The first 2 months that i lived in this NEW house , i was still in the worst part of my life. Just like a perfume that reminds someone of a bad breakup with a partner and he wants to get rid of it , same thing for me with this home.Even if had also many good moments , but THAT bad BEGINNING , i just couldnt forget it ,so i never accepted staying in this house. I explained to my parents this but they didnt accept to move from this house , and its been months since i did nothing new in my life , only waiting untill i move from here and then i start living the real life. => i think this way because i'm afraid and dont want to remember that the BEGINING of a NEW major event of my life took place in this house , and if i were to remember it in the future i would feel very bad if it happened in our old house i would totaly accept it and that's because it would have happened in the middle ,not at the BEGINNING of living in the house , just like life , sometimes we fall down in life and we continueall of that makes sense to me , my problem is because it happened at THE BEGINNING .this may seem stupid for you but it is very important and it effects me alot i only need a different way of thinking that would make sense to me . Can someone help me what to do or How to think diferently about this beginning obsession ,anyway to view this thing differently ?
  3. Hi guys. I'm an 18 year old girl who has been dealing with constant daily nausea since last August. It all started with a stomach bug. I hadnt actually thrown up in years, but then i came down with one. I was sick for three days, and then started to feel normal again. However, about a week later i was sitting in a cafe with my mom and started to feel sort of anxious? I then felt a wave of nausea, and thought i was going to be sick. Well basically, since that day, the nausea has not left me. It used to keep me up all night. I dont even get sick, i just dry heave when its a t its very worst. While it has eased ever so slightly since then, i do still have it daily and its ALWAYS on my mind. I cant stop thinking about it, and i only forget when im completely occupied. Ive been to the doctor twice and he said my blood tests were very good so theres nothing wrong with me. My family dont understand and especially my mum, she really cant stand it at all it makes her furious when i talk about it. I also want to mention that this year, since last august, ive been preparing for a very important set of exams (extremely important) and my mum thinks that when the exams are over, this nausea will go away. Sorry this post is so long, i just really need advice as i am so fed up and frightened about whats going on. Thank you.
  4. My name is logan, and I suffer from frequent anxiety and panic attacks. It is affecting my quality of life. I am planning on seeking professinal help and medication soon, unless it stops itself. (Though I doubt that.) I would like to hear the oppinions of people who have/are going through this. Please help me choose my next course of action.
  5. Well im 23 years old and have been dealing with panic disorder depression, social anxiety for about 5 years now after having a major surgery it pretty much came on full force. I was abpe to deal with it for about a year or so before developing agoraphobia. Now im on a decent regiment of meds. How has everyonedealt with the stigma of people not understanding ( and sometimes yourself)
  6. Hey all! I was first diagnosed with anxiety disorder my freshman year of college. It took a lot to get my dad to understand something was wrong, partially because I had no idea what was happening to me (constant severe anxiety. nonstop.) and partially because he is just not the anxious type at all. He was willing to do anything I needed once we did understand, taking me to doctors and therapists and setting up a number system to help me express how good or bad my anxiety was at a particular time. That was six years ago. He's still willing to do anything I need, but I think he still doesn't understand, and I don't know how to express it so he does. I'm on steady medication and not seeing a therapist anymore. I tend not to talk about it, I'm very good at hiding it, and I have anxiety about being percieved as whiny or attention seeking or even manipulative if I bring it up. I suspect that my ability and tendancy to put up a good front has sort of lulled him into the idea that I'm cured or that it's not still bad at times. I'm at a loss to describe this to someone who genuinely does not worry over things (an idea as foriegn to me as anxiety disorder is to him.)