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  1. Jeez, I’d been doing really well with my health anxiety. No real issues since 2013, even after diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in 2015, but all because of a stupid blood test result I went and googled and got myself into a tizz. I’m still anxious, no idea if it’s with the blood tests, even though my GP today explained there is nothing to worry about, the IBS pain or the pain I’m getting in my left shoulder and elbow (it’s normal cause of my hypermobility and I had an operation on my elbow). ARGH!!!!
  2. Well @Runrig1973, you've mesmerized me again... Even though I was called to for my dinner during the song ?.. Looooooove it!.

  3. Still feeling like crap. Not as stuffed up as I was and my throats better too :).. I hate having a cold :(

  4. Welp, I guess that's me a graduate. Never thought I would ever say that about meself!! ?.

  5. @BTCare I have checked and we do not have a test socket...

  6. @Blue_Daz @BTCare last year with slower speeds it flaming only took about 20-30 mins tops!.

  7. @Runrig1973 can it be out before my birthday or my mates 30th as would be an awesome prezzie for us both lol ?

  8. @PegasusLantean hahahah, totally

  9. Is t just me its happening to or is it doing it to others :-/

  10. @British_Airways (2/2) since, any way you can update for me?

  11. Hi @RoyalMail just a heads up that I've DM'd you regarding a track and trace question. Hope to hear from your lovely selfs about it soon ?.

  12. Jings, just looked to see how much my Graduation photo's would cost, and holy shite!!!!!

  13. @ThomasCookCares like other companies do. Considering online help is supposed to get it done quickly!.