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Found 5 results

  1. Good afternoon! My name is Desmond, and I am really struggling and have been for some time now. I am worried! I suffer with random, yet visible tongue twitching/spasm, headaches, eye and face twitching, actually all over twitching. My speech gets slurred at times and I’m very afraid of having a bulbar onset. This happened to me two years ago as well and I had a clean EMG. I suffered COVID back in October and survived and in January, this returned. It went away briefly in February and returned. I’m so stressed out. Any kind words will help.
  2. Hi all I am new here I have fought with anxiety mainly health anxiety and ocd for decades. I am on SSI because of it as well as outpatient. I have been married for 20 yrs. I am a mom of a 22 yr old and 16 yr old. very busy and active in our church but deep down I have been fighting since the 90's. & needless to say this new current event that's freaking everyone out is waking up every fear that I have. Jumping out of my sleep and all. really would be great to meet people who can relate. oh yea I am 44 from Philadelphia
  3. I am stuck at a cross roads in life where I have to choose between getting reassurance and working in another country with my bf. My boyfriend wants to leave as soon as possible and he's waited 3 months for me to have health tests already. My cardiologist said I don't have pulmonary hypertension because despite a higher mpap estimation on my echo, my heart looked normal. My echocardiogram had an estimated mpap of 25. (Mpap 25 is diagnostic for PH when measured during RHC) I read that echocardiogram estimates of PAP are fairly accurate. With diff websites ranging 50-90+% accuracy. I don't know how accurate it really is because there is a divide online about whether it is or not. On one website I read that half of mild PH cases have no other echo findings. I tried to get a second opinion but was rejected by my insurance. I could try to debate it with my insurance but It could take probably half a month plus ill have to wait for an appointment and there isn't a guarantee any of it will work out. Id essentially be wasting time here and my boyfreind would be very unhappy with me. I will be loosing my insurance in the next few months as well. So, should I go to the new country assume I am fine? I am considering maybe using what ever insurance I will get through a new job instead to have a echo in 6 months. There will be a language barrier however. I am afraid of being diagnosed overseas and then not being able to get insurance back home because of it. I get short of breath on airplanes and was considering getting a pulse oxomiter to make sure I am not becoming hypoxic during flights. Boyfreind thinks that'll enable my bad behavior. My blood oxygen is normal at 97% on ground. Online it said it shouldn't cause a problem in flight but I do feel sob in airplanes. I also read low oxygen levels during flight can worsen PH if you do have it. In that sense I'm worried I could end up being stuck in the other country with PH. I'm leaning towards leaving, I am just having a difficult time finding the strength. What do you think I should do?
  4. I am a 25 year old male and have noticed a small (about 1 centimeter in diameter) movable lymph node behind my right ear. Its been there for about 3 months. I haven't been sick or had an infection since I have found it. I have been told that because its movable, it is not serious. Is that true? Im just worried it could be some type of c****r. I was freaking out. My family doctor said it was probably nothing to worry about, but would send me to a specialist because I am worried. I went to the Ear nose throat doctor and he told me its just a lymph node, and many times said, he doesn't think its lymphoma. I felt great that day and the next day, but now a week later, I still have my doubts about it. Why can't I trust these doctors? Can the ENT doctor get an idea of it being benign by touching the lymph node??
  5. I'm feeling panicked for the first time in a long time. I woke up this morning and felt swelling on a part of my lip that I've had trouble with for a few years. In 2011 I developed a bad habit of biting that part of my lips during the winter, as the skin was dry and chapped. This habit continued over the next winter. During the winter of 2013 I tried hard to stop biting, and was mostly successful, but by this point I was getting calluses on that spot. Even this year, all year, the calluses have come up, gotten flaky, and fallen off. I've also had aching pain in that area, inside the lip. And now the swelling. It's hard to see, but I can feel it, and it feels different in that area too, the same feeling you get with a cold sore. I told my dermatologist and dentist about the biting habit, the calluses, and the aching pain in that area, but neither thought anything of it. This morning I happen to have a routine cleaning scheduled with my dentist, so I'll mention this to her. I'm terrified it's c****r. Does anyone know of a case where lip biting became a health problem, like c****r? Should I ask my dentist to take a biopsy? How should I handle this? Any and all advice and reassurance is appreciated!!