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  1. Couple years ago I came out in a rash an a day later mY lip swelled up and went doctors etc for tablets they gave me these steroid ones, recently am scared in case it happens again even though the doctors never gave me a reason though I did have a throat infection too as they took a swab the day they looked at me, but am scared of it happening again as I don’t know why it happened and recently thinking what if it happens again and I keep checking my lips
  2. Before I start I just wanna say I am gonna get help from the mental health team but I just like to get a bit of advise of here too but sometimes my top lip will feel funny and I’ll get anxious it’s swollen but it’s not I think this fear came one time where my lip did swell up and I had a rash all over my body but the doctor gave me steroid tablets and it all went away, but they never found out the cause I am a anxious person scared of taking an allergic reaction even tho I have no allergies, but yeah sometimes my lip will just feel funny and I’ll get worried it’s swollen allergic reaction etc, it’ll stick in my mind a couple days
  3. Got my bloods took today but I didn’t look once at all and now my brain is telling me they put the COVID vaccine in me instead of taking bloods and I didn’t want the vaccine werid obviously they didn’t but why would I get this thought
  4. I dunno for some reason am scared in case I just take a seizure also I don’t have epilepsy or anything and have never took one before I just got a werid fear of it because I felt werid one time