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  1. It is the side effect of your antibiotic. You can eat ginger it is a popular natural remedy commonly used to treat nausea.
  2. Don't get anxious nothing will happen to you. The window was disinfected and you were 6 ft away so I don't think there are chances of getting covid-19. So don't think about and take a deep breath and do some meditation and keep yourself busy.
  3. There are lots of people who count in OCD. Some count, numbers, alphabets in word, letters, tiles, steps walked etc. It common in people who have counting OCD and some people count because they think it will help to save their loved ones. You can read this articles on counting OCD to get a better understanding of it.
  4. I don't crave for hug but I crave for food when I am stressed and it helps me to relief my stress.
  5. I know how it feels @AnneBoleyn I also have allergy and I get cold after every 2 days. Don't know if my meds are not working or it is something else and I too get afraid covid
  6. I would like to add some resources that will help users. Please add your resources also.
  7. It looks like thanatophobia also known as death anxiety in this people fear of own death or the process of dying. What is your age usually death anxiety peaks in 20s and it fades away as you get older. You should talk to your therapist that will help you a lot, you can also try meditation and breathing techniques that will help you with anxiety and over time these techniques may help you reduce your fears.
  8. I am not going through this because I am staying with my family. You should not be afraid of your family members I know it is your anxiety that is making you feel afraid. You should explain your family members what health anxiety is and what you are dealing from. Try to stay connected with them when you are not visiting them at last your family members will only support you.
  9. You are not showing any symptoms and you are wearing a mask. So I don't think so you will be tested positive.
  10. Yes allergies make me feel very sick I don't feel like doing any work that day and only sleeping and taking rest. I sneeze a lot and there is lots of itching in my eyes and it becomes watery whenever my allergy is triggered and I am able to see properly because of itching in eyes.
  11. Have you tried any type of therapy for this thoughts? If not than you should go to an OCD Therapist you can try CBT Therapy or ERP Therapy. This are one of the most effective therapy that can help with OCD.
  12. A lot of sufferers have problems with numbers, you are not alone. Some people like counting or repeating things whereas some people thing that certain number is special of them and they repeat the things until they complete that count. You should see to therapist they help you to find some solution for your OCD.
  13. I think so you should go to a therapist that is the only way you can deal with OCD. As you said you are washing your hands again and again so you can try to wash your hands less. For example if you wash your hands 20 time in an hour than try to make it 19 after that 18 and soon you will get rid of it.
  14. There are lots of people who deal with intrusive thoughts. The more you will open up with your story, the better chance that everyone will understand what intrusive thoughts you get. Than they can help you by giving some tips to help you.
  15. Hello Gia, the best advice is to start a therapy. I hope you have started a therapy and feeling better.