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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon! My name is Desmond, and I am really struggling and have been for some time now. I am worried! I suffer with random, yet visible tongue twitching/spasm, headaches, eye and face twitching, actually all over twitching. My speech gets slurred at times and I’m very afraid of having a bulbar onset. This happened to me two years ago as well and I had a clean EMG. I suffered COVID back in October and survived and in January, this returned. It went away briefly in February and returned. I’m so stressed out. Any kind words will help.
  2. Hello everybody I'm a 16 year old living in fear of bfs a couple months ago my elbow started having spasms ( I weight lift and exorcise , play football) they were probably just tired and over worked then I started googling and I found als then I started to stress out. A week or so after I knew I possibly couldn't have it so I came acros bfs, I read that bfs starts after the flu or the cold and I didn't have either of witch at the time I started twitching. I had allergies shortly before . To cut this short I don't want bfs I just want this to go away I'm having leg and arm twitching is this a symptom of anxiety? and if it is how long did it take for you guys to make it stop. My twitching goes away after a couple weeks(a week or 2) then I start thinking about bfs then I get worried then it comes back. some people say they have twitched for years and I don't want that. I just want this to go away is this an anxiety symptom that goes away? Please help thank you .