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  1. Without probably realizing it you have answered your own question. Naturally you would think that the body heat, blankets and my girlfriend beside me would cause that right?? The mind loves to play tricks on us. Many people including myself wake up in sweats at times. I love to make my bedroom cold but then i wrap up in tons of blankets and have pillows all around. We can just simply get hot during sleep and sweat. But, the mind then says oh sweats at night let me associate that with a fear and bam. Which is why you say you get up and check constantly if you are dry or not. Sounds very common and normal of getting hot while you sleep. And your mind is trying to pull one over on you.
  2. I would discuss with your doctor as to when they recommend you come in for physicals or blood work. It is common for people with health anxiety to fixate or focus on a test result or doubt results. Nature of the beast that is anxiety. Its all about learning to trust in the results and the doctors.. They know more than we do . A doctor would tell if you if they have concerns. Not discrediting your fear by any means just trying to be direct in answering your question best I can.
  3. Sounds like tension headaches.... The are the most common of headaches... The neck muscles tighten up causing the headaches... try a warm or cool compress on the back of your neck. hot shower to clear up sinuses and it will also help relax the muscles. I get them very very often as I have a desk job and from being on a computer and looking down all day my neck gets very tense. The heat or cool on back of my neck very much helps...
  4. am a total mess now... bec everything i read is that twitching and cramping combined means trouble.. it feels like i am back where i started all those weeks of hard work ago.. the neverending story of health anxiety and IT SUCKS!!! Do you really believe thinking of a symptom can make it happen? Even if it is completely new for you or if it is something as physical as a muscle cramp? One thing I can tell you from this is the statment " Bec everythign I read..." Every twitch in every person is not caused by the same thing. BUT because we research or read up we get it stuck in our heads what we see and that sets the fear ball rolling. I completely believe that thinking of a symptom can make it happen. I use to fear dizziness and weak legs thinking I would pass out. (never have ) and fearing it and thinking about it no joke i would get weak jello legs all the time. Our bodies when fearful go into flight or fight mode. so muscles will cramp. twitch, feel weak. blood is rushing to prepare us to fight and there is nothing to fight. but ourselves. I hope that things calm for you and you can get back to having fun and enjoying life Hugs!
  5. Most of the anxiety /tension we hold in our bodies are aren't even aware we are doing things like I get lots of soreness and tension in my shoulders and neck. Because I without realizing it almost raise and tighten my shoulders up without even knowing that I am doing it. I go see my chiropractor and shes like HOLY your muscles and neck are so tight and im thinking I didnt even realize i was doing it. Many times we do a lot with out bodies when anxious that we dont even notice because we are too focused on the symptom or fear to see it. Just like how some shake a leg when nervous or fidget. If you told them they were doing it they would probably not even realize it cause its become a habit.
  6. Symptoms are a reaction to our thoughts... We worry about will it happen.. and TA DA it does... "I hope I dont twitch today" And bam its back.. "I hope it doesnt come back" <----its still on your mind. Your fear is the symptom so the symptom occurs. I know you say your fear is ALS but you are fearing the symptom because you tell yourself that means if it comes that the bigger fear ALS is there. Its a vicious cycle. You have to let the twitching come (as annoying as it may be) And not give it fuel (thought) As long as you keep thinking on it, fearing it, and anticipating it.... it will continue. I know it is easier said than done. But when it happens.. try doing something to distract your mind and I bet you... you will notice after a while that you go "hey i haven't twitched...." Our thoughts are scarier than reality most of the time.
  7. Hugs..... Therapy is such a great tool. It saved me in more ways than I realized... One thing to realize is that the ENTIRE day will never be awful.... Look for moments that are good. It may be a hot shower, a program you like to watch, a smile from someone. 24 hours in a day and its so easy to think its ALL bad. I hope your session goes well and when it feels like the day just is going to crap... and it may be hard at first.. try to find the good some where. Sometimes just a few little things can help boost you. Good Luck!
  8. Anxious people clench.... and sometimes we do it w/o even knowing it. That will definitely cause pain in that area. And if you were sick that area will be sore just from fluid ect. Also to answer your why do I expect the worse? It's because I think we feel we need to be on top of what could go wrong. Anxiety if you notice comes with a sense of needing to be in control. I NEED to know whats going on. I NEED to know if I am ok.... The unknown seems too scary and we rush to find the answers or what will happen next. Good you made an appointment to get it checked out. Best wishes
  9. Welcome to AC Tofu. Congrats on the pregnancy. The hormones during that time can be a mess. But just remember what comes out of all of it . A beautiful baby always a positive in every situation . You've come to a great place for support . You will make it through this time . i wish you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy . Ky
  10. Kylie21


    Hello Beth... Welcome to AC!!!!!.... A piece of advice I can give you.... A setback is just life's way of setting us back on the right path and prepping us for a great comeback try to stay positive
  11. Welcome to AC! Glad you found us .
  12. Kylie21


    I have tmj and I have had these sensations.. sounds definitely like tmj.. try not to worry
  13. Best advice.... DONT read up on any of it.... because you will only make your fear worse by feeding it all that you search.. I assume google/??? If you have any issues contact your doctor. and remember IF a dr finds anything of concern they move forward quickly on it. I know it can be hard but having that trustful relationship with your dr is so important. We seek their help but then have a hard time accepting what they say . So is the problem just the fear of a disease or health issue or the fear of being ok? I'm sure that sounds ridiculous ... who doesn't want to be ok?? But in anxiety we get so use to feeling "NOT " ok that feeling ok doesn't seem good. If we aren't worrying then something has to be wrong. Its a change of mind set. Have you looked into therapy? CBT therapy is great because it is all about learning to retrain our thinking... To not assume the worst and catastrophize a thought which is what we do in anxiety. A feeling or fear sets and boy that ball gets rolling and by the end of it we have something or something bad will happen... Just a suggestion... Acceptance is key to helping through anxiety. one of THE hardest to do but key to helping . I wish you calm and peace. Remember you are much stronger than you think. And no bad moment lasts forever. Trust your dr... try therapy if you cant find one , afford one ect... some amazing books that can help as well... Ky
  14. Have you tried couples therapy for it along with individual? In anxiety we have to figure out OUR version and issues and that is a task in itself then to try to help someone else is a huge battle. All you can do is support her and she support you. But I agree that you both need your own forms of help for anxiety because its always different for everyone. We may have similar stories or symptoms but everyone's is differently made up and therefore has to be worked through differently. Best of luck.... Remember every hard time doesn't last forever and good ones will be ahead. Ky
  15. Hello Mikey welcome to AC. Please give the site a look around . You will find so many suffer just as you do . It's definitely a comfort when you can express yourself and hear someone at " I understand " and u know they really do. I think it's awesome you are in therapy. I think it is truly a powerful tool in the battle of anxiety. I hope that you continue to make progress . Some bad days come about but I believe it's only so better days can come ahead. Stay positive and again glad you found us we are a great community ! Ky