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  1. Hi @Iugrad91! Nit quite similar as this doesnt hurt one bit. Found it randomly. Been a year and two months ago, so its nit going anywhere i think 🤪. Was just wondering whether others would be worried as i am 🙂
  2. by the way, found joining the aboutbfs facebook group extremely helpful back in the days.
  3. So this armpit lump i have been obsessing about... (its probably a normal tho palpable lymph node). When i dig around in my right armpit i feel this thing (pea size deep lump i suppose) and much more fleshy tissue around it. Left side? Nothing, just smoothness. For me, this sends me over the edge. I must be sick. Yada yada yada. you know the drill. But i am just wondering: if everyone start digging around in their armpits, would many people find lumps bumps and fleshyness? am i really the odd one out, or just the only one searching and digging AND freaking over it?
  4. Yes floaters here too! lots of them. The white moving dots are something i am very familiar with because it almost ALWAYS happens when i am shaving in the shower lol. because of looking sideways i suppose? But now i wasnt doing anything.
  5. Honey i dont think this even qualifies as twitching. Normal body movement. You are never 100% completely still. If i stare at my toes they will do this. my hands also. think of is as a skyscraper that always moves with the wind, u just dont notice it. Same with this movement.
  6. it will get better for you also sweety. There will be a point where u will be the one doing the reassuring. I know this for sure :)
  7. What are these? Like white little bright worms that appear in the peripheral vision and dissappear again within seconds. I am used to this when i am in de shower for example, but yesterday it happened spontaneously. How come? Anyone ever had this?
  8. A few years ago i was TERRIFIED. So so so sure i had ALS. Persistent twitching, occasional twitching, twitching all over, twitching in the same muscle for months. Then followed by increase in cramping. I thought my days were numbered. But then time passed. More time passed. Nothing happened. More twitching, more cramping, more time passing. Now i am over 3 years later, my mind has long moved on to other things and you know what? I notice no more twitching, hardly cramp, i have no more fear of the horrid disease. I wanted to test, so i sat really still for a long time and focusing on my body. The twitches are still there n a minor form i suppose. Have always been. Just background noise. Us worriers we focus on them, feel eeeeevery little thing and actually make it worse with our minds. So stop worrying, move on, you will see the twitches do the same 😃
  9. I guess i really dont trust them, thats my problem eh? It stems from past experience unfortunately.. but u are right. I am not the exception again. I wish i could let it rest. Been over a year with this stupid fear and im so done with it! Why wouldnt the stupid thing just go down like any other node i ever had 🤕
  10. Thank you for your reply 🙏🏼 . I suppose u are right, i would probably have had more symptoms by now.. i still find it odd. As you say, most go down within a while. My node is still swollen after a year and ‘getting neighbours’. Just feels off 🙁
  11. Sooo back again.. totally different world with covid and a 6 month old baby, but STILL can let this fear go. I have a palpable lymphnode in my right armpit (pea size, rubbery, moveable). Been there for a year. Very much stayed the same size but recently the area around it, next to it seems more swollen. Had it ultrasounded 7 times....(!!!!). They see nothing odd.. last time was last friday and the doctor pretty much declared me crazy. He even opened with ‘oh, youre back again’. Im breaking down. I really dont trust it but they wont do anything more. 7 ultrasounds should be safe enough. To anyone else i would say the same but my HA wont let it go. Mostly because the ultrasounds cant even really find it. How is that possible? Am i crazy?? What else can i do?? They wont help me and there are no prrivate clinics in my country... 😭. Im crying...
  12. I have a palpable lymphnode in right armpit. It was ultrasounded 4 times in 8 months and all appears normal, just a small node visible 4mm.. could that be what i am feeling? If normal then Why is it not palpable on my left? Should i push for biopsy??
  13. Time will heal this fear also.. stay strong ❤️
  14. I have had this scare and baaaaddd! U dont have als i promise. Join the about bfs facebook group, such great help specifically for that fear!
  15. Yes i did! Two actually! But it showed nothing at all even though the hard tissue is so obvious. And now there is an additional lump since yesterday (i think), tiny and very firm, and in an area the ultrasound didnt scan.. im so convinced it is bad and scared i wont see my little boy grow up 😢