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  1. Hello @davide.h no i have not. But as said this has been going on on and off for 4-6 years at least. Would be one hell of a constipation lol
  2. Nope, the Netherlands. My only option is going private in germany.
  3. Besides the slim odds of PC at your age, i have had this fear as well and concluded that with PC you are SICK. Like very very very sick, fast. Dont worry, you are fine!
  4. No advice, just wanted to let u know that i feel u. I am driving my doctor insane over an enlarged lymphnode my son has had for many months now.
  5. Unfortunately it wont here because i am to young for screening (32) and besides screening insurance only pays after GP refers 🥺
  6. Thank u, but could one of those linger for 6 years? And play up every other week or so?
  7. @MARC i have spoken to my doc many times about this but she feels it cant be something since it hasnt really gotten worse in 6 years and my colonoscopy was clear back then. I dont really trust her judgement because i feel it has ‘returned’ since my pregnancy (more often) and something new could have happened since (or missed with) the previous colonoscopy. Thats why i am considering private even though its cost is a months salary...
  8. Thank you MARC for the reply! Since you are the only reply.. i can answer my own question i suppose... Not very common .. So guess i am going private for a new colonoscopy.
  9. I think your doctor is a bit dramatic. That sounds like an extremely small, normal lymph node. No concerns regarding size OR how it looks. Why does she want the biopsy? I wouldn't worry and leave it be. there is nothing suspicious about that node. My son has one that is 7mm x 5mm and they said totally normal and no biopsy needed at all.
  10. Just curious, since colon cancer fears resurface for me every once in a while due to rectal bleeding (minor). How normal/common is rectal bleeding? I had a clear colonoscopy 6 years ago when bleeding started. Last year i have had an abdominal ultrasound and a Contrast CT, both clear. Rectal bleeding started 6 years ago. once every couple of months it can be very noticeable, like a smudge on tp, but about a year ago i discovered that upon closer inspection i can almost ALWAYS find a tiny speck (1 mm on tp) after wiping. Its not food-discolouring, but surely is blood. Every single bowel movement. I dont know if this is new or has always been there because.. you know.. who inspects their tp up that close lol. Well, i do now😏. So time for more tests? Or could this be super super super common but most people would never see/find out because these specks its so tiny and hardly noticeable? Any experiences you can way in? When can i let this go OR should i need a new colonoscopy?
  11. Ellebel

    Check in

    So right Jonathan! And yes baby picks up stress easily.. that is sometimes very conflicting as him crying causes more stress and so on haha. But i try breathing exercises and i feel like mindfullness and meditation are very helpful indeed! I also read a book that i found very helpful! Its about ACT therapy. Very helpful for me at least 😊. So yes still anxious and fallbacks, but also Enjoying and appreciating more😊. How are you?
  12. Ellebel

    Check in

    Hello old and new friends! I have not been here for a while. Last time i check in i was having some serious breastcancer fears while nursing my (very colicky) baby. It was a rough time. I ended up with my therapist for a new round of counselling because the sleep deprivation, baby that cried all the time AND weird symptoms just made my life so hard. I am back to check in with you guys. How are you doing? How are all the lockdown situations or covid- measures treating you? Here it has been tough, but it did provide me with some unique one on one time with my baby, as i have been home for a year + due to covid. Trying to see the positive 😉 Me being back here doesnt mean i have been better. On the contrary. I feel like i am going from one fear to another. Yesterday it was ALS again en now i am obsessing over a mole on my back. Oh well. C'est la vie! Despite my fears i am trying to enjoy more. Life is short.. the longer you live, the shorter it will feel (or so im told), so i dont wat to waste away in fear. I am trying with some mindfullness and meditation. Any experience anyone? It's not a huge succes yet, but hey every extra minute of peace and enjoyment is precious right? I am especially curious how @Holls is doing? Lots of love ❤️ Ellebel
  13. I do not have an answer per say, but i can tell you i had exactly your symptom about 1,5 years ago (see my posts) and all tests were completely clear and it just 'suddenly' went away after a year or so. Still no clue what it was.
  14. Hi @Iugrad91! Nit quite similar as this doesnt hurt one bit. Found it randomly. Been a year and two months ago, so its nit going anywhere i think 🤪. Was just wondering whether others would be worried as i am 🙂
  15. by the way, found joining the aboutbfs facebook group extremely helpful back in the days.