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  1. Yes i did! Two actually! But it showed nothing at all even though the hard tissue is so obvious. And now there is an additional lump since yesterday (i think), tiny and very firm, and in an area the ultrasound didnt scan.. im so convinced it is bad and scared i wont see my little boy grow up 😢
  2. Thnx for your replies! I am absolutely worried sick about this. Feels like the right breast has a rope with several knots going through the upper outer quadrant. Just emailed the doc again, because i feel so sick. Do i stop breastfeeding (no thats not the cause, already excluded that) just so i can get more tests? How reliable Is JUST an ultrasound?. I would hate to stop breastfeeding over nothing.. but also dont want to catch it too late if it turns out it would be bad.. im so sick to my stomach right now 😢
  3. Does anyone else have asymmetrical breasts, in the sense that one of them is much lumpier/much harder firmer tissue then the other? Especially on the upper outer quadrant? Thanks so much!
  4. Does anyone recognize this? Its like a small orange patch (>1cm) and an even smaller one appeared weaks later next to it. Been there for at least 10 weaks, doesnt seem to change much. No response to fungal creme, hydration or eczema cream.. not risen, sometimes ever so slightly scaly or maybe thats my imagination. Color is mostly noticable with the right lighting. Sometimes practically inviseable. Doc has no clue what it is.. she says just leave it.. but what if its skin cancer or skin mets or whatever? I cant seem to find ANY rash or whatever that looks like this 😢
  5. Yeah it was so unexpected, i really thought i went there for peace of mind, not a panicked GP 🤣.. indeed i should probably follow the nurse.. she does this daily. The ultrasound showed only normal breast tissue. Not anything odd at all. The nurse could feel that this normal tissue was firmer on the right side compared to left, but thought it would be nursing-related and nothing special. Odd she couldnt feel my swollen node tho? On the other hand: a node swollen for 6+ months should be noticable by her if it was bad, right?
  6. So i went back to the doctors in order to get piece of mind and stop worrying and enjoy my lovely baby.. Boy was i wrong in doing that! Doc looked and felt and actually was quite worried and used words as ‘strange, worrisome, ‘i have to be honest with you here’ etc). Suffice to say i freaked out completely. Got an emergency referal back to the hospital and just came from there.. another ultrasound and a meeting with a breastcancer nurse. thankfully she was a bit less panicked! She said ultrasound most often picks up on something bad and she could feel the tissue being harder but wasnt worried.. i was super relieved at first but once i got home i got super confused about the discrepancy between the two docs. also, the gp told me some orange patch on my skin could be related to (advanced) BC, while the nurse said: nahhh just a skin thing. Picture below. Been there for a month pretty much unchanged but a second tiny one popped up last two weeks (or i just didnt notice it before). Kinda worried. Who is correct? So basically it is probably nothing but if its something it is advanced and i am screwed? What the H should i do? She said Mammo will only be optional after breastfeeding and to be honest i wasnt ready to stop just yet for quite a while! But is continuing and postponing a mammo dangerous in this case? Shit so confused! Any advice? Anyone recognize the orange patch on skin... it is very slightly scaly, no itch or pain? (ps its difficult to get a clear foto of it because of the angle)
  7. Ohhh Holls this is why I love you! You are soooo right... it is keeping me from enjoying my little bub so i should go and get the comfort i seek because this time isnt coming back!! I was ashamed to go back to the docs but this is the most important reason ever to get over that and go. Thank you so much 🥰. Will call them first thing in the morning!
  8. Thanks all.. i cannot seem to let this one go easily 😫. Maybe its because im confronted with my breast constantly while feeding. I found this orange coloured plague on that same breast a few weeks ago and now a tiny second one. First i hardly thought anything of it but now i am suddenly convinced that there is something wrong and the US missed it and these are skin metastasis 😭. Dear god i am driving myself nuts but i cannot ignore it since i am faced with this ‘skin lesion’ 8 times a day
  9. Because the lactation specialist told me to
  10. Unfortunately it is not gone still 😢. Still thicker/firmer tissue right then left.. ultrasound was good! But no one can answer my question whether right can be so firm and left Not and why docs usually state the milk glands Are supposed to feel soft. I dont know what to do 😓. Can i trust the doc/ultrasound?
  11. So i had my baby 5 weeks ago and i am breastfeeding. Because of breastfeeding i massage my breast often and i notice things. One is what i thought was a huge thin hard lump Covering a quarter of my breast at least, a semi thin thing not going towards the nipple but ‘horizontally’ over the upper outer quadrant of the breast. En sync with the round shape of the breast. Been there at least these five weeks. Had an ultrasound and the doc said not to worry, normal breast tissue. Milk glands probably. But why so ‘hard/firm’ and why does it feel softer on the other breast? Is this normal? Should i trust the doc? Can breast tissue be firmer on one side? Could it have to do with breastfeeding since i never noticed before?
  12. So guys i am absolutely terrified. I had my Gorgeous baby Rafaël 13 days ago on april fourth and am breastfeeding. I found a ‘lump’ in my right breast around the first feeds. Its more like a hardened thicker piece of tissue then a distinct lump. I thought it was breastfeeding related but now 13 days later still here and not getting any smaller with feeding or massaging or heat. I am having it ultrasounded tomorrow!! I am so scared. Mostly because its the side where a found the swollen lymph node in armpit a few months ago.. even Though i had that ultrasounded and it came back clear (tech couldnt find the pea sized lump) i feel like this must be it then 😢.. feeling my armpit i swear i feel more lumps there now...!! Oh my gos i am besides myself.. i want to be there for My baby growing up, all the way!!! anyone any reassuring words please?!