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  1. Thanks trudy! Unfortunately all these conplaints were already there pre pregnancy. But still i can imagine being preggo is not making it better, and the hormones either πŸ€£πŸ™ˆ
  2. Haha yeah, he better come quick! These hormones are no good for me lol. No honestly most of the time its quite fine but i do notice that everytime i feel okay there is one sensation or another that causes fear. So annoying!! Thnx hun 😘
  3. Today is my due date, no baby yet... worried if things will turn out okay because overdue is more risky! terrified of corona for my loved ones and myself still sueprscared of the swollen lymphnode in my armpit still occasionally have twitching and jump to ALS fear also weakness feeling in hands sinds 2 weeks so more ALS fear Still scared of upper left abdominal and back pain (panCan?) still scared of colon cancer everytime i have a tiny speck of blood on TP (happens occasionally) FEEL LIKE I AM ALWAYS SCARED OF ONE THING OR ANOTHER AND SICK OF IT!!! sorry, needed to vent 😘
  4. Hi All! Has been a few months since i have visited since i had been doing pretty well! My pregnancy is going along perfect, am almost 35 weeks now πŸ₯°. Ready almost to meet my babyboy! so in the beginning of my pregnancy i noticed a single swollen lymphnode in my right axilla (armpit). Its a pea sized firm mobile lump deep in there, mostly palpable arms down, not very noticable when arm is up. Doctors felt like it felt quite innocent but sent me for an ultrasound anyway. Ultrasound did not find the node at all, just wrote β€˜no space occupying process found’. So, 5 months later and recently my hormones have been playing up a bit more again and hence, so is the anxiety. I felt my armpit again yesterday and i feel like it got a but larger... especially laying on my right side i feel like its at least twice as big! When up straight ik not too sure, maybe a little bigger.. arm raised again hardly noticable.. so is it time to revisit the doctors? Demand another ultrasound? Or just leave it at the conclusion they made months ago?
  5. It could be, although I am most thrown off by the fact that i constantly feel something, 24-7, sometimes worse en indeed worse bending a certain way, but for four months constantly something like pressure or slight pain..
  6. Four months later and i still have this weird left upper abdominal pain. Often it just feels like a pressure.. like something is in there or a part of muscle is very stiff there.. other times it is a mild stabbing pain. Most noticable in certain positions, like slouching or laying in bed half tilted to the side. Doc has no clue. Had blood tests, stool tests, abdominal ultrasound. Nothing showed at all. I hoped it would pass with time but four months later it is still here. Sometimes i also feel like it radiates to the side or even back. Not often though. There is pretty much ALWAYS something noticable either pain or pressure. Please i am desperate here.. ANYONE recognize this?
  7. That really sucks that they said that. Didnt say anything of the sorts to me.. thankfully. Still 10 more days to my ultrasound ughh.. already hoping and praying its fine
  8. How are you now? I am still dealing with the EXACT same thing, except for burning skin which i dont have but i also have the worse-when-slouched, sometimes deep and sometimes superficial, pressure or fullness at times vs painful other times etc. Exactly as u said it.
  9. Thank you all, i am much much calmer. Stealth is soooo right, we have to find peace in our uncertainty. Thats the hardest part. I am somewhat calmer because i just realized: i just had a nipt test which would also show a lot of maternal cancers i believe.. not 100% but surely something to feel a bit better about 😊. Also i decided to just enjoy the holiday and wait untill after the holiday to actually start worrying again.. if at all, maybe ill be calm all naturally by then lol. I just really hope its going to be fine πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€
  10. I am sure the pregnancy hormones are NOT HELPING, but i am so upset.. i just visited my gp for the swollen lymph node and was hoping for a quick and easy: you are okay, go home. Instead she confirmed it is indeed a swollen lymph node. A small firm pea, deep in my armpit. She wants further testing so in two weeks (!!!) i will be having an ultrasound of my armpit. It can not be sooner as i am leaving on a holiday this weekend.. i am so upset that she was worried and that i have to wait this long! 😒 you guys, i fear this is it, that they will finallly tell me i have some sort of cancer😭
  11. Quite possible yes, i started using nmp when this site was down a long time and also if i am spiralling and really answers quicker since many here seem to be in a different time zone (sometimes took up to a day). I wouldnt exactly call this a discussion though 🀣 and yes giving me access probably wasnt the smartest but she doesnt know i have HA and also all the times before it actually helped rather than hurt, because it is good information and not some healthline bullshit
  12. thats true, same for me. i have been convinced many times before. This was no ordinary healthline or whatever though, but like an actual official guide for GP's (acces through a friend) so it sent me completely over the edge thinking it must be true. glad to hear the one in your neck was firm as well.. i thought it was such a fierce claim to make that 90% would be malignant if firm.. i feel like firm nodes must happen more often right?
  13. First off: i know i shouldnt be googling, bad El, but bear with me i cannot see the doc Till monday and i am seriously spiralling here so was looking for reassurance.. wellllll that failed lol... I just read the scariest thing.... some calculator for GPs to assess the risk of lymph nodes practically says that in 'firm' nodes, over 40 years of age (im 30 but still) and non sensitive, the chance of malignancy is 90%! I am losing it here guys i am so sorry... DID ANYONE EVER have a FIRM lymph node, slightly swollen, non tender, that sticks around for quite a while or even stays and it be nothing in the end????
  14. I have the same thing, upper left, for 3 months. Mostly in those postures! I had gallstones and cholecystectomie, for me they felt completely different!