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  1. Thanks Marc appreciate the feedback.. I haven't been tested because I didn't have any core symptoms and have been in quarantine since my wife started having symptoms.. my issue is all stress/anxiety induced I'm sure.. I just feel selfish because I feel like I'm only focusing on myself..
  2. She hasn't had a fever in a couple days.. she's on day 8 and feeling good.. little worn out but that might be from just being in the bedroom for over a week.. me on the other hand.. my stomach has been in knots with worrying ..I went through a phase in December with my stomach. I was just getting back to normal and then she picked up covid.. brought all my stress.. anxiety and worry back.. not eating the greatest.. no appetite and I feel like I'm being selfish.. Son and his wife who lives with us got tested and came back negative.
  3. Her tests results came back positive this morning... she has been isolated since the 7th. We have a full house. My wife and I and our 4 children.. 2 which are young adults. We are all in quarantine now. Wife's fever seems to have broke overnight.. could of been all the stress/anxiety of waiting for results. Now the waiting game. She has no symptoms really at the moment. Giving her D3 and Vit C the last few days. Eating normal. Hard on the head for sure. Trying to keep the kids from worrying about mom.. Appreciate all the feedback. Thank you all.
  4. Hey guys.. my wife felt hot last Thursday so she took her temp in her ear.. it read 101.. so the panic started.. she went to get swabbed on Friday just waiting on results. They weird thing is.. it only shows a high reading in her ear.. forehead is fine using the same thermometer. Using an oral one its fine as well.. doesn't make sense to me unless it's not calibrated correctly. She doesn't feel hot or sick. Just the stress of waiting for results.
  5. Flutter is still there throughout the day. Especially after I eat. No appetite and my anxiety is really high. My bp and bpm is still fine. I just started taking nexium. I work at a bulk plant and climbed some tanks yesterday and didn't have any issues. I just wish this would pass. It's eating up my days.
  6. Thanks again AriaRen.. I avoided the walk in clinic as I don't have my Alberta Healthcare set up yet.. moved here from Nova Scotia and didn't rush to get it set up. I don't have any pain just this butterfly flutter feeling that's driving me mad. Hoping it will go away. BP and BPM is still fine. It's been 4-5 days if it was anything serious something would of happened by now you would think. Fingers crossed.
  7. Could it be pcvs from stress anxiety?.. I'm trying to calm down and ignore it but it's still there.. makes it hard. Might go to a walkin clinic tomorrow.
  8. Thanks I appreciate the reply. I can usually get my reflux anxiety under control but its this stupid flutter feeling that is happening alot.. if that would stop I would be fine.. but its like I'm waiting for it to happen. I was taking my pulse when it happened and its like it paused for a second when the flutter happened. I haven't been eating much.. I dont smoke but do vape. Never touched it yet today.. I checked my BP pulse and temp.. all are good. Maybe its a muscle tensed up in my stomach area I dunno.. but it freaks me out. Again thank you 😊
  9. Thanks Johnathan. I can usually get a grip on it but this physical symptom is taking a tole on me.. almost feels like I'm getting kicked in the stomach from the inside.. I dont know how to calm it down.. and it gives me a slight cough probably from my stomach being nervous. I'm stressing out over it.. my wife is getting upset with me cause I'm fixating on it. I'm in a rut. I haven't seen a GP in awhile. I had a chest xray back in September( yearly requirement for work for silica). All came back clear.
  10. Like a flutter in the stomach that makes me wanna cough and constantly clear my throat.. just threw up a bit of white phlegm. Panic is in high gear right now.
  11. So back pain is gone.. stomach is still messed up.. feels like acid reflux or indigestion. After eating I feel a fluttering kinda feeling in my up stomach.. does indigestion or gas cause this?
  12. So im focused on my hands again.. they have some redness on top the last few days.. could they be dry? I live in northern Alberta and its getting cold up here, I work outdoors.. I tried putting some Aveeno cream on then and now they are kinda burning feeling now...
  13. So the pain seems to be gone in my chest.. still a bit of back pain.. but the last 2 days my stomach is in knots.. maybe from being so anxious and stressed about my chest pain that I had.. now stressed about stomach.. vicious cycle..
  14. Appreciate the quick reply. Its not a constant thing.. its always the damn what ifs though, especially in that area.
  15. So the last few days I been having this dull ache that comes and goes on the left side of my chest, closer to the middle.. hurts to touch but throws me into a panic. I work in a bulk sand plant and we require a yearly chest xray because of silica dangers... just had mine done in Sept and came back clear. Could it be muscle or a pinched nerve?