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  1. Thanks Marc, i do put myself to the test for sure, i am a supervisor at a bulk sand plant and do alot of shoveling at times. All my co-workers are 30 and under and i have no issues keeping up with them. Few more breathers maybe but.. lol.. its funny because my arms/hands may of been red before i starting fixating on them but didnt pay attention. About 3 weeks ago my wife and I were driving to Calgary from Grande Prairie, about 7 hours. She mentioned that my hands looked red. Then bang triggered. Plus being out in the sun might be tanning a bit but then theres always the what ifs..
  2. Thanks for the reply, I am pretty good at controlling my anxiety, atleast most of the time. Just cant stop fixating on my arms/top of hands. They dont hurt, just red and a little tense.. Stupid mind playing games i dont wanna play.
  3. Hi guys, im 41.. 5,11 and about 235lbs, few years ago i went throught a rough patch, diagnosing myself with everything doctor google said matched up with my symptoms. Had tests done and it came down to anxiety/stress. Handled it all fine the laat few years( few bad days here and there but could usually recover). For the last 2 weeks or so its been up and down. Hours been cut, wife was temp laid off. My youngest sleeps with my wife so im on a futon for the last 3 weeks or so. Anyway, lately i been focused on my arms and top of hands, they seem to be red and a tightness feeling. I am a pretty pale guy except for my redneck tan on my arms during the summer months. Upper back is killing me im guessing because of the futon, i wake up multiple times and my arms are asleep. Is just cant stop focusing on the redness. Could this be linked to backpain along with anxiety??.. also keep checking my pulse, its around 60-80 at rest. Im not on the greatest shape. I do physical labour at my workplace and seem fine. Sorry im all over the place here. I just cant seem to relax lately. I was a member of anxietyzone years back, joined this one a few days ago and found it very informative. Thanks for listening.