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  1. Hi all, I have managed to keep my anxiety in check over the last couple of years. I am currently 33 male and have 2 children. We just had our second daughter 11 days ago.My anxiety has come back, but now I am worried about my newest daughter. Noticed last week when we feed her she has these weird eye movements that move side to side. I’m terrified it’s nystagmus and that she will be blind. Our doctor looked at her eyes during our last check up on Wednesday and told us she had no concerns. I felt good for a bit but now feel terrified again.I am constantly holding her and looking at her eyes for any weird movements. I can’t enjoy my time with her . Every time I see one i get sick To my stomach. about 2 weeks before she was born I was worried about her having terrible birth defects, now this. I managed to keep my anxiety in check with my first daughter but all of a sudden it is back.Can anyone relate, any advice? I just want to be able to hold my daughter and not focus on just her eye movements. I want to enjoy it this stage. Thanks
  2. I see. any other suggestions?
  3. Thanks Marc. I don't know why I am worried so much. There were 2 other people there with us and they are not worried one bit. Health anxiety is killing me now. I was good for like a year too and now all of a sudden it is back again from this one experience. May I ask what you do as a job?
  4. Thank you for the reply. How many years did your husband work?
  5. Hello, A few days ago I helped a friend take down a wall in his home. It is a 1940’s home. We wore N95 masks and demolished a wall. Lots of dust and debris everywhere. The wall was made of plaster and had weird insulation bits in it. We were there for about 2-3 hours. I am worried about asbestos exposure. Is that considered long term exposure? Have I just given myself cancer? I feel so bad that I agreed to help, haven’t slept or eaten well in last 2 days.
  6. Hi all, back after a Looooong time. just wondering how many health tests you have put yourself through due to your anxiety? I have had at least 5 ultrasounds, 2 MRI, CT scan, EKG, Neuro exams x 3 and more. I am 31. Just wondering if anyone else would like to share .
  7. Thanks Marc. I wish it was that easy to just convince myself. I saw a neurologist a while again about this and she just said it was a muskeletal skeletal issue and to see a physio to strengthen it. I just can’t seem to accept that from her for some reason.
  8. What does real clinical weakness mean vs perceived weakness? I am scared I might have MS. Like for a long time now my right arm and leg have “felt” tired and weak, but when I go to test them by lifting weights or running I can do everything normally. I am definitely over concentrating on them and always feel the need to test my ability to use them. But is this true weakness or just in my head/ perceived weakness.
  9. Good morning everyone, Over the weekend I had a flareup of sorts. I saw a commercial about people going for cancer treatments and how they get many CT and PET scans throughout their treatment. That lead me to my own googling about the effects of CT scans. (I have had 2 in my life, one for brain at 18 years old, and another for my abdomen and pelvis at 20 years old). I am 30 years old now and the radiation issue used to be a fear of mine, however it had gone away. But it came back on Saturday. I started googling and you all know where that went to. During this time I had a fear of like MS or neuro diseases, but that just vanished away and I am on to something else. Anyways, I started to worry about cancer, specifically leukemia and lymphoma. I normally go to my doctor once a year in June for a physical and complete blood count, etc. This year due to COVID I guess they are postponing them. I am super worried now about my blood tests being off or having a bad disease. I go get these tests once a year for peace of mind and now I have to wait, likely over 2 months to get it. What can I do to stop worrying about this stuff...I know its anxiety and I was booked to go to a psych appointment, but again that got postponed too.
  10. Thank you! I agree. I keep trying to tell myself that the neurologist I saw is good and has been for this for years. We went through the tests and she didn’t see a need for an mri. My primary doctor also said she didn’t see a need for an mri. I’m looking for techniques and ways to not spiral into a bad place and trust my doctors!
  11. Thanks for your answer! how did you get over it eventually?
  12. Ugh I know! I try to keep telling myself that but I feel like I’m spiraling.
  13. Hi all, So I had an EMG was back in December and was able to see a neurologist regarding my fears of having a neurological problem. I have this weird pain/ fatigue sensation in my right arm and leg. This fear has been going on for over a year now. The emg went well everything came back normal, also the muscle strength test went well as well. I am not clinically weak in mymuscles. Yay!!! She did not seem at all worries about a anything neurological. She said this feeling and dull ache I am feeling in my right arm and leg could very well be a musculoskeletal issue. No big deal. While she was examining me I brought up my worries of MS. I asked if I should be worried about it, and she stood there and shook her head no a few times which was really reassuring. She said an MRI is usually the way they would diagnose that, but said that MRI doesn’t seem to be necessary and there is no need for that from what I was showing her. Everything she saw from me was healthy.My main thing is me trying to accept that and understand that she has been a neuro for years and knows her stuff. How can I accept this diagnosis and not go into a tailspin again about doubting her?? ive been good for a few months but have found myself online again reading other forums, and getting all anxious again 😢thanks