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  1. I have similar sleep pattern and I have GAD. It's sometime hard to accept mental health diagnostic but maybe it's part of the process of acceptance.
  2. I wonder why I never posted anything in this thread Kylie... Insomnia and sleep problem have been a great cause of suffering for me. But is the insomnia the cause of anxiety or anxiety a product of the insomnia? If you look at my previous post, a lot of them relate to sleep, dreams, insomnia. I think we, anxious people absolutely want to control everything but sleep doesn't work that way...oh no no. To fall asleep and rest, you have to give up control, you just let it happen. I know it is easier to write but that's it. Prior to having sleep problems, I never even tought of having a fear of insomnia. What help me is to stay active and exercise almost daily. I recently began meditation and it's not easy to calm our mind. I hope your're doing ok. I know I repeat myself but I apologize for my English, french is my first language.
  3. I hope for the best for your mother and you. Living in Canada, I also hope that the winter finally end.
  4. I think this is really common, could be a multitude of cause. Better not stress too much about it and see a doctor if it persist. If you're like me, it's better not ask Dr. Google
  5. Nice to hear, I know how hard it is sometimes to do something new or unusual but I think it's important to feel the fear and do it anyway.
  6. You can do it! Your post title remind me of this quote: He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right''
  7. We feel so lonely when awake in the night but we probably are millions experiencing the same thing. But yes I perfectly understand you.
  8. It's true that we feel vulnerable when we step into the unknown... It is hard enough even for people who doesn't suffer with anxiety. I think right now you have to trust the decision you make several weeks ago about accepting this job. Try to do something that can please you today, if too anxious, try someone you trust and talk about the situation and how you feel. I dont know if you practice sport but it can help, if not maybe a brisk walk. You are not having a breakdown, you're just too anxious right now. It will defuse in the next couple of days once you settle in your new job and surrounding. Deep breathing, a hot bath can help too. Everything will be alright. Give us some news.
  9. It happen to me from time to time. Sometime maybe to many blankets, sometime I have no idea.
  10. I had this last year, I woke up during the night, it smell like cigarette. It was scary, the first time I thought the house was on fire and check if everything was alright. I could almost have the taste in my mouth. One of my coworker is a smoker so I thought maybe it was a kind of phantom smell. I even talk with this issue with my doctor but he was not alarmed at all by this. He told me it was probably dreams. Anyway it's been a year now and never had this weird problem again..
  11. You have to feel the fear and do it anyway. I recommend this book : Dare by Barry McDonagh. It's true that it is hard, really hard to work through anxiety, I cannot count how many night with anxiety and insomnia and having to go to work feeling so bad. I quit a job and almost lost one too but now I go to work and dont try to avoid situation no matter how crappy I feel. Avoidance is not good. Good luck, give us news.
  12. I would recommend these two books to anyone suffering from anxiety. I have read other books but those two are special.
  13. I have read Dare and it' s really an helpful book, I recommend it wholeheartedly.
  14. Wow, this is a nice post. I recognize myself 100% in your text. I never heard about the book Dare. I will probably read it. Thanks.