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  1. Hello guys! Thank you for your replies. Yesterday was actually really good. I felt next to nothing all day. Took Naproxen when I got up like I had been doing (but woke up without pain) and felt good all day. I even forgot about it in the afternoon-evening. This morning I woke up fine. My head KIND OF hurts....more like a really dull ache that moves a little. Ears to eye to neck to temple. Nothing like it was before. I am not massaging my face for relief. I assume tumor pain doesn't come and go??? Or move??
  2. Out of the blue on Friday I got a really bad headache. I felt it in my neck, right side of my head, teeth, ear, and shoulders. Nothing really seemed to knock it out. I had it through the weekend. Sunday it was just a small ache, hardly noticed it. But since yesterday it is killing me. Massaging certain areas helps. Naproxen + caffeine help. Last night I had to lay in bed with a ice pack bc I was so desperate. I had a TMJ flair up (first one) two years ago but it was more ear and jaw pain. Went away in about 2 weeks. From what I have read, this could be that again. But I am thinking brain tumor. I have NEVER had a headache last like this. Sometimes I feel it on the other side, but it is mostly the right side...same side that was giving me issues a couple of years back. It does go away when sleeping, when massaging jaw/head, and with enough Motrin or Advil.
  3. I haven’t had it since early this afternoon but still...I’m constantly checking to see if it’s back. I hate feeling like this. I hate feeling so depressed, doomed and hopeless. I want to stick my head in the sand and scream. I feel so doomed. Thank you for talking to me. I just wish I didn’t feel so sad.
  4. But still. It could be different this time.
  5. Last time I talked my dr about this he assured me it happens and that it was hormonal. He even said 9/10 calls the nurse gets everyday are for the same thing. But still. I’m not spotting anymore (as of earlier this afternoon) but I just know it’s going to come back.
  6. I am not on BC but last time I had this, my dr suggested it. I passed bc I don’t do well on BC. It cranks my anxiety up. I am petrified. Even though I know this is common, I am so scared. I just know I’m dying. Im even crampy now. I want to crawl into a hole and never come out. This is the beginning of the end and I just know it.
  7. TYPICALLY nothing to worry about. 😟
  8. I am 39 years old (female) and as of this morning, I am having some mid-cycle bleeding. I am 4 days post-period (finished up this past weekend). Period was super light, though. I have been under an extreme amount of stress the last 2 weeks. Young son was in the hospital for the last 1.5 weeks so I was stressed out a ton. Its not a lot of blood but its scaring me. Actually, its really freaking me out. I have had this before but its been a few years. My gyno then said it was normal. I even went to the ER back then bc I was so scared. Haven't had it since. Ovarian cancer, right???????? I just know this is the moment I have been afraid of all of these years.
  9. For the past few weeks I’ve had these painful sore spots. They “move” from one spot to the next and really sore when I rub them. I have them: under each arm on one side back calf next to a boob sternum My dad had metastatic lung cancer that lit a PET scan up like a Christmas tree. A coworker has cancer that spread as well. Ive had sore spots before but not like this. Anyone else?? I’ve been stressed x’s 3,000,000,000 the past few months. This has kept me up at night bc I’m terrified. I can’t move past this.
  10. My family and I have been planning this vacation since December. It was a gift “from santa” for our two kids. Now we are 4 days from flying out & once again, I’m consumed with someone getting sick and ya not being able to go. The same thing happened last year ( we was fine). I feel like I have a bad cold. Body aches, snuffy nose, headache, teeth ache, tired, sneezing, coughing. Advil helps. Now my son is complaining about a stopped up nose and headache. I am terrified we have the flu and will have to cancel our trip.
  11. My “pain” started the morning after I read about someone having gallbladder pain. Weird. That was 3 weeks ago. It’s not constant, not painful, nothing makes it worse really, other than me thinking about it I guess. There isn’t a place that hurts when I press. It lasts about .2 seconds and is more of a disturbance than pain. I’ve had days where I haven’t felt anything. Distraction helps. Still convinced it’s liver tumors.
  12. Work makes my anxiety through the roof. It’s a big, BIG source of my anxiety. Tomorrow will be fine. Promise! You can do it!!
  13. Deep breathing. Telling myself that I am healthy and that I have been here before many times, that nothing bad is going on with me. Taking my meds, going to therapy. Trying to step away when I feel really anxious.
  14. No burping or indegestion today. But this right side rib “pain” has been off and on (more off than on) and it’s scaring me. It doesn’t hurt and it’s more like a little nudge. Still freaked. Sigh.
  15. It is interfering with my daily life. I’m really trying to keep it from exploding into more.