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  1. It isn't a website. It's an app you download on your phone or tablet
  2. Really? Are you not in the US? I thought apps where a wood wide thing. Didn't know it went by country
  3. I'm having to force feed myself right now because of anxiety. It is a common symptom of anxiety. Just the smell of food cooking makes me gag. Everyone around me is having to force me to take bites of something/anything. I hate it. at least I'm losing weight, I guess.
  4. I have had an app on my phone forever and haven't used it in forever until o saw I needed an update today. It's called Happify and it has free games to help you meditate or just get your mind off of anxiety and breathing exercises. It is a community of people who you can talk to also. There are also areas to keep track of how you feel and write down what you are thankful and other things. Check it out. It might help someone here so I thought I would share. I really need to remember it's in my phone and use it when I'm anxious.
  5. Try magnesium. There is some stuff called calm magnesium. Look it up and read the reviews. It helps a lot of people with anxiety and sleep. I would definitely be looking for another doctor. There is no reason for her to say you can do it on your own. that is ridiculous
  6. Have you tried going to the doctor about your anxiety? There are meds so you don't need to suffer. I understand a lot of people don't like to get on meds. I was one of those people but it gives you your life back. Even just Xanax to take the edge off. If you don't want to try meds there are plenty of natural things that help with anxiety. If able, I highly suggest therapy. That's the best thing you could do because it help so you to know how to deal with it as for your girlfriend, people who have never had to deal with this have no idea what it is like to have to deal with this. I think they think it's just feels like little nerves that non anxious people feel. They don't realize how horrible it feels.
  7. I'm going through a setback right now and I miss sleeping well. I can't wait til I can get a good nights sleep again.
  8. I have been reading a lot about magnesium helping control anxiety. Does anyone use this to help with their anxiety? I went and bought a container of a product called "CALM magnesium" and it really does calm you down. I haven't taken it too often because if your body isn't used to it you will have loose stool and get crampy but it is supposed to help with sleep too. Hoping to take it more regularly so my body gets used to it and can up the dose to feel the full effect of it.
  9. Also. When I wake up, try not to look at the clock or move around too much. Keep your eyes closed and take several DEEP breathes over and over. You will eventually fall back asleep. Sometimes I even count each breath and before I know it I'm awake after sleeping from counting. I know this is easier said than done but it works a lot of the time
  10. Have you been to the doctor about your anxiety? Counseling helps a ton too. There are also MANY natural things you can take to try and calm down. As for sleep. Look up the mixture of Himalayan salt and honey. I tried it last night and it actually helped me sleep better. There is a brand called OLLY (I'm in the US) that has a gummy to help you sleep and it has great reviews. I have also started to listen to guided meditation when I wake up and even if I can't go back to sleep it keeps me calm and relaxed and I feel like I got some rest.
  11. when my anxiety first started my dr put me on buspar and that helped a lot but I waited too long to get help and became depressed too so had to get on Zoloft but if you just have anxiety you might want to try buspar. It doesn't have the side affects like the ssri meds.
  12. I am having a setback and having trouble sleeping. Luckily I am able to go to sleep and sleep for a while but usually wake by 4am. Being in my room anxious while everyone else in the house is peacefully sleeping is really bothersome to me. It is no big deal when I'm not anxious but being anxious adds an uncomfortable feeling. Tv doesn't really work cuz my brain is going constantly. Reading helps a little but I can only read for so long. Sometimes I will get in the shower but that doesn't waste much time. I have tried guided meditation and just lay there but I can never go back to sleep but I guess it passes time and is calming. as soon as the sun starts to come up I am fine and usually fall back asleep but that time awake is miserable What do you guys do while awake at night? has anyone figured out a way to get yourself back to sleep
  13. It's odd to me that they would have discontinued it because it is made by the same company that makes the name brand Zoloft which is why it was so good. Usually I don't care about brands and stuff but this type of med is different than any other kind of med. I don't want to go back into that dark hole I was in before. I am down so much from what I was on and my dr wants me to see if I can get off of it anyways so a little sooner won't matter. I'm just glad I had a heads up and can cut back on this brand without having to go cold turkey