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Found 19 results

  1. I was here a few months ago with fears of ALS. I still have those fears but I'm fixated on MS since I've had slowly progressing numbness and tingling on the left side of may body. I took these fears to a neurologist last year but my symptom set was completely different (no numbness, tingling, pain) and on the right side. Back then I was having a feeling of weakness and dissociation and body wide twitching that changed locations quickly. Neurologist didn't believe it to be MS but offered an MRI for peace of mind. Got it with and without contrast and it came back normal. Now I'm having persistent, nearly constant numbness in my thumb and index finger and palm with prickling, needle/pinch like pain at the base of the thumb and the webbing between the thumb and index finger and pain sometimes in my forearm. This all began in August and has been steadily getting worse. A month later I begin having tingling and numbness in the left foot as well. I've noticed Quick black dots in my vision that disappear when blinking and for the past couple of days quick dizzy sensations that last a couple of seconds and vanish. Could my MRI have been done too early? I already have one autoimmune disease (Celiac) and I've got a lot of risk factors (white, 40s, female, Northern European ancestry, Epstein-barr, not a lot of sun) I'm really worried about nerve damage. I don't know how to function right now.
  2. Alright here I go. For over two years I have had tingling in one finger that comes and goes, sometimes goes away for months but sometimes is there day in and day out on and off for minutes at a time. The one finger is my ring finger on my left hand. I also experience muscle twitching all over, and vibrating feelings in random spots on my body. Sometimes I feel as though my vision is blurry but usually after a long day and I have recently just been for an extensive eye exam that was normal other than my typical far sightedness. I have googled MS extensively and read far too much about it. I have had fears about other conditions but MS is persistant due to my fear of "poor quality of life"/ paralysis. I did have a period last year with pain behind my left eye, but it was during allergy season and I do have severe allergies. Doesn't help that I'm also in nursing school so I learn about everything, and a professor told a story one day (two years ago) about a friend who was diagnosed with MS and "it all started with tingling in one finger". I guess im asking if anyone has tingling in just one finger also? thats the scary part for me, that its not all fingers which would make me automatically think anxiety, but one specific finger. I do have a physically demanding job and recall injury to the left forearm years ago, but I dont remember feeling this tingling then. Anyone with this fear/ similar experience would be helpful!
  3. Hi all, I'm very new to this health anxiety thing but within the last two months it seems I've developed it pretty badly. I'm already diagnosed with OCD so I'm not exactly surprised this is happening. I started having panic attacks in November for the first time which lead me to heart health anxiety (I swore I was going to have one in my sleep), then stroke anxiety, then brain tumor anxiety, then rheumatoid arthritis lupus anxiety, and now here I am with MS anxiety! It's really awful and I'd like to hear about others experiences with this health obsession in particular. I'm on meds and while they definitely have stabilized my mood and I'm not having 3 panic attacks a day anymore the obsessives thoughts won't go away. I've been to the ER multiple times and they've found nothing wrong. I also got a ton of bloodwork from my primary care and we did find that I was Vit D deficient and I'm on supplements now. Right now my symptoms are: On and off tingles and occasionally numbness when I'm really upset, they are mostly in my arm but are sometimes in my face and very rarely in my leg. The tingles go away and come back by the hour pretty much and I've only experienced actual loss of sensation a few times. A headache that usually happens once a day and I'm pretty sure it's a migraine. I also have stiff toes in the morning that hurt to flex. I've also had a lot of fatigue and have a hard time even taking care of myself nowadays. What are your experiences with MS anxiety? I'm seeing a neuro for the migraine problems and I'll bring it up but logically I am aware that I most likely don't have MS, it is just hard getting the rest of my brain to catch up and I'm thinking about it 24/7.
  4. Hello everyone, first time posting here. I’ve been very concerned and have myself completely convinced that I have either ALS or MS. Over the past 2 years about, my left hand has felt weaker than the right and also the left hand is noticeably smaller than the right, especially the area below my thumb knuckle connecting to my wrist - also the palm area around the thumb (which I read in article was a sign of ALS) There is a skin fold at the base of my thumb because of this. I still can do things with my left hand, but it’s very awkward and clumsy. My hand also gets very sore and achy and the pain travels up my arm. I’m thinking this might be muscle atrophy? I’ve attached a picture of both hands for comparison. I also get bad headaches on the right side of my head and twitching all of my body especially at night. I notice the twitching most in my legs and eyes. My lower back tends to get sore very often as well. I’ve fallen in such a dark hole constantly worrying that I have something wrong with me. I find myself examining myself all day and being completely obsessed with my health. I’ve read every forum and like I said, I’ve just convinced myself that I have one of this diseases. I know I need to get things checked out, but I’m even more petrified to go to the doctor because I’m certain I’ll get the diagnosis that I dread. I’m hoping this is just anxiety getting the best of me. I hope I don’t sound crazy. Any help is so appreciated. Thank you all so much.
  5. Hi guys! So as I’ve posted before I did CBT and I feel sooo much better my thoughts haven’t been so focused on my health and I have felt so much better. Until now and I really could use some support so I don’t go back down this MS rabbit hole. As I’ve stated I had a clean brain and cervical spine Mri in January. Neurologist had no concerns. I haven’t had tingling in my feet since March and it is now back in both feet but more so my right foot. I had burning sensations in my thighs which happened 2x for a week at a time and have not had since April as well(very very slight sensations of that occasionally since but not bad at all). I had leg achy ness for 3 weeks back in December which has gone. My thighs have been feeling mildly sore and achy for a few weeks now but nothing terrible just not sure if it’s concerning or from how I sleep? I sleep curled up and often times I wake up and my knees are numb. Back in June I got a sensation in my left foot that feels like it’s numb but I have complete sensation? It’s so weird. The last follow up I had with neurologist in June he was not concerned and asked if I had memory issues or vision issues which I don’t but now I obviously hyper focus on. My exam was totally normal and he did not recommend anything further and said everything is just benign. Please help me calm down I don’t want to go down this route again. I’m just worried that now I have tingling again in both feet, that weird numb sensation is in my left foot and my legs have been achy (not as bad as in December, they felt heavy then). Also would like to mention that my lower back also hurts as well. I’ve done so well not worrying about weird things that are new and happen and want to continue that way and I know it’ll be a life long work in progress to not set back and that’s why anyone’s responses would be super helpful! Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, So after about two months of twitching and worrying about ALS, I finally got up the nerve to go to the neurologist. No pun intended. I've also been hoarse off and on and I read where a doctor said hoarseness is a symptom of bulbar ALS. I told the doctor about my twitching and he said he doesn't think I have ALS. I would expect any doctor to say that to anyone because it is rare. He did tell me that in 40 years of being a neurologist he has only diagnosed maybe 5 people with ALS. He wasn't convincing in easing my concerns though. He was rather casual. And said stuff like "nah" and z"it's on the bottom of the list". He said the twitching could be benign. He tested my reflexes and said that my reflexes are a bit jumpy or hyperactive. That is concerning to me because it is a symptom of ALS. I expected him to send me for an EMG as I know many ALS worriers have had them, but he said that it's invasive and involves needles and that it's not necessary. He sent me to the lab for a bunch of tests including lupus, Lyme disease, some kind of muscular disease detected in blood, and vitamins. None of that was even on my radar so now I'm worrying EVEN MORE. He wants to see me back in 2 weeks. Why would he send me for all of those tests, what is going on? Thank you all.
  7. Heal

    MS fears

    Hi I joined this forum two days ago. And I have seen at least four people here including myself fearing they have MS. Yes we might have googled our symptoms. Tingling in body, weird sensations etc. The problem with Google is, it will always bring up medical reasons. Anxiety is not adequately mentioned anywhere in the descriptions. Also for MS, it is mentioned that sometimes it doesn't show up on MRIs, It's different for everyone, doctors can't diagnose it for years, the earliest symptom is tingling. This leads many of us to assume that we have MS. Yes we need to stop googling. But now we have done it and developed the fear. How to come out of it is the question I am still battling with.
  8. I’m new to the forums and I’ve suffered with health anxiety ever since I was a young kid but things have been out of control lately! I hadn’t had a bad panic attack for over a year until right before Christmas 2018 I experienced full blown panic in the middle of the night. Ever since then I’ve been struggling with panic attacks multiple times a day as well as a severe bout of depression. I went on medication for the first time at the beginning of January because I couldn’t handle it & although the panic attacks have calmed down I’m not enjoying how any of the meds make me feel! Now, before I experienced the first attack in December I noticed a pain in my lower calf/above Achilles’ tendon and immediately thought “blood clot, obviously, I’m going to die.” Ever since then the pain has gotten much worse but it travels to different parts of my leg. I’ve had it looked at, had blood work done and an ultrasound to rule out clots and they said everything looked great, this was in the beginning of February. I CANNOT convince myself that they’re right. I’ve been doing physio hoping it’s a muscle/tendon related issue but since it keeps moving around to different locations she isn’t 100% what’s causing my pain yet. She’s thinking maybe a nerve problem but we’re ruling other things out first. On top of the pain in my leg that’s been persistent for months now I’ve also developed what feels like weakness in my left arm and leg. They both feel like they get tired easily and my whole body has been experiencing twitching/jerking. Im TERRIFIED and I feel like my doctor isn’t taking me seriously because she chalks everything up to anxiety (of course.) I’m convinced I have a DVT that’s going to cause Pulmonary Embolism and a brain tumour that’s causing my body to fail. Reading lots of posts on here made me feel slightly better about ALS but if it’s not a tumour maybe it’s MS?? I have no idea what it will take to ease my mind at this point as I’ve already had multiple doctors tell me I don’t have DVT and the odds that I have a brain tumour are slim seeing as how this all started after the anxiety. Why don’t they think it could be something physical that CAUSED the anxiety!? I’m so tired of all of this and can hardly hang on some days. Sorry for ranting I guess maybe just looking for some reassurance before I drive myself completely crazy!!
  9. *first post* So in September I was hospitalized for high internal cranial pressure with a diagnosis of p-acne menegitis. I lost my eyesight and had an EVD tube placed in my head for drainage while I waited in the neuroICU for 8 days. my eyesight came back except for blind spots and peripheral damage in my right eye. Keep in mind I had several tests done. Two spinal taps 4 CT scans, 3 MRIs bloodwork done everymorning. The works. Since then I have suffered severely from HA. It’s almost constant. I pray a lot and I give all my thanks to God for me being alive and well enough to be a stay at home mom to my 9, 2 and 4 year old. I’m 23 and I have my two kids to raise and a step daughter. The thought of not being able to care for them is devastating. It all started with being terrified of MS, my hands contract and when this happens my thumb and usually my pointer finger will bend into the palm of my hand while remaining moveable but it’s more labored, also my thumb pad will twitch vigorously. It doesn’t last for more than a couple hours but will happen 3-4 times a week. My eyes twitch almost constantly. I see a neuro ophthalmologist and he said it was stress and that my eyes don’t look like those of someone with MS. HOWEVER, with the muscle aches, muscle twitching and my hands being strange I couldn’t help but worry. I eventually moved on from that and stopped worrying about anything all together. But then I started googling and landed on the ALS speculation. That troubled me for about a week then after reading threads and learning more about it I stopped worrying about that. But while driving and watching tv with subtitles I started noticing “double vision” mildly and now I’m back on the MS kick. I can’t shake this stuff. It’s so hard to move on from fear off illnesses now. Help!!
  10. Hi everyone, I am having a really rough month. Let me start out by saying that I have a really bad health anxiety/OCD condition that I have been on and off dealing with for the last 3 years. I'm currently in veterinary school and my anxiety levels lately have been going through the roof. This last month in particular has been rough as I have not been sleeping well, I have been dealing with my cat that had a horrible illness and had to get multiple procedures, surgeries, biopsies, a feeding tube placed, etc. It was right in the middle of midterms and it was incredibly stressful running around taking him in and out of the hospital. I was incredibly worried for him and freaking out it was rabies. I went to the hospital to get the rabies shots. After a while I was convinced it was ok and I stopped worrying about it. After all the stress of this, I started to develop a finger twitch in my right index finger. it happens all throughout the day both at rest but also when im using my computer or after I perform an action and then rest. It's been causing me a lot of grief over the last week and I saw 2 primary care doctors about it. Both of which refused to refer me to a neurologist and told me it was most likely from stress or anxiety. right and sometimes left arm. IDK if those are just from being more anxious and hyper-vigilant. Other things have started happening like pin and needle feeligs in my left foot and percieved weakness in my I've been worried sick about ALS, PD or MS. 6 months ago I was taking Accutane and around finals time I had parasthesia in my left arm. It freaked me out so I went to the hospital numerous times to get cervical and brain MRIs...they found nothing. I also got tested for Lymes, had general panels done at the hospital and had my thyroid levels checked (all 6 months ago)...nothing wrong. It was dismissed as anxiety or problems from the Accutane, which I discontinued and started feeling better. Im worried the paresthesia in the left arm and the finger twitching in the right index finger are related and indicitave of a neurodegenerative disease. I used to be treated for anxiety and I was taking meds. I went cold turkey and stopped taking them out of laziness about a month and a half ago. Dumb, dumb decision I know, but my anxiety has gotten out of control since then. I started seeing a new therapist and I am getting back on my medication for good. I don't know what to do. Does this sound like a neuro disorder or just anxiety? I know people here arent doctors, but have people experienced this? Just twitching in ONE finger due to anxiety???? I guess there is the pins and needles feeling in my left foot, but I'm just freaking out and I cannot think about anything else. Is it likely to just be anxiety? Should I just trust my primary care doctors and attribute it to stress??? Any comments, advice or help would be much appreciated. Im having a hard time functioning and I'm so close to going to the ER to just ask for more tests. Thanks so much all, Sorry for the rant.
  11. I feel like I go through this every few months now. Some weird thing pops up only to be replaced by some other weird thing a few weeks/months later. So here's what's worrying me this time: 1) For about 6 months now, my left knee feels very off. It feels like there's something inside my knee squeezing really hard whenever I walk, and sometimes the discomfort radiates to the top and bottom of my knee, and it feels numb. My GP thinks it's related to a bulging disc at L4/L5, but I did PT for about 2 months and it didn't help. Saw an orthopedist on Friday, and he did Xrays and said my kneecap is tracking to the left of my knee instead of staying in the center, so he thinks this is the issue. Have to do more PT now, but he said if it doesn't help in a month, we may do an MRI and he might consider it's coming from my back and not my knee. But my quad feels weaker, and my leg feels unsteady compared to the right leg. 2) My skin feels sunburned but it isn't. It doesn't feel like that all the time, but if I get hot, or if I'm very active that day, those things seem to trigger it. Went to the gym earlier, and now my skin feels prickly and like I was out in the sun too long. Went to a rheumatologist thinking that it might be fibromyalgia, but she didn't think it was that, because I don't really have a lot of muscle or joint pain. I also get this symptom after getting a massage. She ran the battery of autoimmune blood tests, and everything came back normal like it always does. 3) Overactive bladder. Just came up. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's bothersome. I also recently had a brain MRI that came back normal, but I'm really worried this is MS or some other demyelinating disorder. This knee numbness seems like it would point to a nerve thing, as does this sunburned feeling and the new bladder thing. I haven't seen a neurologist, but that's probably my next step, and my rheumatologist thought it would be a good idea, so that freaked me out, of course. I know MS is considered rare and that a clean brain MRI should give me some peace of mind, but I can't help but think of all the other cases of MS where people have spinal lesions instead of brain lesions, and of course, I haven't had a spine MRI besides the one of my lumbar spine a few years ago. Has anyone else had issues with what I'm having issues with? What did you determine it was? I feel like something like MS is the only thing that could be causing all three of these things, and it's really freaking me out.
  12. Hi everyone, It is with great hesitation that I actually even write this post, because I realize that this is a forum for people with HA and I don't want to unnecessarily trigger anyone. However, I have gotten to know so many of you over the last few months that I feel it would be an injustice not to give you a little update on my situation. Bottom line, I've just recently been diagnosed with MS. As many of you know, my HA over the last year has really focused on fear of ALS. Lots of generalized twitching, perceived weakness, buzzing, vibration, weird feelings, etc. After a basic neuro exam and a normal brain MRI, my PCP assured me that I did not have ALS and that MS was unlikely, but ultimately referred me to a neurologist, who, as it turns out later, specializes in MS. She likewise believed, based on the normal brain MRI and clinical exam, that there was no evidence of MS (and very decisively dismissed ALS). My symptoms were so generalized and all over, and almost certainly caused by anxiety. I recontacted her late in the Fall due to a few more specific symptoms that surfaced: (a) I started getting pretty consistent tingling in my left arm only (I've had tingling all over and in different places before, but it would come and go); (b) I noticed an electrical shock sensation running down my back and to the left leg when bending my head forward; and (c) whereas hot baths always used to help with my anxiety, I found that they made my tingling a lot worse. The dr was not that concerned about the tingling, but felt that the electric shock sensation (which turns out to be something called L'Hermitte's sign) warranted a cervical/thoracic spine MRI. On that MRI, they discovered some lesions indicative of MS. However, at that point, they could not formally diagnose it, because of the strict criteria. She felt fairly confident that it was what I was dealing with, although it was a highly unusual presentation (no brain lesions, sensory symptoms only, other vague symptoms, etc.). Then, not long before Christmas, my vision became blurry in my left eye. Vision returned to normal within a week or 2 (thank goodness), but evoked potential testing earlier this month confirmed optic neuritis and demyelination of the optic nerve. With 2 separate areas/attacks, my neuro made the formal MS diagnosis. And that's pretty much where I'm at. I've started disease-modifying medication, which I can take in oral form, and no transfusions necessary at this point. My neuro feels that, given the relatively late onset in mid-30s and only sensory symptoms, I seem to have a very mild form of the disease, and although the disease is unpredictable, she is cautiously optimistic that it will remain that way. Weirdly enough, I have very little anxiety about the whole thing, which is highly ironic given my HA. It's never the stuff we fear that get us LOL. I feel like I am in really good care, the disease is relatively treatable with an essentially normal life expectancy, and at least it is not ALS . A last note for the anxious: please don't think you have MS just because you have tingling, numbness, vibration etc. As I alluded earlier, my neuro was generally very unimpressed by those generalized symptoms, and she still feels that a lot of my generalized symptoms were attributable to my HA and not the MS. Neuros have very specific things they look for. My presentation was also especially unusual given that I did not have any brain lesions, which confused the early diagnostics. Anyway, hope to see everyone around the forum from time to time, and thanks again for all your support.
  13. Well, I'm back to worrying if if I have a brain tumor or MS again! I really hate it when I google something (I know, I know) and there's a paragraph tacked on at the bottom that says something like, "Rarely, this symptom can be a sign of a central nervous system disorder, such as Parkinson's disease, MS, or a brain tumor," and you're sitting there like, "But I just wanted to know if my eyelids twitching could be caused by migraines..." What's the point of even putting that in the article? Is it a CYA thing? If it's rare for something to be a symptom of a disorder like that, why even mention it? So people like me freak out and keep googling? Ugh. And of COURSE the same disorders are almost always mentioned. It's always either MS or ALS or brain tumors. It's like they know me... Anyhoo, my left eyelid has been non-stop twitching for weeks, and now the right one has started joining in on the fun. I've gotten new glasses which I've tried to be diligent about wearing, and I've started using this heating thing on my eyes at night because I was told they're dry, and I've been using drops, but it's not helping much. I also went to a neuro-otoloist to get evaluated for possible vestibular disorders, because I started having these weird episodes where it felt like my brain was having issues processing information when I was in places that had a lot going on, like movie theaters, shopping malls, large stores, crowded places, etc. It wasn't necessarily a panic attack because I didn't feel like my heart rate was elevated or anything, but I would typically leave the room and find a place to sit until I left better. My doctor thought I was possibly having vestibular migraines, so he put me on a low dose of Topamax, and it hasn't really happened since I started taking it, except when I went to the movies on Christmas Eve. I do notice that my scalp is tender in a spot on the left side of my head, and when I get headaches, it tends to be on that side and radiates from that area. So my expert diagnosis is that I either have a tumor pressing on nerves and it's causing the twitching/cognitive issues/headaches or MS that's causing nerve problems. Saw a Rheumatologist, and the only thing that came back low was my Vitamin D. My regular GP said the same thing. I've also had a bad taste in my mouth for months which people tell me is because I have a chronic sinus infection that I'm eventually going to have to have surgery on, and also a polyp in my nose. But of course my mind files this under "reasons I have a brain tumor." It just sucks when you have several things going on that could be explained by 4 different things or one really horrible thing. :-/ I just feel like, taken as a whole, my list of symptoms doesn't really look good on paper... Happy New Year, eh?
  14. Matt32790


    Hello everyone, over the last year or so I have had various ailments, sore testicle (thought it was cancer, had an examination was told all is fine, pain stopped!) then I had some stomach issues, (thought it was cancer, had blood test ended up being ibs, I can cope with this now) lastly over the last week I have been experiencing some aches in my arms (think it's MS or MD, went to the doctor a week ago she thinks is all anxiety gave me citalopram and signed me off for a few days! The arms have felt ok on and off they tend to be worse when I am anxious, had some joy easing the feeling with some deep heat rub, this makes me believe it could be anxiety! However deep down I still have a constant fear I am dying, I have a fantastic wife and two fantastic children, the thought of me dying and leaving them behind is destroying me!
  15. For the past almost month and a half I've been experiencing pain that radiates from my right next to my hip bone (like from the back not the front) and down into my knee at times. The pain is dull and usually starts when I'm about an hour into a shift at work. I work at a restaurants and I work 30-40 hours a week and I usually don't get a break during shifts. Sometimes the pain will just randomly start up while I'm relaxing at home and it almost feels like a growing pain, and other times when I get up to walk on it, it feels like jello. You would also think that I would be experiencing this in the other leg as well. Pain is a normal thing in most peoples lives but I'm only 18 and I didn't have any problems until recently and I've worked at this same place for over 2 years. My mind wonders to things like bone caner or MS or maybe even ALS. It shouldn't be normal for someone my age to be experiencing pain on a daily basis.
  16. It's been a hectic couple months HA wise, I'm sure may have become fully aware of this because of my frequent posting lol. In may I had breast cancer and MS at the same time, after that I had meningitis, then a brain tumor, then sarcoma, and now I'm on MS again. Over the last couple weeks I've developed a spot on my foot that feels like it's vibrating and then tenses up. I also have random sharp pains in side and pain in my hip. They are all on the left side which is an odd coincidence. There's always something wrong with me and I don't know what to do or how to get passed it. Every time I post I feel better for a couple days but I always find myself in a slump again.
  17. Well, I'm at it again, unfortunately. My hands have been puffy on and off for the last couple of months, and on top of that, I started having this really weird taste in my mouth about two weeks ago. Made the mistake of googling the metal taste in my mouth and finding out it's possibly related to either kidney failure, a heart problem, or Parkinson's. Or, you know, acid reflux, which my doctor thinks is the cause and which I'm taking medication for now. She doesn't think it's my heart or kidneys, which is nice, but now my muscles feel weak, like someone's drained my battery or something. She thinks it's because of anxiety, but of course, I think I have anything from a brain tumor to MS to ALS. The only reason I figure it's not Parkinson's is because I haven't heard of many people in their 30s getting that. My arms and legs seriously feel so heavy and floppy though, like they're about to poop out and stop working. I did go to the gym Wednesday and was still able to work out at my normal intensity, so that's good, but my body just feels so tired. I know it can be caused by anxiety, but it would be much easier for me to believe there wasn't something horribly wrong with me if I felt better. :-( I find myself overanalyzing every move I make to see if it feels harder than it should, and of course it does.
  18. Dear All, As many here I am a victim, of all this weird sensation that can appear form nowhere. Yesterday night without been anxious or anything I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sun burned on my arms and back!!, I could sleep and symptoms have persisted. My neurologist did and MRI on my brain and said I was o.k. and again he blamed the anxiety. I always in fear or MS or ALS…. Please help me understand: 1.- Can I have anxiety symptoms even thou I was feeling calm? 2.- Can the results or MRI give me peace for MS or ALS 3.- I also started LExapro yesterday, can this be a cause for the sudden burning at night. I took it almost 12 hours before going to bed. Thank you!!!!
  19. Hi there, For the last 16 years I've had chronic health anxiety having had every medical test under the sun and convinced I've had most diseases. For the last few months I've been going through an intense period of health anxiety about abdominal pains, I've had several tests which have shown nothing so far so beginning to relax about that but 2 weeks ago I started experiencing some disturbing neurological symptoms which are really terrifying me and they're as follows: Sun 26th October - left thumb started twitching whilst lying on the sofa watching TV, this has happened on numerous other occasions too, as well as index finger twitching. 27th October - both thumbs started feeling weird, sort of weak, almost like they’re on the point of cramping, with a buzzing sensation inside the thumb muscle and this has remained ever since, I feel it particularly when using the thumbs. 28th October – developed more symptoms, buzzing and tingling in fingers and both hands, especially in tips of fingers when typing or texting and seems to be particularly pronounced when using my computer mouse and keyboard at work. Also experience the odd stabbing pain. 31st October - I also started getting same buzzing/tingling sensation in my tongue, always in the left hand side of the tongue 1st November - whilst jogging the top of my left foot felt weird and tingly 6th November - experienced muscle twitching and tension type pain/cramping in my right forearm and right thigh muscle My worry is that the most I’ve ever experienced is some pins and needles in my hands and feet in 2006 caused by anxiety but I’ve been through a lot of anxiety since then with no neurological symptoms, and I’ve never had anything on this scale so I’m worried this is perhaps being caused by ALS, MS, Parkinson’s or some other kind of neurological disease. Does anyone know if I should be worried or not???