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  1. *first post* So in September I was hospitalized for high internal cranial pressure with a diagnosis of p-acne menegitis. I lost my eyesight and had an EVD tube placed in my head for drainage while I waited in the neuroICU for 8 days. my eyesight came back except for blind spots and peripheral damage in my right eye. Keep in mind I had several tests done. Two spinal taps 4 CT scans, 3 MRIs bloodwork done everymorning. The works. Since then I have suffered severely from HA. It’s almost constant. I pray a lot and I give all my thanks to God for me being alive and well enough to be a stay at home mom to my 9, 2 and 4 year old. I’m 23 and I have my two kids to raise and a step daughter. The thought of not being able to care for them is devastating. It all started with being terrified of MS, my hands contract and when this happens my thumb and usually my pointer finger will bend into the palm of my hand while remaining moveable but it’s more labored, also my thumb pad will twitch vigorously. It doesn’t last for more than a couple hours but will happen 3-4 times a week. My eyes twitch almost constantly. I see a neuro ophthalmologist and he said it was stress and that my eyes don’t look like those of someone with MS. HOWEVER, with the muscle aches, muscle twitching and my hands being strange I couldn’t help but worry. I eventually moved on from that and stopped worrying about anything all together. But then I started googling and landed on the ALS speculation. That troubled me for about a week then after reading threads and learning more about it I stopped worrying about that. But while driving and watching tv with subtitles I started noticing “double vision” mildly and now I’m back on the MS kick. I can’t shake this stuff. It’s so hard to move on from fear off illnesses now. Help!!
  2. GIRL. I AM TWITCHING. My hands cramp up and my thumb will get stiff and when that happens I notice a visable and annoying twitch in my thumb pad. My calf’s twitch. My eye twitches constantly and a spot on my back. My foot will twitch and I’ve also noticed it in my tongue. I get nervous about ALS and MS constantly. But reading about ALS and researching it more compared to HA or BFS it throws my worries out of the window. I am still in control of my muscles. I can still use my hand and I am still capable of doing normal ADLs. My doctor is currently referring me to get EMG on my hands to rule out carpal tunnel. Whenever I get stressed about it I do yoga. Then afterwords I tell myself that people with ALS can’t do yoga. (Which is sad) but it also lets me know that I don’t have ALS. Head up, chick. Anxiety is a beast. My first fear was MS and it’s slowly progressed to ALS and once your mind grips diseases it’s hard to brush them off. That’s how I ended up here!