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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have a feeling of pressure in my left ear. It’s the same feeling you get in a plane. It started a week ago and has’t fully gone away. I’ve tried everything: swallowing repeatedly, different techniques where I close my nose and blow/swallow, etc. I also tried Affrin, Flonase, Claritin, Sudafed and Tylenol. It started Friday, Feb. 19th. It went away for a while from the evening of Monday, Feb 22nd through Thursday morning Feb 25th. It returned that Thursday. The one note is that I have hearing loss in that ear. I have has that since my 20s. I’m now 44. I saw an ENT and he did a hearing test + work-up. He found the hearing loss and prescribed a weeklong regimen of Prednisone. He also wants me to get an MRI. I’m started taking 60 mg Predisone yestersday, Friday, February 26. It’s now Saturday and I feel no relief. I’m incredibly anxious that this will never go away or that they’ll find a tumor in the MRI. I’m in desperate straits.
  2. I’m new to the forums and I’ve suffered with health anxiety ever since I was a young kid but things have been out of control lately! I hadn’t had a bad panic attack for over a year until right before Christmas 2018 I experienced full blown panic in the middle of the night. Ever since then I’ve been struggling with panic attacks multiple times a day as well as a severe bout of depression. I went on medication for the first time at the beginning of January because I couldn’t handle it & although the panic attacks have calmed down I’m not enjoying how any of the meds make me feel! Now, before I experienced the first attack in December I noticed a pain in my lower calf/above Achilles’ tendon and immediately thought “blood clot, obviously, I’m going to die.” Ever since then the pain has gotten much worse but it travels to different parts of my leg. I’ve had it looked at, had blood work done and an ultrasound to rule out clots and they said everything looked great, this was in the beginning of February. I CANNOT convince myself that they’re right. I’ve been doing physio hoping it’s a muscle/tendon related issue but since it keeps moving around to different locations she isn’t 100% what’s causing my pain yet. She’s thinking maybe a nerve problem but we’re ruling other things out first. On top of the pain in my leg that’s been persistent for months now I’ve also developed what feels like weakness in my left arm and leg. They both feel like they get tired easily and my whole body has been experiencing twitching/jerking. Im TERRIFIED and I feel like my doctor isn’t taking me seriously because she chalks everything up to anxiety (of course.) I’m convinced I have a DVT that’s going to cause Pulmonary Embolism and a brain tumour that’s causing my body to fail. Reading lots of posts on here made me feel slightly better about ALS but if it’s not a tumour maybe it’s MS?? I have no idea what it will take to ease my mind at this point as I’ve already had multiple doctors tell me I don’t have DVT and the odds that I have a brain tumour are slim seeing as how this all started after the anxiety. Why don’t they think it could be something physical that CAUSED the anxiety!? I’m so tired of all of this and can hardly hang on some days. Sorry for ranting I guess maybe just looking for some reassurance before I drive myself completely crazy!!
  3. Hey guys. I've been dealing with something for several weeks now that is starting to get to me. I was at work one evening and noticed a kind of "pressure" sensation on the side of my head. It runs from just above my left temple straight towards the top of my scalp, but only makes it about halfway up. It usually doesn't hurt, it's just kind of "there". Like, it almost feels like something is tugging at the skin on the top of my head. It does hurt sometimes, but it's never anything extreme. It also seems to come and go, but gets particularly worse if I'm 1) anxious, or 2) at work. And I should also add that I have NO other symptoms whatsoever. I actually feel pretty good, other than this. I've been to see a doctor, who made me do quite a few tests to see if she noticed anything neurological. She said I passed with flying colors, but of course, she couldn't rule out anything brain-related unless she did an MRI and all that jazz. What she did tell me to do, however, is avoid wearing any sort of over-the-head headphones for 2 to 4 weeks (I work in an office where I use a headset to take calls, and I spend (before this, anyways) a lot of time playing video games at home with a wireless headset). She thinks that the constant pressure on my head could be affecting the muscles around my scalp. I'm at 2 weeks now, and I've noticed no real decrease in symptoms. Has anyone dealt with something like this before? I really don't want to have to go through an MRI if I don't have to, but I'm really starting to get worried that this could be something more sinister than just a muscle thing.
  4. View r/HealthAnxiety in the app because you deserve the best. CONTINUE or go to the mobile site r/HealthAnxiety Anxiety about having a brain tumor u/griffame For about a week between feb 22 and march 2 I was experiencing what I think were mostly intermittent tension headaches that responded to medicine when I took it (although I didn't always take it because the pain wasn't that bad - mostly just annoying). Sometimes I had random pains in my head that were not tension. The ones I remember he most were just dull aches over either side of my eye, kind of off to the side though, and they never occurred at the same time on both sides. It was either one side or the other. I also would very infrequently get sharp shooting pains in front of my right ear but they never lasted long. I also one day experienced a really sharp and kind of shocking pain that started behind my ear and shot down to my shoulder. It didn't make me cry out or anything but it just kind of shocked me for a second and then sent me into full blown panic attack. I have been experiencing some difficulties with reading and finding my words. The reading is more alarming than the speaking, as I think I just focus on how often I get caught on my words too much, but sometimes it takes me a couple times to read things to really get them, and I keep doing that thing where you think it says one thing and then it says another, but I just feel like I am doing it constantly? I don't know. I worry occasionally about my memory too, but nothing too alarming has happened. For example, this morning I was reading an article and I couldn't remember if the woman's name was Erin or Emma even though I'd skimmed past it 2 or 3 times. I also have issues with what I think is brain fog Ive had a lot of neck pain lately. It's been over two weeks, but is definitely like a stiff/sore neck kind of pain rather than a more concerning pain. I think it is consistent poor posture during the day and a lack of support when sleeping, but here I am catastrophizing again. I just recently had a basic (not very in depth) neurological exam after complaining about my headaches - she checked sight, balance and coordination, muscle movement, reflexes, and everything was normal. She did not seem to concerned about my headaches and said they were most consistent with tension headaches. Just encouraged me to take medicine if I felt like i needed it instead of waiting for them to get worse. The neck pain and the headaches were pretty simultaneously, and I spent a better part of the 72 hours before the headaches started sitting in bed with my back propped up against pillows, head craned and looking at my laptop. Do you think I maybe hurt my neck while sitting like that, and that could've caused the headaches? I have been almost completely headache free for about a week ago but the neck pain is still there.
  5. To start off, I'm 14 years old and have a family history of anxious depression. Despite symptoms that Anxiety may cause, I'm still convinced that I have a brain tumor. It all started when my dad and I made a trip to England back in late october through early november. Pre-flight, and during flight, I was super anxious. I have a horrible fear of the plane falling out of the sky at any given moment due to any given ridiculous circumstance. Once we got off, I was exhausted, but a quick nap helped with that. About a week went by, and I noticed that when I woke up in the morning my limbs trembled while propping myself upright. I didn't think much of it at the time, because I had no other symptoms, so I just brushed it off as morning weakness. Also, when I woke up, I got numbness and tingling in my fingers which I brushed off also, because this can happen when you sleep on your hand. It was about 2 days after that, when In a restaurant, I felt my the side of my head. It was sore to the touch. When I got back to where I was staying, I noticed that when I squeezed something rather lightly, my hands trembled a lot which is something I never noticed before. I should also mention, that when I was there my diet was pretty poor, not sure if that matters, though. I immediately came to the conclusion that I probably had a brain tumor, after hearing someone a while back say that trembling hands are a sign. One of those days, I also got a really bad migraine, which does run in my family. A couple days went by, and I forgot about my symptoms almost entirely, until the day before we left back to my home in California. Mind you, I was, of course, super anxious the day before the flight. In the early morning, I had a random nosebleed, which pretty much secured my fears. I thought completely that I was going to die of a brain tumor. I stopped worrying about the flight until we actually boarded the plane, in which I started sweating and didn't stop until near when the plane landed. When I got off, I was exhausted and almost felt like passing out. This could have been from dehydration, but I couldn't really tell. In the days to come, my symptoms got worse. I became sensitive to light and sound, and had a sharp pain in my left eye that lasted for days, until the pain traveled to my right eye in which it lasted for a couple days there. I also became really light headed with those pains/headaches. I developed excessive eye floaters, which is pretty strange. Also, I couldn't really discern where the sound I was hearing was coming from. For example: When I heard someone talking in the room behind me, it sort of sounded like they were coming from a room in front. This added to my ever increasing anxiety which really didn't help. After about a week and a bit, most symptoms except sensitivity to light and sound, as well as perhaps a slight on and off headache were gone. I was rather relieved. It was several weeks after that in which the symptoms came back, but rather differently. This time, it was only lightheadedness, but much worse from last time. Keep in mind I still had and have the sensitivity to light and sound. I developed a ringing in my ears that comes on sporadically at random times. I can provoke and increase the ringing in my ears by clenching my jaw and jutting it out. the lightheadedness has since mostly subsided, but to this day I still feel it a little bit. Right now, the day I'm writing this, 12/16/16, I have a slight amount of lightheadedness, and a strange pain in my head that occurs when I move my left eye to the right. I also have the random and sporadic ringing in ears. My last and most strange symptom is the excessive eye floaters, which are really pronounced when in a bright and open environment such as looking across a field. It's been over a month since my symptoms started and haven't really subsided. Can someone help with expertise in areas of neurology or something like that? My parents think it's just migraines and anxiety, but I think otherwise. Any suggestions? I will keep this updated.
  6. Hi Guys I have posted recently but i need to clarify a few things. My headpain i felt in the night last night again on my right side. Its not very painful but ever present. As its happening at night should i be worried as im terrified its a tumor around my temple(just above) area. Can a normal tention headache present its self in one specific spot and at night and day? Also my left wrist still feels weak and shakes/tremors when i move it up and down very slowly, normal movement its ok but feels a bit odd. I heard a Brain tumor can cause this. My fear is high as this all seems like it cant be a coincedence. I had a CT scan but still waiting for the results. How common are brain yumors in 28 yr olds? and would a thourough eye exam have shown a problem? mine was clear. Any advice welcome, thanks.